Today’s Assignment slave

Today’s Assignment

Naughty girl, you need to please ME. You need to show your Master your obedience. Your need to please, your need for your Master. I want you to show me. I want you to obey. I want you to do as you are told. Do you understand?

Today you will please me. You will show you are mine. You will obey.


As you read this you are to touch your breasts, make your nipples hard for me. Feel me watching you. Wanting you. See me stand before you and rub my crotch. My cock swelling in my pants.  Pinch your nipple as you look up at me. Pinch them hard. Feel it make you weak for Me. Feel it make you wet for me. Making that clit throb. Pinch them harder for me my dear. Harder. Feel the ache. Yes, thats it, good girl. How I long to see those hard nips in front of me. To tease them. Torture them. Yes. Harder baby. Feel it. Feel how it makes you feel. Do as you are told.

Good girl. Panties wet, nipples hard. Mmmmm now tell me what you are wearing so I know and can picture you all day. Would be nice for you to send me a picture as well my dear. Now, throughout the day my slave, you are to show me you are mine. You are to show yourself you belong to me. Every hour you are to expose those breasts and look in the mirror. Pinch your nipples till they stand up. Till they ache. Nice and hard. Till that pussy drips. Remember, you are not allowed to cum without permission. You will make your nipples ache for me. You will obey. Every hour. Once an hour. Do it as you tell yourself you belong to me. That you are my slave. Master would love to see a pic of you doing it. Hear you doing it for him. If you obey, and beg, you may get that opportunity my slut. Now obey me.

Once those nipples are hard and begging. Once that pussy is dripping and needing. Then you will plug that ass for me baby. I want you filled. I want you to feel owned. Completely. You will plug that ass for Daddy and you will love it. Daddy’s girl. My naughty little slut. Yes. Want that ass plugged as you go about your day. FIlled up for me. Knowing you are My Whore.  Plug that ass and rub that clit for me. Remember sweetie, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CUM WITHOUT PERMISSION. Pinch that clit.  Feel your body quiver and shake. Feel me own you slave. Obey me. Tell me how it feels. Tell Daddy what you need.

Now babygirl. When your nipples ache and throb, when your ass is nice and filled, and your pussy and clit pulse, I want you to fall to your knees. Tell me who you are. What you need. What you want. Tell me. Beg me to allow you to cum. Beg me to make you cum. Make you feel like you need. Tell me, show me, prove it my slave. You are mine. Now do as you are told. Master is waiting.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 4, 2009.

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  1. hi love yo sxsy fair

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