one night at the casino

He waited at the bar.   It was getting late and it was obvious she was not going to make it, so so much for those plans.  Oh what fun it could have been. Well, trying to make the best of a poor situation, he sat, he drank, and he played the poker machine in the lounge.   Starting to buzz and keeping alive on that $20, listening to the cover band as the clock ticked past midnight.

As he looked around he spotted a few naughty girls being hit on, a couple or two dancing,  and thought hmmm…. then, he spots a sexy blonde, looks like a dealer or cocktail waitress, he spots her across the room.  Tight pants, hot body, cute face.  Definitely a cutie. Next thing you know she is walking toward him, dressed in tight slacks and tight top, a small jacket on. She sits  at the machine next to him.  He smiles at her and continues to play.  Over the next few minutes they exchange small talk here and there about their luck and what they are up to.

As the bartender came by, they ordered a drink, clanked glasses with cheers and good luck.  Her next pull of the machine resulted in a small jack pot.  “I’m your lucky charm” he says.  “Yes you are” she replied with a smile. Another hit and cheer, this time their hands touch, their eyes meet.  He looks deep into them.  Taking her in. Her hand rests on his thigh for a moment.  “I think that deserves a kiss” he tells her. Shocked and flattered, she agrees. Looking up at him as he lowers his lips to hers. Kissing her softly for a moment. They break the kiss and continue to play.  The night progresses. They talk, flirt, touch, a couple more jackpots and kisses.  Sitting closer, playing the same machine now.  Touching, his hand on her thigh, squeezing, his fingers massaging her leg.  He puts one arm around her. Holding her closer, his large handon her hips.  Moving a bit to the music.  He comments on how well she is doing and she confesses to him that she is actually not.  “I’ve been naughty”  she says. “I’ve already lost most of my money tonight.”  He thinks to himself.. she’s been naughty.. hmmm..  he leans in to her, cups his hand on her hip, gives it a squeze and whispers in her ear there at the bar, “So you were naughty?” “Yes I was very naughty” she answered.  “You know what happens to naughty girls. Naughty girls get spanked and it sounds like you need a spanking. ”  She looks at him, flushed, her lips quivering, he leans in again “and I am going to spank you tonight.”  She falls into him and whispers “yes Daddy, spank me”.

They cashout, watch the next song, then exit the bar.  He leads her to his room.  On the elevator up he leans in and kisses her. Looks in her eyes and tells her. “this is for your own good”. His hand moves to her nice ass. Squeezes it. “When we get to the room you are to strip down to your panties naughty girl. Not a word.”

They exit the elevator and head to his room.  He opens the door and shows her in.  Admiring that bottom as she walks into the room. Knowing she will soon be over his lap.  She walks in, and he tells her. “Do as you were told naughty girl.”

In what feels like a trance, she obeys. She steps into the bathroom. Nearly not believing what she is doing, or why. She looks in the mirror as she removes her clothes.  Removing her top and bra, running her hand over her hard nipples.  She sldes her tight slacks down to her ankles and steps out. Now, standing there in just her black bikini panties, nipples hard.  She took a deep breath and hear him call to her “Are you ready naughty girl?”  His voice deep and strong cutting into her deep. Making her weaker.  She emerges and walks into the room her eyes downcast.  He meets her and lifts her chin with his fingertips. Looks in her eyes. “Now that’s a good girl. You look very nice. Very nice.”  His hand runs down her side, brushing her breast, down her hip, across her ass.  He takes her hand in his.  “Come to Daddy”. he tells her.

He sits on the bed and had her sit next to him.  Looking in her eyes. “This is for your own good naughty girl. Naughty girls like you need to be spanked.”   With that, he pulls her across his lap. Her breasts squish against his thighs. His hand is on her ass, the first strike is firm, harder than she imagined. A yelp escapes her mouth from the shock. “You need to be punished naughty girl.” he tells her.  “Yes Sir” she answers  as he continues to spank her bottom. Her reaction to each one fueling his fire. “Such a naughty slut”.  his voice booms. One cheek, then the other, firm and hard.  “Tell me you are a naughty girl”  he commands. “Tell me” he insists and she does. In he sweet little voice, whimpering, moaning, “I’m a naughty girl Daddy”.  He spanks. Making her ass hot.  Making it red. Warming his hand. Making her whimper.  Making her wet. After 10 he rubs her sore bottom. Feeling her squirm on him has made him quite hard.  The pressure of his cock in his pants against her as his hand comes down on her backside over and over. After ten more her ass was nice and red and his hand is ready for a break. He rubs her sore bottom as she whimpers.

As he rubs her bottom his cock is throbbing against her.  He pulls her up. Looks in her eyes takes her onto his lap, he kisses her, brushing the hair from her eyes , looking into them.  His hand on her thigh, squeezing, he rubs her inner thigh.  Her ass burning, her pussy on fire, her clit throbbing. She felt so intoxicated.  “Naughty girls get punished” he told her. “And we are not done”. His hand moves between her legs, feeling her heat and wetness, “and it seems you are enjoying this naughty girl.”

“Stand up, hands against the wall, legs spread just a bit.” he orders. She obliges. Posing for her. Displaying her ass for him. Red and hot. Her hands on the wall. He stands and walks to her. Looking at her sexy body, there for his taking. Runs his hand over her backside and tells her if she makes too much noise he will have to gag her. She nods, her eyes widen as he removes his belt.  He also removes his shirt, and pants, standing there, catching glimpses of him in just his boxer briefs, standing there for him. On display. He runs the belt over her flesh, sending shivers and goosebumps all over her.  He runs it down her body, down her legs and back up between them.  He pauses, places the belt against her ass, pulls her bikini panties down, stretch them in he open thighs, then, he reaches between her legs, cups her pussy in his hand, leans into her and tells her, I am going to fuck this pussy when your punishment is done naughty girl.  Her knees shake as he squeezes her hot, wet pussy.  And with that he smacks her ass with that belt she releases a gutteral moan. Again and again strking her backside the leather biting into her flesh. His cock straining with each blow.  Seeing her ass, this naughty slut taking her punishment. Whimpering and moaning, tears formin gin her eyes she has lost count, barely being able to keep on her feet,  hears the belt drop, feels his hands on her hips, her ass on fire, she feels his hardness against her. His fat cockhead is at her opening. In a daze all she can muster is “yes Daddy” as he pushes in her, deep. Sinking his cock up in her.  Her body trembles, he holds her up against the wall and begins to fuck her. Thrusting in and out. Pumping his cock in her.Fucking her harder. Pressing to her. “Oh you are a naughty girl.  A naughty slut” he tells her as he fucks her harder and deeper.  her whimpers turning to moans as he fucks her. An hour ago she was at the slots lossing all her money and here she is now being fucked and used like the naughty girl she is. She loves it. Her clit throbbing, her ass on fire, that beautiful cock pounding her. Nearly floating, his fingers find her clit as he pumps his cock in and out of her. Telling her what a naughty girl she is, his naughty girl. Soon she is repeating everythng he says. Yes, she is a naughty girl, his naughty girl. Wanting him. Her body trmebling, his fingers on her clit, she feels his cock swell. Feels him push all the way in. Feels him explode in her. His cock gushing into her wet pussy. Its too much for her. She trembles and cums with him. All over his cock as his seed is pumped in her standing against that wall.  She is limp, held up by his hands and cock. He slowly pulls out of her and she falls to her knees hugging his legs, her mouth finds his cock to taste him and her.. She sucks the last drops out. Such a naughty girl.

~ by darksideofthemind on March 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “one night at the casino”

  1. No comments? How the devil can that be. One very exciting read. I’ve got to get to the casino soon.

  2. very very sexy…………….
    i love the story

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