Your Assignment slave II

Daddy misses you babygirl Been thinking of you quite a bit. Missing you. You need to show Daddy you miss him. Show him you want him. Show him you NEED him. Yes my dear. For Daddy. You know you want to. You know you need to. You are Daddy’s little slut. Daddy’s girl. Daddy’s slave. Obey your Daddy.

Today’s Assignment:

Strip naked. Stand in front of the mirror. Look at yourself. See your body. See Daddy watching you. Feel his eyes on you slave. Always. Watching. Wanting. Touch your breasts for me. Do as you are told. Make your nipples hard. Look at yourself obey. Feel your body tingle. Feel your clit come alive. Pinch them hard. For me. For Master. For Daddy. Do as you are told. Obey me. Feel yourself become wet for me. Feel your clit throb for me. Pull your nipples, tug on them, look in your eyes. Tell me who you belong to. Say it outloud so you hear yourself. Hear my voice order you. Feel me control you. Say you are MINE. Say IT.  My slave. Say it loud. Know it. Feel it. Feel your knees buckle when you say it. Feel me own you.  Pinch your nipple hard for me. They belong to me. Your body is mine to do with as I please. Move your hands up and down. Caress it, feel my hands on you. touching you anywhere I want. Down your stomache, along your inner thigh, across your bare ass. You belong to me. Your body is mine. Your breasts are mine. Your nipples are mine. Your pussy is mine. So wet for me. Lips opening for me. Needing to rub that clit for me. Look at yourself tell me who you are. Who you belong to. Daddy’s girl. Daddy’s slut. Daddy’s whore.

Now, clamp those nipples, feel the pain rock your body. Make you fall to your knees and look in the mirror in anxious surprise. With lust. With need for your Master. Your cunt dripping. Mmmmm my naughty girl. Yes. Daddy likes. Leave them on for 5 minutes as you kneel for me. Thats MY girl.

Mmmm yes, Daddy likes his girl obeying. You are learning my dear. You are learning. You are lucky I am not there right now. Make you look at yourself as I punish you. As I spank you.  I would bend you overand smack that ass for being such a little slut. You know you deserve it. Need it. I would spank that ass till it was red, sore and stinging. Till you begged Daddy to stop. My hand cups your cunt. So hot, So wet. I’d tell you, this is mine, it belongs to me, it does not cum without permission. And I’d shove 3 fingers into your tight pussy, making you whimper and moan.

Do it, smack your ass for me. Make it red for me. Make it sting for me. I want your nipples and ass sore for me all day. So you think of Daddy with every move. When you walk and your nipples rub your shirt and make you wet, when you sit and feel that sting. Daddy’s girl. Daddy’s slut.

Yes, you are learning, and making Daddy happy. Daddy needs to hear you whimper and moan for him. Daddy needs you to please him. Show him your lust and desire. Make him feel it. It is your duty, your purpose. You feel it.

Show me. Show Daddy. I want to see a picture of you just for Daddy. Something special. Do it for me sweetie. I will be waiting.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 4, 2009.

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