sitting on the couch

They sat on the couch looking at one another. Staring into each others eyes. Finally alone. Finally together. They kissed. Their lips touching, lightly at first, then firm. Arms reach for each other. Hands touch, entwine, fingers with fingers as they kiss deeper. Tongues touch. Dance.  He pulls her closer and closer. Kissing her deeper and deeper. His arms now around her. Pulling her on top of him. Their lust and desire filling the room. She kisses him back. Feels his hands on her hips. Up and down her back. her nipples hard as rocks, her panties becomming wet.  She straddled him and removed his shirt. Kissing his shoulders, his chest, her tongue around his nipples. She leaned back and took off her top,  and bra, touching her breasts and hard nipples in front of him. He leans forward and kisses her chest, kissing to her breast, one then the other, taking a hard nipple in his mouth. She moves on his lap. Feeling the bulge in his pants. His hands grip her hips and butt. Firm as he suck s on her hard nipple. Making her moan. Making her squeeze his legs with hers. He licks and flicks his tongue over her nipples. Takes one in his mouth and nibbles on it. Bites it softly. The sensation sends goosebumps through her. Makes her moan. He bites a bit harder and sucks it deep in his mouth. She arches and grinds on him. Her clit throbbing. She moans loud. He grabs her ass tight and bites her nipple harder. She moans louder, making his cock twitch against her. Holding her firm against him as he sucks and bites her nipples. His fingers hiking that short skirt up. His hand slipping into those pink panties. Finding her hot and moist. He rubs, finding her clit, bites her nipple harder and slips one finger in, rubbing her clit at the same time. She moans from the pain and pleasure. Her hips move with his finger.  He finger fucks her tight pussy and sucks and bites those nipples.  He slips a second finger into her wetness and she wails.  His fingers sliding in and out. He kisses her chest, her neck, back to her lips , his tongu ein her mouth. Deeeeep.   He breaks the kiss and looks in her eyes, “such a naughty girl you are”.. and bends her over his lap. Two fingers in her her spanks her bottom lightly.  Hiking her panties up to expose her sweet bottom. He spanks lightly and fingers that sweet tight pussy.  Teasing her. “harder, please” she moans as her bottoms warms. “Spank ME!” she moans. His hand comes down on her bottom hard. Stinging, she bucks on his fingers in her, again, and again, spanking his naughty girl. He slips his fingres from her pussy and brings them to her lips. “Taste your juices babygirl” he tells her and she hungrily sucks them in her mouth.  He finger fucks her mouth as he did her pussy. Making her take them deep and suck them like a cock as he continues to spank that cute little ass. Making it sting. Making it ache. Making her so damn wet. He spread her legs a bit and slipped his fingers back in her wetness. Sliding her back a bit off his lap, he pulled his hard cock out of his jeans.  He guided her head to him. “Taste me baby” he told her. Her mouth lowers to that fat head. Opening wide she takes him in, slowly, her hips moving on his fingers. She tastes him. Sucking that fat head in her mouth, taking more as his hand pushes her head down. He moans and she moves her mouth up and down on his shaft. Sucking that big, beautiful cock, pleasing him as his fingers move faster in and out of her wet pussy. She fucks his fingers back as she sucks him. Taking the base of his cock in her hand. Squeezing it as she sucks, popping the fat head in and out, then running her tongue down the shaft as she strokes him. Down to his balls, licking them as he spreads his legs for her. tongue those balls, sucking on them, stroking his cock to the rhythm of his fingers fucking her pussy. Moaning, she moves back up that shaft. Swirls her tongue around the smooth head and takes him deep. Showing him what a good girl she is, how she has craved him. Sucking him deep. Up and down. One hand in her hair, one in her pussy, rubbing her clit, thrusting his hips. Fucking her mouth, moaning, his cock so hard, needing to cum. His fingers working her clit, and sliding in and out of her. She sucks on him, up and down, popping his cock out to catch her breath and moan.  His fingers on her clit driving her wild. She begings to suck him hard, moaning on his cock, popping it out and stroking it, telling him to cum for her. To fuck her with his fingers. Sucking that cock. “Please” she moans. “Give me your cum”. He pushes a third finger into her pussy and holds her down on his cock sending her over the edge. SHe clamps his handbetween her thighs  and shudders as her orgasm builds, shakes as it hits her, her head spinning, sucks his cock so hard, harder than she’s ever suck a cock before, overcome with hunger.  He moans, grips her hair, he cannot hold back any longer. Moaning, screaming, “oh god YES!” he cums, blasting his hot load into her mouth, pumping , she swallows, once, twice, three times, taking all he has and sucking more, hungry girl taking all his seed. His fingers buried in her twitching pussy, his hand clamped between her legs, she shakes on him, sucking every drop. Squeezing and milking. His hungry little slut.

~ by darksideofthemind on July 24, 2009.

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