xmas eve

Such a naughty girl. She waltzed around the house in just her lacy black panties and bra on christmas eve night. A bit tipsy from the evening party she didn’t realize what was in store, or did she? As she gathered things to wrap the last of the presents, bending over, stretching to reach things, showing that sexy asa and legs, his eyes on her, arousing him. Staring at that barely covered ass. Every move she made he wanted her more. Licking his lips he walks up behind her and caresses that sweet bottom. Lightly his palm brushes over her backside. The sensation shoots up her spine and back down. Her panties becoming instantly wet. His hand barely touching her, his voice in her ear, “better get those presents wrapped soon”. A flush comes over her. Her nipples stand at attention. Her clit throbs. A light grab of her exposed cheek and he walks away.

“You can’t do that to a girl” she says, panties wet, pouting lips. “Oh yes I can” he answers with a wink. “Now finish that wrapping, I’ll get you a drink”. Making her a drink as she settles on the floor in front of the tree to wrap the last few presents he pauses, walks into the room, sees her sittin on the floor, pulls his semi erect cock out and looks down upon her, “kiss it” he tells her. Looking up, seeing that fat heat, her lips kiss it without hesitation, such a good girl he thinks. “Take it in your mouth” he tells her. She opens wide to take his fat head in, tasting him, he pushes in her, pulling out, pushing in, getting harder in her mouth, then pulls out and rubs the head across her lips. Teasing her. Looking in her eyes. he leans down and kisses her, his lips upon hers, his tongue slips into her mouth, swirling, kissing her deep. he breaks the kiss..”finish wrapping” he tells her and returns to finish making the drinks.

He returns with her drink and stands before her. Hands her her glass. She takes a nice sip, looks up to see his cock hard before her. She knows what to do. Taking it in her mouth like a good girl. Like the cocksucking slut she is. Taking him deep. he begins to fuck her mouth. Pulling that big cock in and out of her. Gripping her hair. Fucking her face. Pulling out and slapping her mouth and cheek. Looking down on her. He sits. Pulls her between his legs. Her back to him. massages her shoulders. Pulls her head back and lay sin on his lap. Caressing her face. Leaning down to kiss her. Gently. Softly. Across her lips. Her cheeks, her eyes. His hands roam her body. Feeling, caressing her breasts through her bra. her nipples hard. Her pussy wet. His hands all over her. His mouth on her. His lips upon her neck. Pulling her to him. Grabbing her breasts, squeezing. Moving on the couch. On top on him, taking her breast from her bra, offering to his mouth, lips, tongue, sucking, deep. her moans escape her mouth, his mouth opens wide, sucking deeper, sucking more of that breast. His hands on her ass. Squeezing, caressing, under the lace, feeling along the edge, finding her wetness. Sucking her breasts, his fingers slip to her. Feel her heat. Pushing inside. Devouring her breast, sucking it as deep as he can, pushing that finger in and out, one then two, fucking her with them. Rubbing her clit, sucking that tit harder. Her moans and pleads, her hips moving on his hand, her breast deep in his mouth, on top of him, ever time she moves her hips to take those fingers deeper she feels that hard cock and wants it so bad. Riding those fingers, wanting to cum, needing to cum, wanting to taste that cock, he sucks that breast deep, and rubs that clit, she sudders on her, gushing on him, his finger push deeper, releasing her breast, pushing her on her back on the couch, spreading her legs, slipping his fingers from her, replacing with his mouth, his lips, his tongue, devouring her. Lickign and sucking. Teasing her clit. Tasting those juices, she clamps her thighs around his head, grips his hair and grinds that wet pussy on his mouth. He pushing that tongue in her, jabs at that clit, flicks it, back and foth, moaning more and more, ‘oh yes, right there, don’t stop, oh god…” she clamps his head between those thighs, he sucks on those lips, suck on that clit, pushing his tongue deep. Making her cum. Making her scream. Making her shudder and shake as her juice gush from her cunt. He tastes, drinks and laps it all up. Sucking on her juicie pussy. Wanting more. Needing more. “Please ” she begs. “Oh please”. “I need to taste you, please, ” she insists. He gets up, pulls his hard cock out and she takes it in her hand, looking up at him, taking it in her mouth. sucking him good. Making him hard. Pushing him down onthe couch, she gets on her knees between his legs and begins to work that cock. Sucking like a hungry whore. She sucks. licks his balls, up and down the shaft,teasing , making sure he enjoys. His coos of ecstasy makes her know she is doing her job. His swollen cock standing at attention. She suck on those balls. Looking up at him. Lust in her eyes. He knows what she needs.

He takes his cock in his hand and slaps her face with it. Lookign down on her. teasing her with it, popping it in and out her mouth. Grabbing her hair and pushing her down on it. Making her take more than she can. Looking in those eyes. Deep. Cock in hand, he gets up, tells her to stay still, comes behind her and caresses her hips. Grabs her flesh, spanks her ass, and drives his hard shaft up in her. Her hot wet pussy takes that big cock all the way in. His hands grip her ass. Fingers digging into flesh, he thrusts in and out. Fucking her from behind. Slamming that big cock in and out of her. Spanking her ass. The harder he fucks her , the harder he slaps that ass, the louder she moans. Taking her, fucking her, ass up, face in the couch in front of the christmas tree. His cock assaults that pussy. In and out. Driving her insane. His hands all over her. Rubbing her clit, pinching her nipples, in her hair. That cock keeps driving in and out. Just when she thinks he will explode in her, he pulls out, grabs her hair, stands above and shoves his hard cock deep in her mouth. “Taste yourself” he tells her. Fucking her mouth. Making her take it all.Making her gag just a bit. Pulling out he moves back behind her. Grabbing those hips, he slips back int aht tight pussy. In and out, grabbing those hips, pushing deep, fucking her harder, deeper, feeling that seed rise in his balls. he rubs her clit, pushing deep in her. Leaning in, telling her he is going to cum inside of her. Pushing all the way in. holding it there, “Tell me you want it” he tells her. She can barely utter a sound, then he slams that come in and out hard, harder, pumping her harder, all of a sudden she screams..”GIVE IT TO ME!” sending him over the edge. He grips her hair, pushing deep. all the way, he explodes, his cum rising deep from his balls, pumping deep up in her. Filling her with his seed.

~ by darksideofthemind on December 26, 2008.

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