naughty girl (part II)

“You will learn to obey” echoed in her head.  God, wasn’t she obeying enough now? She thought. She sat there on her knees. Hands cuffed behind her, her ass plugged. Her pussy on fire. Her ass hot and red. Her nipples standing at attention. Waiting. Obeying. Trying not to cum at that toy in her ass made her body shiver. Yes, she was learning to obey, and she loved how it made her feel.

Every minute that past made her want him more. Need him more. If that was even possible.  She wanted whatever he had in store for her. She kneeled there waiting for him.  Thirty minutes passed.  Her nipples erect.  She sat there waiting. Obediently. Trying to relax, trying not to cum, floating, surrendering. Her breath quickened. That cock in her ass making her body tremble. His voice in her head. “You will learn to obey”.  The word “Yes” escapes her lips as she say it. “Yes what?” his deep, dark, sexy voice echoes in the room.  Her eyes open, her head turns to see Him. My god she didn’t even hear him come in. how long had he been there. How long had it been. “Yes, what my dear” he asked. She stammered she didn’t know.. she was dreaming she thought. She stared at the bulge in his pants. Goosebumps all over her flesh.  He knew what that Yes was.

He undid his black belt and moved toward her. “You will learn to obey slut”. he told her. “You will learn to obey my slave”.  With that, he slipped the belt around her neck and tightened it. Holding on one end. Tugging on it. Looking down upon her. “Such a nauhgty little whore you are. Always touching yourself, such a naughty slut.” He pushes her head down to the floor. Her ass up. The grip on the belt around her neck tight. She gasps, clenches that dildo in her ass and moans. Without warning his hand comes down upon her ass. Once, twice, three times, striking her. A loud cry comes out of her. More. Over and over he spanks her. He scolds her. That grip on that belt never waning. He beats her ass. “You will learn to obey slave”. He smacks, it, back and forth, turning it red. “Naughty girls get punished!” he tells her as he continues his assault on her backside. His weight on top of her, spanking her, choking her with that belt. Marking her neck, marking her ass. “You are my property” he tells her. He screams at her, he whispers in her ear. He takes the dildo in her ass and begins to fuck her with it. Using her ass with it. PUmping that cock in and out of her as he will be doing later. Lossening it up. Making her whimper and moan. Making her beg. Her ass on fire. Her cunt on fire. Needing release, but no, he will not have that. Not yet. She is his. His whore. She needs to learn to obey.

He shoves that toy cock up her ass deep. Filling her. Making her moan. Moves in front of his slave. Looks down on her, pulls her up toward him by the belt. His hard cock brushing her cheek. Over her face, across her lips. He grips tight. Looks in her eyes. Tells her she is HIS. She whimpers, lustfully looking at him, pleading with her eyes. Surrendering. Mmmm yes. He shoves his cock into her mouth. Deep. Making her take all 8 inches.All the way down to his balls. Holding her there. Looking down on her. He leans down and smacks that ass again. Over and over. Fucking that mouth. Using it.  PUlling his cock from her mouth, he pulls her up, grabs her nipples and pinches them, pulss on them, twists them hard. Making her wence, whimper, moan and cry out. ‘MMMMMM,,, please , ” she begs, needing release. He pinches her nipples hearder, twisting them. Looking down on her. He slaps her tits, back and forth. “You will learn to obey slave” he tells her. The pain shotting through her. Making her engorged clit throb even more. He moves behind her. Grabs her hips, spreads her legs apart, he presses that hard cock to her cunt lips. Teasing her. Rubbing it up and down. Pulling the dildo slowly from her ass. As he slips the dildo out of her ass, he pushes his cock in her wet pussy. Filling her. Making her cry out in ecstacy. Making her scream. “Please Master I need to cum”. He fucks her. He fucks her hard. Spanks her ass. “Say it.” he tells her. “Beg”. he orders. “Tell me who you are!” he orders. He slams his cock into her pussy, holding onto that belt. Fucking her. Using her. “Tell me slut” he says. “I am yours Master. I am your whore. Your slut.” He fucks her harder. Grabbing her ass, spreading it open, pulling his cock from her cunt. He presses that fat head to her backdoor. “Tell me who you are!” he commands. “I am your whore, your slave.” He pushes that cock into her ass. she screams. Moans, crys out in pain and pleasure and it plunges deep.  He reaches around rubs her wet pussy, rubs that clit, grabs her cunt. Plunging in and out of her ass. Making her say it. Making her know it. Who she is. What she is. His. His whore. His slut. “please Master may I cum” she kept mumbling, gasping as he took her ass. “You are mine slave. My whore. My ASS Whore! Say IT!” “Oh god, yes. I am, hyes, I am, yours. your whore.. your fucking ass whore, oh god, Master I can’t help it. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Master plunged deep in her ass as she shook. Pulling her up to him, holding her tight, his cock explodes in her ass and she screams more. He grabs her nipples and pinches them hard as he pumps her ass full of cum.  “YOU ARE MINE”. he tells her as she collaspes on the floor, his cum in her ass, used completely, completely owned. “Yes.” she breathes.

~ by darksideofthemind on February 8, 2009.

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