having fun

Friday night. Master was feeling very good. How could he not? The fun would begin shortly. Oh yes. What fun was in store. His slave lay naked on the bed. Tied spread open for him. Waiting. Master had set the temperature just right so her nipples stood erect.  The chill giving her goosebumps. The restraints putting her in her place.

She lay there tied for 30 minutes as Master prepared for the evening. He gathered the toys, the blindfold, the paddle, and assorted other items. Pausing here and there to gaze upon her beauty. Her vulnerability. To trace his fingers along her flesh. To fasten the clothespens on her nipples. Watching her back arch to the pain and her body tremble with the pleasure.  Master even stood there just watching her and stroking his cock. Making her wait. He took the precum from the tip and painted her lips.  Slipping his fingers in her mouth, she sucked hungrily.  Pulling them out and lightly tapping her face, telling her to be still.  “Please” she whispered. “No talking my dear” he answer with a squeeze of the clothespen on her right nipple.  Making her wince.  His hand then reached down, cupped her bare cunt, wet already, lips swollen..”This is mine”  Yes, Master was going to have fun tonight.

Master picked up his phone and made a call. He exited the room so she could not hear. What was he doing she wondered. Her mind wandered. Thoughts of what was to come. She concentrated on her throbbing clit, her sore nipples, so open and vulnerable. His. Completely. How she loved it. How she need it. Needed him. His touch. His control. His way.

When Master returned he stood in the doorway looking at her. His cock hard in his boxer briefs. Straining release. He looked at his slave and knew just what he needed to do first.  He walked over to her, looked down upon her, reached down and ran a finger along her slit. Once, twice, three times. Then, he looked in her eyes and slapped her pussy as he told her what a naughty girl she was. He spanked it again to hear her cry out, to see those lips swell, t see that clit rise.  Again and again. Spanking her pussy. Teasing her. spreading those lips and spanking that clit. Making her strain against the cord holding her down. The sound of the slaps on her cunt getting slopply.  Her initial loud crys subdued to whimpers and moans as Master spanked that wet pussy ovr and over.  Her swollen clit aching, she cood and moaned loving everything Master did.

With her pussy stinging and dripping she felt Master’s fingers at her opening. Suddenly he shoved 3 finges deep into her pussy. Making her arch her back and let out a loud moan. His thumb finds her clit as he works the 3 fingers deeper. Moving them in and out, fucking her with his hand. His thumb working that clit. Pushing in deeper. Pushing in that fourth finger. Filling her cunt with his hand. Making her take it deep.  Master fucked his slavs pussy good and hard. His naughty slut fucked back. Loving it. Wanting more. Needing to be used. Her grunts and moans filled the room. Master’s hand wet with her juices. Mmmmm Master, working that thumb into her.  STretching her open. Her eyes wide with lust and need. Master pushes. Deeper. A bit more. That thumb slipping it with the other four fingers. Her pussy sucking it in. Taking it in. Taking Master’s fist!

With his hand completely in her she trembled, shook in pleasure, a sensation from head to toe. Holding in her. Master lowers his mouth and flicks around her pussy. Moving his finges in her. Tracing around the outer edge of her spread lips.  His lips move to her clit. Master reaches upu and removes the clothespens from her nipples. The pleasure of the release and then the rush of blood to them makes her moan even louder. Master sucks on that clit and works his fist in her. Her head thrashing from side to side, her moans filling the room. Her body trembling. Her legs shaking. Master’s mouth on her clit, his large hand in her, owning her. Making her loose it. Making her surrender and succumb to his will. Master’s whore. Master’s slut. SHe is her. YES. The selffulfillment, the knowing, sends her over the edge, her pussy tightens on his fist and she shakes and wails. She bucks against the restraints, her body shuddering, she cums, flooding the bed, moaning, screaming, begging, his.

As Master slipped his hand from her pussy another moan escaped her. “Oh my god” was about all she could mutter.  Master’s hand was dripping wet, as he started to take his hard cock out and fuck his slave’s mouth, the doorbell rang. Master’s eyes lit up and he excused himself leaving his slave tied and quivering on the beg. Begging for his cock. His slave hear Master answer the door, but could  not tell what was happening.  After a few moments she heard him returning to the bedroom.  As she turned her head she was shocked to see a woman standing in the doorway licking her lips looking at her.  She said..”You sure do taste good sweetie, your Master was right, now lets have some fun.” With that , she closed the bedroom door

~ by darksideofthemind on March 6, 2009.

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