come here naughty girl

“Come here naughty girl” he said and she walked to him wearing just her panties, her nipples erect, a look of worry on her face. “You are a naughty girl my dear.” “Yes, Sir” she answered.  “You know what happens to naughty girls, don’t you?” he asked, somewhat rhetorically. “Yes, Sir” she whisperd, lowering her head in shame.  “Kneel for me”. She obliged. Her nipples getting harder. Her panties getting moist. She trembled a bit in excitement and anticipation. It had been a little while since He was in this mood. Since she had been quite this bad. He reached out and tugged on her nipples, first the right, then the left, tugging and pulling on them, twisting them, making her wince.  When her nips wher nice and hard He took 2 of the  clothespins he had next to Him and put one on each of her nipples. She bit her lower lip as they bit into her flesh sending a shot of pain thru her straight down to her clit.

“Stand” he ordered and she stood like the obedient slut she was. “Bend over” he commanded. Standing up, he walked around her. Looking at her. Her panty clad ass , her legs, how her tits hung with the clothespins attached.  Oh yes just how he likes her. He pulled her panties down to her ankles and ran his hand up her thigh, over her ass,”such a naughty slut you are” he says as his hand comes down upon her ass. Cracking in the air. One, then another he spanks her. “You will learn my dear” he tells her. He spanks her again, alternating between her left and right cheek. He spreads her legs open wider and begins to spank her right across her ass, the sensation reverberating on and in her pussy. His hand reaches between, feeling her wetness. “Oh god you are such slut, so wet you are, must mean you need more”.   “You will learn to obey, you will learn to follow the rules”. “yes sir” she whimpered.

He undoes His belt. “Lay across the bed” her tells her. She shuffles to the bed, her ass red, her pussy wet, the clothespins biting into her.  She lays down, he spreads her legs and rus the leather belt along the back on her legs, the inside of her thighs.  Lightly he begins to ass with the belt. She begins to moan. He slaps her hader, she winces and moans, again , again, holding her down and beating that ass, and the more he does, the more she likes. “You are MINE” he sasy. “You belong to me naughty girl”.  She moans, she squirms, she tells him He reaches for the plug and lube on the nightstand.  Spreading her cheeks open, lubing her hole,  he pushes it in. Slowly, filling her up. She arches her back as he plugs her. He moves the plug in and out, fucking her ass with it for a moment, then pushes it deep in.  His hand slips to her pussy and feels her wetness. One finger slipping in.  Then two, then three, He slips it out and brings it to her lips, “taste yourself slut” he tells her. She sucks his finger with abandon. He pushes the  3 wet fingers in her mouth, making her take them deep. He grabs her by the hair, pulls her hair back, “you are mine” he tells her. As his fingers go deeper. Making her gag a bit.

He props her up on all fours. Ass up, pushes her face down. Moves and grabs the rope and ties her legs to the foot of the bed and her wrists to the headboard.

Oh yes, he looks at her. His cock nice and hard, he takes it out and begins to stroke. One hand on his cock, the other running over her body. Over her ass. her legs, her pussy. Slipping a finger in her wet cunt. Making her moan more, getting his cock wet with her juices.  He slaps her ass. “Naughty slut”. he tells her. “This is how you belong, tied up, plugged, at my mercy.” “This is who you are isn’t it my dear?” “Yes Sir” she whimpers. He takes the belt and begins to spank her ass more. He moans and cries echo in the room. Wiggling that ass. The welts rising. “please sir” “please” “I am yours” .  His hands on them, His cock against her, He pushes in, she moans loud, “yesssssssssss, oh god fuck me..”  He thrust in her wet pussy, his cock pumping in and out. his hands on her hips, he reaches under her and removes the clothespins, the blood rushing to her nipples makes her moan and clamp down on his cock in her. He digs his fingers into her welts and her head throws back, pumping his cock deep in and out of her. Fucking her. He thrusts deep, laying on top of her, his full weight on her, his cock buried in her, that plug still in her ass. He whispers.  “You are mine, forever” he tells her. “You know it, always have, now tell me.” He grabs a handful of her hair, sits back up and fucks her. “Tell me” he orders. “Tell me” he fucks her harder. between he gasps, her moans, she responds “yes sir, i am yours, your slut, fuck me, please”. “LOUDER” he tells her. He pounds her cutn. And she moans, “YES SIR! i AM YOUR SLUT, YOUR WHORE, FUCK ME PLEASE, FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED”.  SHE BEGS. She pleads. He slams into her, using her hole for his pleasure, he pulls the plug from her ass and slips two fingers in. “Take me my whore” he tells her as his cock lurches, his balls throb, he explodes in her, filling her pussy with his seed.  Collasping on top of her. Her pussy twiching on his cock, milking it. “I’m yours, i’m yours, i’m yours.” she mutters.. over and over..

~ by darksideofthemind on April 3, 2009.

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  1. Completely HOT!!

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