Forgive me Master

Such a naughty girl. She needed to be punished. “Present yourself to me” he commanded and she obeyed. She knew she deserved it. He knew she craved it. She got on all fours. Put her head down, her ass up.  He slapped it. Hard. The sound echoing in the room. Such a naughty girl he told her as his hand came down again and again. His strong voice, so forceful, scolding her. She was wet after the first 2 swats. After 10 she needed to cum and her ass was on fire. Telling her Master she was sorry.

“I’m sorry Master.” she said as his hand came down upon her. As he removes his belt and runs it along her backside. Down to her ass. The belt striking her. Stinging her. Raising welts on her bottom. “You will learn to obey me. YOu will learn to please me. When you promise Master something you will do it or suffer, Do you understand slut!”  She tries to answer but is greeted with the hardest slap of the belt yet. The pain shoots through her, making her loose her breath. Making her shudder. Making her clit throb. Again and again. The pain rocking her. The tears in her eyes. She whimpers. Moans. ‘You want more don’t you you dirty slut?” Gasping for breath, panting, head spinning, “yessssssssssssssss” she moans. She hears Master moan as he strikes her onces more. His hand reaches for her cunt, his cunt, wet, hot, his touch sending her over the edge, his fingers  on her lips, her clit, slipping in her, she cums, squeezing his fingers and moaning like the whore she is.  Cumming without permission. all over Master’s hand, all over herself.

“You naughty slut, you did not have permission to cum!” He pulls her head up by her hair. Looks in her eyes. Pulls his cock out and shoves it in her mouth. Fucking her mouth. Taking it. Using it.  Pulling his cock out and rubbing it over her. His hand gripping her hair. His voice in her head. “Suck that cock you dirty whore”. “Suck your Master.” The hungry slut sucked for all she was worth. Master fucking her mouth.

“Aahhhhh suck it slut my whore” he says. “Suck that fucking cock. Show me how much you love it. Tell me! Say IT!”  She sucks , she shows him, taking that cock, loving it, moaning on him. Pulling him out and telling him “oh god,  yesss i am, i am yours, I love to suck your cock, ” She strokes it, pumps his hardness, looking up at him “Please Master more Master, please fuck  my pretty little mouth, please.”  “More” he tells her and slams his cock back in her mouth. fucking her mouth, he reaches down and spanks her ass as she sucks. Making her moan loud on his cock.

He pulls her off his cock and stands over her. She looks up for approval. Her pleasing eyes , so innocent, wanting her Master, needing to please him.  Begging for his approval. She sees a small smile on his face, but needs to give him more pleasure.  Needs to please him like no other. Her ass on fire, her cunt dripping.  She licks down his shaft, along his balls, back up, then down again, kissing his balls, licking them. Her hands run up and down his legs, she kisses his thighs, down to his feet. Kisses them. Licks them. Needing his approval “Master I will do anything for you”.  She licks up the back of his legs as he spreads them open a bit. Her hands on his ass, she licks up and tongues him. Licking hes ass as her hand reaches around and strokes his cock. “Thats it my whore, lick Master’s ass.” her tongue going deeper. She crawls thru his legs and lays on the floor. Spreads them. Master looking down upon her. Master orders her onto the bed.

On the bed Master takes a rope and ties her breasts. Wrapping that cord around and around till those nipples protrude. He spreads her legs apart, telling her he will tie them if she closes them.  He orders her to touch her wet pussy for him. Master watching her. His hard cock in his hand. Her pussy so wet, her fingers working her swollen clit. Filled with desire and lust. Needing. Wanting. Grabbing one of her tied tits and pinching her nipple hard. Watching Master stroke. Wanting that cock so fucking bad. Needing to feel it rip her open. Master just watches and strokes.

She moans…”mmmmmummmmm yessss”. Watching his cock in that hand, precum oozing from the tip. She fucks herself a ” please” escapes her mouth, she bites her lip as she nears orgasm. Knowing she cannot cum without permission.  Trying to  catch herself. She is there to please him, obey him, show him she is worthy. She sees his eyes. That look. So intense. Scaring her, exciting her. Oh god, she can barely hold back. Wanting this man. Wanting, needing, everything.

It was so fast she didn’t even have time to think. Master grabbed her, flipped her over and propped her ass in the air. His hands spaning her sore bottom again, grabbing, scolding her for nearly cumming. You are my slut he tells her. You are my whore. You will obey. You will learn. He spreads her cheeks and shoves his cock into her ass. Making her take his fat head and feel it pop into her. He pushes deep as she grunts and groans.  Tells her to rub that clit. Tells her she loves it. He knows she does. He fucks her ass. Takes it. Opening her up. Fucking her hard. Making her moan.

“Now say it slut.. say what you are  and who you belong to now!!  i want to hear it, ”  Nervous she whisper yours, your slut, your bitch. yours master, i am yours.  He spanks her ass. “Say it louder i did not hear you, say it!” She repeats it louder. “I am yours. Your whore. Your slut. Your bitch. Oh god.” Feeling that cock fuckign her ass. She moans and grunts. “I am yours, I am yours, oh god Master” Master takes her ass. Takes his whore. Fucking her ass. making her surrender. Making her feel like the dirty whore she is. Making her scream. His fingers on her clit. His cock in her ass. “cum for me slave’ He tells her. “cum for your Master.”  She moans thank you and she cums, for him, hard, as master takes her ass.

Master pulls his cock from his slave. He grabs her and pulls her to the floor. On her knees. Where she belongs. “Open that mouth bitch” he tells her as he pumps his cock. Looking down on her. “You are my slut. My whore. My slave. You will learn to obey. Now, I am going to cum on you. On your face, On your tits, all over you.” She moans, she begs, “oh thank you, thank you Master, please, please let me taste you, please cum.” He pumps his cock in front of her. Groaning. His balls tight. His fist working that big shaft. She sees the head swell. Shees the precum ooozing, sees the blast of white hot cum shooting at her, hitting her face, the warmth, again, on her mouth, another, on her breasts, he moves closer and cums on her face more. Milking his cock, gettign every drop, squeezing the last few drops into his hand. He feeds it to her. The hungry slut licks it up. Rubs the cum on her tits into her body. Scoops up all his cum and eats it like a good whore. Licking the drops on the floor, the drop on his foot, taking his cock and sucking everybit. His whore. His slut. His slave.

“Please forgive me Master”.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 23, 2009.

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  1. I loved that u had met soaked!

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