please me

He walked into the room. Naked. His cock standing at attention.  God, how she loved his cock. She waited on her knees, like a good girl, in the middle of the room. She was naked cept for the plug in her ass. Hher bare pussy wet in anticipation of the nights events. Her eyes on his manhood. Licking her lips. Staring as he sat down. Watching as he spread his legs and took that magnificent cock in his hand and began to stroke before her eyes. Oh my god. she thought and hHer nipples hardened, her pussy dripped.  Her body trembled in lust and desire. Seeing that hard cock swelling in his hand was nearly too much for her.  Seeing that fat head swell. Seeing it oooz the sweet, clear, precum.  Oh god, it made her hungry.

“Please me” he commanded. Those were his only words, but she knew just what to do.  With his command  she crawled to him. Lowered her mouth and kissed his feet. Kissed each toe, sucked on them one by one,  then kissed her way up as he spread his legs further. Her tongue running up his muscular legs. Tasting his flesh. Reaching his thighs, her nails trailed up his legs, her mouth brushing those huge, cum filled, balls. Her tongue slowly working up that shaft to his big, beautiful, head. God she loved his cock. Opening wide she takes the head in. slowly working her tongue around it. Tasting him. Her eyes looking up at him. Then, she goes down. Taking more into her mouth. Sucking that cock. Moving on it. Loving it. Worshiping it. her hand grips it and strokes in rhythm on her sucking.

She looks up at him with pleasing eyes wanting, needing to please  begging for his approval.  Greeted with a faint smile of  approval and pleasure from his lips makes her moan in delight, she goes to work on that cock even harder. Taking it deep, popping it in and out of her mouth. Sucking that beautiful fat head.  She needs his approval and aims to get it and will settle for nothing less, licking her way down that shaft, down past his balls, licking those sexy  inner thighs and then back up to his cum filled balls stopping to suck each one ending back on his head waiting ,waiting wanting, sucking that shaft. Tasting, slobbering on it. Lost in his cock. Loving it. Feels his hand in her hair. His words and moans. “Thats my girl” he says. “Thats my naughty girl”. he moans as he spreads his legs and leans back enjoying her work. Her pleasure.  she works on his cock, loving every moment. His hand in her hair, tugging, guiding, holding her on his cock. that thick meat deep in her throat. Making her gasp. Making her gag. Holding that big fucking cock in her throat. so deep. loving it. wanting more. pulling it out, gasping, hungry for more.  “Such a good cock whore you are” he tells her. “such a naughty little slut” he tells her to move closer to him, on the couch, cock still in her mouth, her slides his hands down her back, over that ass. “Naughty cocksucking slut” he says as his hand comes down upon that ass. Hard. The sting shocks her and she moans on that dick, it swells in her mouth and he smacks her again and again. She sucks harder, he spanks her, harder. “Naughty cocksucking slut”. Smack. “Hungry for that cum arn’t you little whore, hungry for that sperm in your belly”.  He spanks her more. Every slap of his hand on her ass making it hotter, making her wetter. His cock buried in her throat. One hand holding her down on it, the other spanking her. Oh god she loves it. His cocksucking whore, it rang in her ears, his, his dirty little cum drinking slut, its all she is. All she wants. His hand striking that ass, his cock in her mouth. His cum. She needs it. Pulling off his cock she moans “plleeease sir, please cum , i need you, need to taste your cream.” Looking up at him. Wanting. Her tongue gliedes down his shaft. Looking up at him, so hungry, she licks his balls.  Grips that cock. Sucks on one, then the other, pumping that shaft up and down.  Licking down as she spreads his thighs open. Under his balls, down and around. Her tongue darts around his ass, jabbing and then pushing it. Tasting him. Licking him. Her grip on his cock tight. Tongue fucking that tight little hole as she squeezes that cock hard. She loves to taste, loves the taste of him and can never get enough. Working that cock , running that tongue from his ass to his balls and back. Moving back up to that gorgeous fat head, but before she can take it in he cups her face in his hands , looks down upon her and pulls her up.  Looks in her eyes. She sees his lust and desire. He turns her around and bends her over.  He spreads her legs and  slips into her from behind.  Filling her up. Holding her hips he begins to fuck her. To fuck her hard. To drive that big cock deep inside of her. Making her moan. Bracing herself and taking all he gives. pounding into her. her pussy drips. Her body trembles. His hand reaches around her, holding her against him, his thrusting in and out, he touches her clit.  Rubs it, circles it, takes it between his fingers and pinches and jerks it as he fucks her harder. She can’t take it any longer, she screams and moans, he cunt gushes on his cock, she is cumming he body shakes, collapsing to the floor, his cock slipping out, “please cum in my mouth” she begs from her knees. “Please let me taste you” she begs. He takes her head in his hand and pushes his cock in her waiting, hungry mouth.  Her hands move to his ass, his balls, rubbing , her mouth sucking, tasting. “Taste your juics on my cock my naughty girl” he tells her. “Taste them and then taste me.”  She sucks harder and harder, squeezing those big balls, working to get her reward.  He grabs her hair, pushes deep in her mouth, she swallows and swallows , milking that fat head, it it too much for him. He lets out a loud moan, holds her down on his cock and explodes in her mouth. In her throat. Making her swallow hard, making her gag on it, some spilling from her lips as she sucks and licks every damn drop. Licking it off her fingers, looking up at him.  Sucking, sucking, sucking, getting that delicious last drop she knows is there. Sucking harder till he pumps that last spurt in her mouth. Oh yes. there it is.. mmmmm such a good girl.

~ by darksideofthemind on February 17, 2009.

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