Teaching you

She was a naughty girl. He knew it from the moment they met. She was drawn to him.  Not everyone could see what lay behind those innocent eyes, but he knew. And she knew he knew.  She needed to please him. Needed to feel his touch. His power. Needed him to teach her. To guide her. She knew this deep down. The thought of Him gave her butterflies. Hell, who was she kidding, the thought of Him made her weak in the knees and moist in her panties. She needed to please him.

And she did from that moment. The exchanged emails, getting to know one another. They chatted. Master began to give her assignments. Starting to train her for him. Master began her training slowly. Guiding his new little slut. Seducing her. Teaching her. Taking and controlling her. Making her his complete slut. His words intoxicated her. Made her wet. His assignments made her want, more. Going without panties for him all day. Playing with herself for him. Taking her punishments when she was bad. The more he commanded, the more she needed. They talked on the phone. She craved that the most. His voice. His sexy voice controlling her. Taking her. Pushing her. Scolding her. Punishing her. Making her into the naughty girl she craved. For Him. To please him. His whim. His desire. How it made her feel. How it made her cum. Like no one ever had. She knew she was His. His orders, she learned to obey.

When she felt his hand on her shoulder she knew to kneel. When she saw the look  in his eyes she knew she was his. She loved to please him. With her mouth, her body, anything he desired. She learned to obey.  She learned to serve him. Though she wanted to please, and needed to please him, she also needed to be trained. She needed discipline and Master obliged. Taking her over his lap on their first meeting.  Yanking her panties down. spanking her till she begged to be fucked. Her ass on fire. Master’s cock pressed to her. Making her beg. Then he made her fuck herself for him. Looking at him stroke his cock. Fucking herself like a insatiable whore. Lost in him. Needing to please. Wanting to see him cum. On her. In her. She fucked herself harder. His cock oozed precum. He took a drop on his finger and painted her lips as she rubbed that clit and buried those fingers in her. Trying to please him. He brushed that fat head across her lips.  Looking down on her. He pushed that hard cock into her tiny mouth. Making her take it. Making her suck him as she fucked herself. He fucked her mouth. Made her gag. Held her head. Pulled her hair. Took that cock out and slapped her face with it. Ordered her to fucked her cunt harder and she did. Begging for his cock. Begging for his cum. He fucked her mouth more. Trainging her. Making her take more than she ever had. Filling her mouth with cock. As she gagged. As she came. Moaning on her Master’s cock, he pulled out, pumping, looking at her cumming, squirming on the floor now, he ordered her to tell him who she was. She moaned she was his. His slut. His whore. His naughty girl Master Grabbed her by the hair and held his cock to her face. He christened her. Shooting his load into her open mouth. Onto her face. Her tongue lapping it up. He pushed his cock deep in her mouth and she suck and drained his balls. Swallowing his seed. Becoming completely his.  That was the beginning.

~ by darksideofthemind on April 28, 2009.

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  1. Well done.

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