The Massage

She was a bit nervous as she laid down on the massage table. Been so long since anyone other than her husband had touched her, but stress and tension, a sore back, she needed this. She was away on business and decided to give herself a treat.   So here she was in the hotel spa  about to receive a massage from a stranger.   Feeling butterflies as he closed the door to the massage room, dimmed the lights , lit candles and greeted her. He voice was soothing, almost sensual.

He helps her remove her towel and lays a sheet over her back, modesty made her keep her thong panties on.   Be she still feels naked. At least she’s been working out lately. Her ass a bit firmer. He asked if there was any particular area that needed work. She mentions her lower back has been hurting.

He folded the sheet down, exposing her back, giving her goosebumps.  Getnly his hands work her back. slowly. deeply. moving up and down her  back. His hands instantly soothing. Making her body relax.  He massaged he rback, up and down. Took some oil and began to caress it in. His large, strong hands kneading the muscles in her shoulders, his long, talented fingers massaging her neck.

He slides his fingers all the way along her back, up to her shoulders, his thumbs massage her neck, his fingers in her hair, massage the back of her scalp. down her neck, her shoulders, kneading, working , back down her back. soft moans escape her lips. her hips begin to move just a bit as his hands move down. She feels herself not relaxing, but becoming very aroused. His strong hands touching her like she hasn’t been touched in years. Making her wet. making her mind reel.

Mmm…feels so wonderful, more…is all she can think.  He drips warm oil along her back and admires the view.  Mmmmm what a nice view… a little oil… smoothing it in, up and down, across her bottom. His hands lingering at the tops of her thighs.. he hears a soft moan. his hands squeeze her, fingers deep in her flesh. She moans again. He feels himself becoming aroused. Such a beautiful ass.

Massaging her backside. squeezing it, down the back of  her thigh.  Pressuring her hamstring. up and down.  Her soft moans and ahhs making him hard now. He moves back up, across her bottom, her lower back,  her shoulders once again. Running his fingertip down her spine,  he lays his hands on her lower back. His hands on either side, holding, caressing her hips.Massaging. His strong hands working her. Her hips move with him. Feeling herself getting wetter and wetter. Wanting more and more. His hands pressure her against the table. So strong. So tender. Oh god she needed him. Needed this.  His thumbs move over her bottom. As he works her leg one hand is slipping between her thighs. She parts them, he works one thigh, and then the other, brushing so close, light touching her there, she can’t take it any longer. “please” she utters. softly, sensually. With want and desire. His fingers move between her legs. Rubbing her along her panties. Her hips moving. He slips his finger past the thin cotton and feels the wet heat of her moist pussy. A a soft moan and she pushes back, wanting his finger in her.  He pushes it in, one, then two fingers and begings to finger her. One handon her back, holding her there, the other fingering her and finding her clit. Her hand reaches up and grabs his hard cock. She squeezes it thru his sweats as his long finger work her wetness. Her hand feeling how big he is.  His finger rubbing her clit, she squeezes him firm, his fingers plunge deep in her, she muffles her moan, and shudders in orgasm, clenching his fingers in her, squeezing that rock hard cock in her hand. Pulling it out. Stroking his flesh, “fuck me please”, she pleads, and lifts her sweet bottom to him. He moves behind her, and rubs his fat headed cock over her wet pussy. “Oh god, yes” she moans. He enters her. Slowly at first, opening her up, she pushes back on him, taking him deep. He fucks her. Holding those sexy hips. Moving his cock in and out of her. Deeper, faster, fucking her. Her body alive, her lust and desire released. she fucks her back. Making him fuck her harder. her grunts and groans. “fuck me” she repeats over and over “fuck me” she tells him “fuck me” he does. Laying on top of her, pressing his body to hers, his cock deep in her.  Thrusting. The sweat building on their flesh. her mind reeling. her body trembling.  God she needs it. “fuck me” she pants, “fuck me, oh god, ” she shakes, moans, cums again, its too much for him to take, and he pushes deep into her and explodes.  Laying on top of her. His warm breath on her, his lips on her, his cock in her filling her. Satisfying her. He slips out of her. Stands next to her and glides his hands over her, slips the sheet over her, kisses her, and quietly leaves.  she lays there in orgasmic euphoria, released stressed, and want.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 19, 2009.

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