She was a bad girl

Master was waiting for this. It had been building over the past week. Her attitude, her forgetfulness, her tardiness, her flirting. Yes. She needed to be punished and Master decided it was time, he had had enough. He invited her over for some fun, neglecting to tell her what she was in store for.

She arrived wearing a short skirt, tank top, high heels and nothing else.  Just as Master had instructed. She could obey when she wanted. Her nipples stood out hard and erect.  Master looked at her pleased and she smiled.  Then he spoke and she knew she was in for an interesting night.  “You are a naughty girl who needs to be punished my dear” he told her. Firmly. Her face flushed. Her knees weak. “You have disobeyed me, been late, and flirting with others my dear.  Master is not pleased.”  All she could mutter was a soft “yes, sir.”

“Follow me” he instructed. Leading her to the bedroom. Trembling she followed him. Obediently. Knowing she deserved what was coming. If there was one thing she knew, it was that she need training, discipline.  Being led down the hall by her Master for a punishment scared and  excited her.  As they enter the room she see the bed is made, she see the restraints fastened to the bed posts. Toys laid out, a plug, dildo and vibe, lube, a paddle, a hairbrush, a leather strap, then he spoke in that deep, commanding voice,  yanked her top down exposing her tits, grabbed them, slapped them, spanked her tits, back and forth. Grabbing her face, looking in her eyes, “you are a little slut” he tells her. “Who do you think you are disobeying Master”. “You are going to learn” “Put your hands on the dresser. Stick that ass out my dear”.  She grips the dresser, bends over and sticks her sexy ass out for Master. Her short skirt riding up a bit, exposing part of her ass. Master’s hand cups her exposed flesh. “such a naughty slut you are” he tells her as his hand rubs her backside. His hand strikes quickly, firmly, sending a sting through her, sending vibrations through her body. Making her nipples harden. Making her pussy wet.

“don’t move”. He told her as he walked to the assortment of toys. Taking the plug and a tube he moved to her. Hiking her skirt up, spreading her cheeks he lubes her ass crack. His fingers lathering that lub in her crack and hole. His finger slipping into her, a moan escapse her breath. Master takes the plug and pushes it into her.  She moans and wails like a whore would, taking it all. Such a naughty slut she is. Master cups her pussy in her hand. Squeezes it. Feels its heat. His finger rubbing that clit.  His thumb pushing that plug all the way into her. She gasps. Moans. She trembles. Feeling the pressure of the plug, Master’s hand, gripping that dresser. Master’s hand comes down on her right cheek, then her left, spanking her, hard, she gasps, he slaps, the sting, the pain, his voice scolding her. “Naughty slut. You will learn”. “You will obey. ” her ass hot and red. each slap making that plug move in her, making her clit throb, pulse. Master reaches under her, lifts her top to expose her nipples. He pinches them, pulls them , twist them, making her squeal.  He shoves two fingers in her wet pussy. Finger fucking his slut. Scolding her. Telling her she belongs to him. That she will learn to respect her Master. To completely obey. Or she will loose  him. and Master knows she doesn’t want that.

Her ass plugged, her pussy wet, her nipples hard and aching. Her ass red and stinging.  Master pulls his hard cock out, grabs hold of her, turns her around and pushes her to her knees. He forces his big cock in her mouth, fucking it, making her tke it deep. Making his cock wet, fucking her mouth. He pulls that cock out and slaps her face. “You cocksucking slut, such a hungry little whore. ” Hand in her hair, looking down on her, “come here little slut” he tells her. Master grabs her by the hair, pulls her to the bed and pushes her down on it. He fastens her hands, then her ankles, propping her on her knees. His hand cups her pussy he looks in her eyes, tells her it belongs to him. Her bodies trembles in lust and desire as his hand explore her. He takes the paddle in his hands runs it over her ass. Back and forth. Then sets it down.  Picks up the hairbrush and runs the wide backside of the brush over her ass, down her thighs and back up again. “Yes, this one will do.” he says to himself. And with that he begins to spank her with it. A loud pop as it hits her ass firm. Master loved the sound this hairbrush made when smacking a naughty sluts ass.  He spanked her leaving a nice impression. Punishing her. Warming that ass more. Another as he begins to tell her what a naughty girl she is, how Master is not pleased. How she will learn. “Right?” , “Yes sir.” she responds, as another smacks that ass, “oh god, yes sir, please”, hot and wet, wanting more, needing more, hoping for much more.  Master spanks that sweet ass with the hairbrush, “such a naughty slut”, 10 times on each cheek, alternating, her loud cries replaced with more gutteral moans as Master continued. That plug working her ass on each swat. Making her pussy drip. Her ass hot, she needing him.  Five quick swats on each cheek again made her want him so bad. She wanted to beg him to fuck her, but knew he was not finished yet. She new she had to take her punishment. She was a bad girl.And she craved to be punished.

Master admired ass, red and warm, running his had over it. Grabbing those sore cheeks. Squeezing them. Making her moan. Spreading her legs open a bit Master slaps her pussy. “Naughty girl, this pussy belongs to me”. He spanks it again, his thumb pushing the plug, holding it deep in her, spanking her pussy. “You are a naughty slut and will be treated like one.” he tells her.  Spanking her pussy, “you like that you litle slut”, she moans, “yessss” , her clit erect, he shoves two fingers in her, making her moan loud, making her buck her hips, as she does Master removes her fingers and she pleads, “please, god please fuck me”…  Master slaps her ass. “Fuck you?” and laughs.  “Oh yes, I will fuck you my dear, but  not yet. You still need to be punished slut”  He shoves two more fingers in her cunt. Making her moan loud. Taking her pussy. “oh god” she moans. Master pushes deeper. Opening that pussy up. Slipping his fingers out and bring them to her mouth, “suck them slut” he tells her. She sucks and licks his fingers, he shoves them in her mouth.  When his fingers are clean he pulls them out and undoes one of her arms retraints.  “Rub your pussy slut.” he orders and her hand moves down between her legs. Rubbing. Obeying.

Master moves behind her, to watch her play with that pussy. “Spank your pussy” he orders. And she does. Her hand slapping at her own cunt. Lustful, wild, wanting more, she obeys. Master takes the paddle and runs it acorss her ass. Once, twice, three times he strikes her backside. “Shove your fingers in slut, fuck yourself”. and she does. Pushing two fingers in that wet pussy , fucking herself as Master spanks her with the paddle.  Hard. “Tell me who you are my whore, tell Master”. He spanks her with the paddle, she moans, “TELL ME!” he screams. “I’m your whore, your slut”, she moans breathing heavy, fucking her cunt for him. He slaps her ass hard. “Fuck your cunt you dirty whore, fuck it for your Master! Do IT! Harder!” Master smacks that ass again.  She fucks her cunt faster, moaning, cumming, “oh god” she moans as he swats that ass again, she is shaking, her fingers buried in her. She can’t take it anymore. She lets loose a scream…”oooooohhhh godddddddd, Master, Master, I’m cumming!” He swats that ass harder. She shakes, Master paddles, she cums, Master paddles, she collapses, Master moves behind her.

Her hand between her legs, her ass on fire, red, whimpering, breathing hard, Master reaches , spreads those cheeks and removes the plug from her ass. Props her up a bit, runs his hands over her red bottom.  His cock pressing to her. His fat cockhead at he backdoor. “Rub your clit slut” he tells her, her hand starts rubbing herself again, obediently. He pushes the head of his cock into her ass. “Oh yes” he moans as he pushes deeper. She gasps as his large cock penetrates her, takes her, begins to fuck her ass. He works her, hands on her hips, fucking her ass. Making her grunt. Making her take it all. His big fucking cock up her ass. He fucks her. His slave. His whore. His asswhore. “Tell me who you are my dear, tell me who you are with my cock up your ass!”. “Mmmmmmmmm ” she moans.  “I’m YOUR WHORE! YOUR SLUT! FUCK ME MASTER! FUCK YOU ASSWHORE!” And Master fucked his slave. Fucked her ass. Pumping his cock in her. Making her grunt. Making her take it. Take him. All of him. He pushed deep, moaned, “take it slave” and came, exploding in her ass. Gobs of cum pumping into her sends waves of ecstacy through her. Her Master’s seed in her. The rush of his orgasm in her sends her over again. Cumming, moaning, whimpering. He lays on her as his cock twitches in her. He slowly pulls out, his cum dripping down her crack. She laid there tied to the bed, ass red and burning, throbbing, cum dripping from her. Master looked at her. Picked up the clothespins from the assortment of toys. “You are my whore my dear. Your body is mine. You are mine and this pussy is mine.” He clips the closepin on her lips, one, two, three, making her bite her lip and moan, closing her pussy. She lay there trembling. Completely his. Whispering to herself she was his. his slut, his whore. Wanting more.

~ by darksideofthemind on April 30, 2009.

One Response to “She was a bad girl”

  1. so so good….. made me so wet…
    brilliant story ,, brilliant writing ,,, brilliant sex

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