She is a naughty girl (part 1)

She was a naughty girl and she knew it. She had no excuse for her behavior. Neglecting Him as she has, talking to others, she knew he would not be pleased. All of this was so new to her. She tries to push him away. out of her mind, but she can’t, and therefor rebels, not against Him, against herself and her need.  She is a wild one. She cannot be tamed, or so she thought, at least not by anyone before Him, but she knew, for a long time now, that she was His. Always and forever. No matter what she tried to do, no matter how she tried to let go. She was His. How could she be anything else.

She lay naked on her bed, her fingers circling her clit, imagining she was tied to her bed with Him standing over her. Using her. She rubbed and rubbed. Shoved her fingers in her wet cunt, bucked and moaned in yet another orgasms. This is how she spent her nights, her weekends, her free time. Fucking herself thinking of Him. Using her fingers, her toys, imagining His voice in her ear. Wanting it, needing it.  Her pussy wet she reaches for her 8″ cock shaped dildo. The one she bought for him. So she would know what it is like to have his cock in her. She rubs that the over her lips, making it wet, brings it to her mouth and tastes her juices on it and sucks on it, slobbers on it, making it wet. She returns the fat head to her opening and pushes it in as she thinks of what Master would do if he were to see her. What an little slut she is for Him. God, another orgasm hits and she fucks that tight cunt harder and faster. Shoving that cock deep up in her. Flipping over and grinding on it. Fucking herself. Over and over.

She fucked her cunt raw, till she passed out after the fifth orgasm. That cock still in her. She woke wet and still horny. With thoughts of him. Wondering what he was thinking at that moment. Wanting to call him, needing to.

He sat in his office watching the computer screen. His hard cock in his hand. He sat there watching. Watching her. He had fixed her web camera after all. Keeping tabs on his slave. He picked up the phone and called her.

Her phone rang.  She looked and realized it was him. Her face flushed, her heart raced, she nervously grabbed the phone. Trying to compose herself. “Hello” she said in her best non-post orgasmic voice. “Such a naughty girl you are” came the voice on the other end. A voice that intoxicated her. That made her clit throb everytime she heard it. “Hello, sir” she ansered. “I know what you have been doing naughty girl” he told her. “Thinking of me, wanting me”.  “Have you been touching yourself slut?, Tell me!”  “No sir, not without permission” she answered. “Now why don’t I believe you naughty girl.. you will be punished if you are not telling the truth, and you will be punished if you have.”

“I’m sorry sir, I couldn’t help myself”. He interrupted her “I know my dear, I have been watching you. ”  She looked at the window, “Master sees all slave”.  he told her. She trembled. Scared, aroused, confused. Her nipples standing up. “Look at you tremble like a little girl caught stealing.” “I own you my dear, I told you that, and you are MINE. Master made sure to keep an eye on you.”  “Now get on your knees for me, you are going to be punished for being such a naughty, horny slut and neglecting Master.”

She could barely stammer “Yes Sir” as she crawled off her bed onto the floor. On her knees. As soon as she did she heard him say “good girl” and a rush flooded her again.  “I am going to enjoy this” he told her. “Naughty girls get spanked, sluts like you get punished. Take your hand and grab your ass, dig your fingers into your flesh, grab your ass, hard, I will know if you are doing it hard enough my dear, I can see you, You are mine, now obey and do as you are told”.

“You will punishe yourself first. You will do as you are told. You will bind yourself for me and wait. Now, pinch your  nipples hard. Make them hurt for me. Make them ache. Get them ready for the clamps. Feel what it does to you. How it makes your body tremble. How it makes your clit throb. You are such a naughty little slut. Lying to me. I watched you fuck yourself you whore. I’ve seen you shove that cock in you and heard you moan. Now, I will play with you, you will be my toy. And you will pay for disobeying my dear.”

She did as he instructed. Intoxicated by his words, his power. She pinched and pulled her nipples. Making them hurt. Making her clit throb. She loved it. Everything he said and did to her. She wanted more.

“Naughty girls get spanked young lady, and since I am not there, YET, you will spank that ass for me. You are to lean up against that bed, stick that ass out, and give it 10 good smacks on those cheeks. No, wait, 10 on each cheek. Nice and hard, till it is warm, till it stings, till it is nice and red.”

She moved into position. “Do it” he told her. And there she was, naked on the floor, nipples aching, clit throbbing, doing every thing he told her, spanking her ass firm and hard for him because she was such a naughty slut. His naughty slut. She needed to please him. She needed to obey. Harder she struck her ass, the sting shooting through her, wanting it to be his hand, she smacked it harder. His voice in her ear, guiding her.

When she reached 20 her ass was bright red from her own hand. Her body shoke and she was wetter than she could imagine. His voice in her ear controlling her.  “Now take your toy and shove it deep into your wet cunt my dear. Fill your hole for me. Fuck yourself for me. In and out.” And she did. Sliding that toy in and out of her wet pussy. Faster and faster. Her ass on fire. Her bodying tingling. Wanting to please him. To obey him. “Do if for me slave” he commanded. “Harder”. And she did. Moaning. Begging. Pleading to him to let her cum. “Take it out now slave.” he orders. She pulls the cock from her cunt and lets out a cry of need.  “Now my dear, god that ass looks so good, mmmm fill it for me slave. Fill that ass for me you dirty little whore. Obey your Master. Do as you are told!”

She works that cock against her ass, pushing it in, whimpering, moaning, “oh god” nearly halfway in now. Filling her ass for him. His. “Deeper slave” he tells her and she does her best. Pushing that dildo in, taking it , filling and stretching her ass. Making her make sounds of pure pain and pleasure. When it is all the way up that sweet ass she begs her Master to allow her to cum.  “Mmmm don’t you think you’ve cum enough today little whore.” he tells her. “Perhaps you should have thought of that before you fucked yourself so much today.” “No, you are not allowed to cum. Not yet. Not till I say so. Not till you beg me. You will sit there with your ass filled for me. You will sit there till I get there my dear. You are not allowed to cum or to move. In fact, get your handcuffs and cuff your hands behind your back. Do it now.”

“You will sit there with your ass fileed till I arrive. Then your punishment will truly begin little whore. You will learn who you belong to and you will learn to obey.”

~ by darksideofthemind on January 23, 2009.

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