Pleasing Daddy

She was a bit sad. Missing her Daddy. Missing him so much. The thought of him making her nipples hard, making her panties wet.  Work and life getting in the way.  Their schedules not meshing led her to disappoint him. She needed to make it up to him. Needed to show him she truly wanted him.God she wanted him. Sometimes too scared to admit how much. She wanted to touch him, kiss him, and make love to him with her mouth. She had been thinking about it for days. Late at night, in her bed, imagining pleasing him, oh how it made her orgasm. Yes, that is what she desired.

She called him at work and told him she needed to see him. Could he please come by.  Teasing him by telling Daddy what she was wearing, and how she would make up for lost time. She promised. Her words aroused him and he agreed.

He arrived and was greeted by his naughty girl dressed in her sexy babydoll nightie that barely covered her bare bottom.  Nice sexy music playing. She took Daddy’s hand, looked up at him and gave him a big kiss. Hugging him. Telling him how glad she was to see him.  Her lips sensual kissing his. Her tongue slipping in his mouth, her hands on his body. “Oooohh Daddy, I missed you” she purred. Snuggling into him. Feeling his arms around her.

“Come with me, time for Daddy to relax” she said, taking his hand and leading him to the large couch.  Shaking her ass in front of Daddy. Stopping and unbuttoning Daddy’s shirt. “I’m going to undress you.” she tells him. Feeling his chest, removing it.  Kissing his chest. Kissing his nipples. Running her fingertips along his body. Slowly up and down. His nipples harden. She sucks one, bites it gently and runs her tongue up his chest. Kisses his lips again and moves her hands to his belt. Undoing, and pulling it off, unzippping those pants.  “Sit down Daddy”. Daddy sits and she removes his shoes and socks and pants. Daddy relaxing in just his boxers now. His cock hard. Looking at his babygirl. She stands and moves to the music. Daddy watching. “Want to dance for you Daddy” she tells him. “Tonight, let me please you Daddy”.

She moves so beautiful. So sexy and Daddy likes to watch her. That sexy body moving to the music for his pleasure. She runs her hands over over body, she lifts her babydoll teasingly.  She moves close to Daddy. Climbs on his lap. Moves her hips on him. Leans into him. Kisses his lips. Softly, slowly, wet and hot. Her body gyrating to the music on Daddy’s lap. Brushing his hard cock.  She slips the nightie off her shoulders and offers her breasts to his mouth. He kisses, sucks on her nipple, one then the other.  Pulling back and kissing his lips again, slowly she works her way down. She kisses her way down along his neck. Along his chest again. Kissing his nipples. She moves between his legs on the floor. Looks up at Daddy with her innocent eyes. Kisses his thighs. Spreads those legs further. Brushes her hands over his hard cock. Starts to kiss his inner thighs as she pulls that  cock out. “MMmmmmmmmm” she moans as she sees it.  Licking her lips. Pulling his boxers off. Lifting his legs, kissing his feet, running her tongue back up those long, firm legs. Back to her prize. Oh how she loves to suck cock. Especially Daddy’s nice big cock. She takes hold of the base of Daddy’s cock and looks up at him. Licking her lips. She tells him.. “I am going  to make love to your cock with my mouth Daddy.” And with that, she takes him in. Opening wide and taking that fat head in her mouth. Her tongue swirls around once then takes him deeper. Sucking that fat head to the back of her throat, then slowly drawing it out. A squeal of pleausure escapes her as she releases it. A moan from Daddy makes her hungrier.

She begins to slowly work her mouth up and down Daddy’s shaft. Just her mouth on him now. Working that cock. Up and down that long, thick shaft. Popping the fat head out now and then and licking the tip.  She takes the shaft in her hand and begins to pump and squeeze. Licking at the head, tasting all that precum. Licking around and around. She cups and squeezes those balls. Moves down his shaft to the back. Licks his balls, sucks on them like the hungry slut she is.  She tries to fill her mouth with his balls and gives them a tongue bath. Back up his shaft the naughty girl goes. Moving so those luscious tits wrap around them and that fat head sticks out.  Squeezing them and licking his head. Fucking that cock with her breasts. Arousing Daddy. Giving him pleasure. “God, I love your cock” she tells him. “That’s a good girl” daddy answers. “Suck that cock good for me”.  “Show Daddy what a good little cocksucker you are”. His words fueling her more. She hungrily sucks. Daddy thrusts, beginning to fuck her mouth. Mmmmm feeling his hand in her hair. Sucking that beautiful cock. Pleasing her Daddy. “Oh my cock looks so good n your mouth baby” he tells her. He pulls it out, and rubs it over her face, making her face with with precum and saliva. Slaps her face with that thick shaft and head. Against her cheek, against her lips. Pushing back in that sweet wet and hot mouth. She tugs on his balls as she sucks him in and out. As she lets Daddy fuck her mouth deep. Pleasing him. Wanting him. Needing him. His cum. Wanting. Sucking. Deeper. More. Her moans muffled on that big dick. Taking it deep in her mouth. Feeling Daddy thrust. She pulls off for a moment to catch her breath and moan for Daddy to give her his cum. “MMMMMmmmmm you want Daddy’s cum my little slut?”

“Yes, please, I crave it.” she tells him.  The words send a rush through Daddy. “oh Yes babygirl.  Suck Daddy’s cock. Suck that cum from his balls. Take it.” She squeezes those balls and tugs on them as she engulfs that cock with her mouth. making love to it. Using her mouth like never before. her tongue swirling, mouth sucking, miling, Daddy moaning in her ear, holding her head now. Oh god. She needs that cum. She hears Daddy. Feels the grip on her hair tight. Feels that cock swell. Feels Daddy push her down on him. OH MY GOD.  she’s never had a cock this deep in her mouth and she loves it. “Take it my naughty girl” he tells her. Holding her down on him. He cums. He explodes. A burst of cum pouring down her throat, filling her mouth, once, twice,  over and over, those balls pump and release, she tries to swallow as much as she can. Getting her reward for pleasing her Daddy. She keeps sucking as Daddy tells her to take every drop. Another twitch and stream of cum, she keeps sucking. Daddy moaning, released the grip on her hair, leaning back now, panting. She keeps sucking.  Daddy moans. She sucks more. The hungry slut. Sucking. Tasting. The cum making her greedy. Making her need more. She sucks. Daddy’s cock swells again, she sucks harder. “oh god you naughty slut, fuck, you are , oh fuck, yes you are going to make Daddy cum more, oh my fucking god!” And Daddy shot another load in the hungry sluts mouth. Miling him, not wasting a drop. She slowly slips his cock from her mouth and lays her head on Daddy’s lap.  He strokes her face. “I love you Daddy” she tells him.  “and i lover your cock.” She smiles up at him.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 17, 2009.

One Response to “Pleasing Daddy”

  1. Enjoyable. Yet it would have been even better if he had in a fit of pasion bent her over and fucked her hard … balls slapping her throbbing cunt as she is pounded deep, hardly able to move beyond groans and gasps of “fuck me Daddy!” driving him even faster and harder into her.

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