Please Daddy

She knelt at his feet like a good girl does. Daddy sitting on the couch. She was Daddy’s girl. Dressed in only her pink panties just like Daddy liked. Daddy’s girl. It was who she was and she loved it.  She knelt and waited, wanting, needing to please her Daddy. Thinking of him all day and now he was here. Her heart raced as he spoke and his hand touched her head, in her hair. “Daddy wants you sweetie, you are such a good girl.  Daddy wants you to please him babygirl.  He wants you to please him with your mouth tonight, show Daddy what a good girl you are.”  A rush ran over her, her nipples ached, her clit throb she answered  “yes Daddy, oh thank you daddy” she replied.

She knew just how to please her Daddy. She removed his shoes, took his socks off and began kissing his feet. Softly, worshiping, loving, pleasing her Daddy. Kissing each of his toes and taking them in her mouth she sucked each one like it was his cock. her tongue working like magic around them. Lapping at them. Making Daddy feel so good. She licked along his foot up to his ankle and looked up at Daddy. His eyes on her he lifted and undid his pants pulling them down, she took them off him and went back to work on Daddy’s feet and legs. Running her tongue up and down his ankles and calves,  spreading his legs open.  Kissing his inner knee, looking up at Daddy for approval.  A smile on his face is all she needs. She is already wet for him. Her hard nipples trail against his leg and she kisses his taut thighs. She sees daddy’s bulge in his briefs. Growing with every lick. Straining against the cotton. The head leaving a nice wet spot on Daddy’s shorts.  She nibbles and licks Daddy’s inner thigh. Working up toward his massive manhood. Brushing past it and up to his stomach. running her hands and nails along his flesh, up his legs, under his shirt, over his nipples making Daddy moan.  She moves up and removes his shirt. Kisses his chest , her body pressed to him, her legs straddling one of his, grinding on him, wet and hot. Daddy’s hands on her now. Rubbing her. Touching her. Her ass in his hands. She takes one of Daddy’s hands in hers. Looking him in the eyes, she sucks each finger slowly, taking each long finger in her mouth and sucking it.. slowly slipping it from his mouth. Her eyes on Daddy. She reaches down and lightly brushes her hand over his hardness. Feeling him. His hand reaches between her thighs, grasping her inner thigh. She snuggles in his neck and moans as she kneads his thck, hard cock. Kissing his neck, kissing his chin, then his lips as she squeezes tight on that thick cock.  His hand moves closer to her. Slips into her panties. Feels her heat. Looking in his eyes. Pleading. Waiting for permission. She kisses his neck more. Down his chest, kisses his nipples, and here’s Daddy’s voice.. “take it out, stroke it babygirl” he tells her.. she reaces in and pulls his cock out.. as she does she feels one of his fingers slip in her. His cock springing before her, hard and firm, she slips her hand around and begins to work it up and down.. slowly at first as she kisses around his shaft.   Looking up at Daddy. Licking her lips.. the tip oozing precum.. “please Daddy” she begs.  “Please Daddy may I suck your cock” she urges.. His nod makes her cum, squeezing his finger with her pussy, she gushes on him as she takes that beautiful cock in her mouth. Tasting him, sucking him, slipping past that fat head. Moving up and down, wetting it, then taking Daddy deeper. Daddy’s finger fucking her pussy, one , then two in her as she sucks harder. “Suck that cock babygirl. Suck Daddy’s cock good.” he tells her as his finges push in her. Fuck her. She sucks his cock like a good girl. Taking him deep. Pleasing him. squeezing his balls lightly, tugging on them. licking down his shaft and down his balls. her tongue working them, making daddy moan.  his fingers in her. she moans on his balls, licks back up that hard cock, taking him deep. Daddy thrusts in her mouth as one of his fingers finds her tight little ass. Pressing to it, fucking her mouth, fingering her pussy, pushing on in her ass.  He slips one finger in her ass and she wails. Moans.. Slowly, deeper, sending her over the edge, taking his finger deeper, in and out, in her ass, one in her pussy, sucking DAddy’s big hard cock, oh god, she cums, moaning on that cock, clamping his hand and sucking that cock hard. Daddy pumps and leans back, moans, and feels her take him. Take his seed. He explodes. “Ohyes, Take it” he moans. His hot cum filling her mouth. Daddy’s hungry girl sucking, swallowing, sucking , swallowing, savorying, wanting, draining, sucking that cock for all she was worth. Wantign it all, Daddy pumping and pumping more into her mouth. “oh god, fuck, take it all”.  cumming and his hungry girl taking it all… and more.. she keeps sucking, wanting more, pleasing her Daddy.  Taking every drop. “Oh my fucking god ” Daddy moans as one more burst rises from his balls.  some spilling from her mouth. Lapping as his cock to get it all.  Pleasing daddy.

“Such a good girl for Daddy.” he tells her.. She curls up in his lap. His. He strokes her. She feels so alive. She loves her Daddy.

~ by darksideofthemind on July 15, 2009.

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