Daddy came home early

Daddy arrived home from his trip a bit early hoping to surprise his babygirl. It had been 3 days and Daddy wanted to get home, relax, and play. Rubbing his cock on the drive he was hard and ready as he walked into the house. To his surprise it was a bit unkempt. This did not please him.  He called out to his babygirl and received no answer.  Looking in the kitchen he notices a sink full of dishes, again, Daddy is not pleased.  As he enters the family room he spots her laying on the couch in just her panties, her hand inside, her eyes closed, fingering herself. Moaning softly. Daddy takes his cock out and walks toward her. As she finger fucks herself oblivious to him standing there, Daddy grabs her hair, pulls her head back and scols her.  “Is that what you have been doing all the time since Daddy’s been gone my slut?”  “Touching yourself without permission”.  Sshe looks up ain shock and  he shoves his hard cock into her mouth. “Naughty girl. Playing with yourself, neglecting yoru chores, Daddy is going to teach you a lesson.” He fucks her throat right there , pushing his cock deep, making the little slut choke on it. Pulling it out , letting her catch her breath, he looks at her.  “First you will be punished, then you will clean this house up.”  He grabs her by the hair and pulls her to the floor. On all fours. he walks and sits in his char. “Crawl over her naughty girl. NOW.”  She crawls to him. “on my lap”. She crawls into his lap.  “You were told to keep this house in order while I was gone and it is a mess”.  She tries to mutter an answer but is overpowered by His strong voice, telling her what a naughty girl she was for not obeying. He yanks her pink panties down. His hand coming down upon her ass. Once, twice, three times, again and again. stinging, the loud slap scaring her, her nipples swell as her as turns hot. His voice in her head, her cries in the air. Daddy spanks her. Hard. Firm. Making her beg him to stop. “Take our punishment like a big girl” Daddy told her. His still hard cock pressed into her belly.  Throbbing against her as he spanked that ass. Turning it nice and red. “Daddy, please” she moans. Daddy pauses. Looks at her red bottom. Enjoying listening to her whimpers and moans, sobbing a bit, his cock so hard, pressed to her as she squirms a bit on him. DAddy’s hands reaches bewtween her legs. Feels the heat of her pussy. So hot. So wet.  MMmmmm one of Daddy’s fingers slips in so easy. He fingers his girls pussy. In and out. Her sobs turning to little moans of pleasure. She moves more on Daddy’s cock. “Daddy” she moans.  He slips another finger in her. In and out. Finger fucking her. he spanks her again. Alternating cheeks. Making her grind on that cock pressed to her, making her fuck those fingers in her. “Daddy , please, stop, please, oh Daddy, please fuck me.” “Fuck you? mmmmmm oh Daddy will fuck you naughty girl.. but not till you are punished satifactorily”.

he pushed her off his lap and on the floor. “Face down, ass up” he told her. “Daddy, please” she replied, he pushed her head down, “do as you are told”. Daddy removed his belt and folded it over. Her ran it down her back and back up again.  Down over her bottom, down her thighs, and back.  He started to tap her with it on her backside. Lightly, fast, but light. over and over. then. “Now take your punishment like a big girl” he told her, the belt cracked her ass, she wailed, the pain shot through her, the rush, she tries to catch her breath and again, across her ass the leather strikes. Daddy pauses. Rubs her bottom a bit, then begins again, one, two, three, four striking blows sending rockets of pian through her. Intoxicating her. Her nipples throbbing, her clit swells, her pussy drips.  “please Daddy, fuck me.” she begs. “I’m sorry. I promise to be good”.  But Daddy doesn’t listen, not yet, four more across that precious bottom brings the tears, Daddy reaches between her legs and rubs her clit.  One touch of her swollen clit sends her off. Moaning thru her tears, shaking, cumming, begging Daddy. “please fuck me Daddy, I’ll be a good girl”.  Her moans and cries make Daddy’s cock throb. Suffiencently punished, he was ready to take his slut. His balls full. His cock hard. He positions himself behind her. He slowly rubs his fat cock head against her wet cunt. Up and down, watching the sluts lips part for him.  He pushes the head in, the pulls it out. Teasing her. Over and over. just the head popping in and out of her cunt. She moans and begs. “fuck me Daddy, please fuck me deeeeep, fuck , pleeeease dadddddy.”  “What’s that babygirl?” Daddy asks. “Please fuck me Daddy, please Daddy , please fuck your babygirls tight, wet pussy.” Daddy grabs her ass. Gripping the welts, she wails, and Daddy sinks his cock deep in her. All the way. Filling her tight little cunt up. Making her take every inch of Daddy’s cock. Daddy fucks her. Takes her. Drives his cock in and out of her. Taking what he’s needed for days. Pumping that cock in her. Grabbing her hips. His babygirl moaning and fucking Daddy back. “oh god, yes, thank you daddy, oh daddy, yes, thank you, oh god, fuck me, ooooohhhh”. Daddy pumped his cock deep, in and out, then started to spank her ass more as he fucked her. Spankinger her ass and fucking her hard. Taking her. “Take my seed babygirl” he told her as he pushed deep and exploded. Emptying his balls in her. Pump after pump of his semen deep in her tight hole. Filling her. Making her collapse with Daddy’ s weight on top of her. Taking every drop. Daddy pulls from her pussy, leaving her on the floor. Sits back in his chair and tells her..”now get me a beer and finish your chores, Daddy wants to play more. “

~ by darksideofthemind on July 17, 2009.

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