Used by Master

She woke that morning in great anticipation.  Today she was to please Him and this made her happy. Master could not be here but they had arranged for her to serve him on cam. She loved to do this when he was away. Showing him how much she needs him, how she obeys. How she is completely His.  She was His slave. His property and she loved it. It made her feel complete. Like nothing else. Preparing for Him made her feel calm, yet excited.  Just getting things ready made her wet. Thinking about him.  She checked her email for instructions to see what was in store for her today. He told her to dress in a skirt and panties, tank top, high heels, no bra and be ready for him at 10:00am.  Online and on cam. Ready with her toys. A 8″ cock shaped dildo, a vibe, and her plug. She was also instructed to have her clothespins, hairbrush, and belt.  her pussy dripped as she read the email and  as she dressed she touched her nipples. They easily stood at attention. She pinched them a bit. Making herself wetter. She slipped on her panties, pulled the tank top over her hard nips, and slipped on the short jean skirt.  Knowing how much Master loved her in heels made her so horny as she slipped them on.

She turned on her computer , logged into chat, and turned her cam on and waited. Her nipples hard, her pussy already wet, she was nervous and so very excited. At precisely 10am she received an IM from Him. “Hello slave.  On your knees. Now. Do as you are told. Remove your top and pinch your nipples for me. I want them standing at attention. Feel me watching you.”  She did as she was told. Taking her top off and knelt in front of the camera. Obeying his every word. Her nipples standing at attention. She pinched them, winced as she pinched them harder for him. “Harder” came across the screen and she obeyed.  Pinching her nipples for him. Tugging on them. Twisting them as he ordered. Master enjoying the show. His cock swelling in his pants. “Show me that ass slave. ” He orders. She turns, obeying, under his command, his words intoxicate her, she hikes that skirt and turns around on all fours presenting her ass to her Master.  “Mmmm very nice”.  Master is pleased and this makes her happy.  “Take your panties off slave.”  and she does. Her bare ass presented to him.  He made her stay like that for 5 minutes. Her ass in the air. Watching her. Admiring. Wishing he was there to spank her. To take her. His cock hard. Wanting his slave. Loving how she obeyed and served him. She stayed in position till she heard another IM come in. She looked to see the words from her Master. “Plug that sweet ass for me slave” he instructed.  “Yes Sir” she answered back and picked up the plug. Showing her ass to the camera she spread herself open and pushed the plug in. Taking it all. Oh Master had trained her well. First with her and his fingers. Then the plug a little at a time, and now, yes, now able to take it all, how she grew to just love it. Crave it. Made her feel owned, made her drip.  “On your knees, clothespins, NOW.” came the next command and she obeyed. Taking a clothespin in her hand and placing it on her right nipple. Wincing at the pain. Taking it for Master. Making her sweat, she affixed the second one to her left nipple.  She cries out. Making her wince and squeeze, that plug in her ass digging deeper as she does. Gaining her composure she awaits her next instruction. Shaking. Wanting. Needing. Trying not to whimper. Her clit throbbing. Her nipples aching. Her ass throbbing and plgged. Loving it. Wanting more. So much more. Needing Master’s cock. “Rub your clit slave.” Master ordered. her hand instantly between her legs , mouthing a thank you to the camera, fingering her swollen clit. Rubbing. Her head thrown back, her eyes closed, rubbing faster, and harder, wanting to cum.  The ding of the IM brings her back and she read “Stop, slave. You are not allowed to cum without permission. You know that.” She stops. Breathing heavy.. the pleasure and pain intoxicating her. Her head spinning, her body throbbing, needing her Master. She responds by typing “Yes ,Sir” threw trembling hands and sticky fingers.  Her face flushed. “Answer the phone slave”. Master says as her phone begins to ring. Her heart racing, hurriedly she answers and breathless mumbles “hello”. “Hello slave,” came the deep, sexy voice of her Master. Her body reacting to his voice and tone, nearly sending her to orgasm.  “oh Master” she cries. “You are going to do as you are told slave” he told her. “Turn around and present that ass to me again. Rub that ass for me. Show it to me. Squeeze it naughty girl, hard for Master, that’s it, thats a good girl.” he says, watching. “Dig your fingers into your flesh. hard. You are a naughty girl, and naughty girls need to be spanked.” he says. “Yes sir” she responds .. breathing hard, wanting more.  “Smack that ass for Master.” she does. The loud slap echoes in the room, her cry and moan followed only by “again” on the other line. Again she strikes her ass for him. Spanking herself. Hearing him tell her what a naughty girl she is. What a slut she is. His slut. His whore. “Do it, naughty girls get spanked, harder, do it slave!” his voice boomed in her ear.   “Yes, yes, yes” she cries, smacking her ass harder. Tears forming in her eyes, every time she spanks her ass that plug moves in her, making her whimper, making her ache, needing to cum.  “AGAIN” he orders. “count them outloud. ” She does. “One…, two……., three……, four……, five……., six…….., oh god…..god god god, please, Master, seven, aaaaaahhhhh, Master please.”  “MORE slave” he ordered. “eight, nine, oh god, oh god, ten.  Master pleeaaaaaaseeeeee.. ” she moans, begging. “Fuck your ass with your plug, NOW” came his command. She reached back and took that plug in her hand, her ass red and stinging, her body trembling, doing whatever he wanted, whatever he said, wanting it, needing it, she fucked her ass for him. In and out. She took that plug as Master ordered her. “Fuck it slave. Fuck that ass for me. Harder, take it, feel me own you. Control you. Do it. Please your Master. Oh yes. Master likes. Makes him so fucking hard you dirty little slut. Fuck it harder. Yes. You want Master’s cock in you don’t you slave! don’t you whore!  Tell me! Tell me!”  She fucked her ass hard, wanting his cock, needing him, moaning for him, “Oh god yes, Master, please fuck my ass.. please fuck my ass Master. I need your cock in me!”  “Making me so hard slave, stroking my cock, watching you, taking you.. mmmm want this cock in you, want to fuck that ass.. mmmmm yes.. I think its time.. ” Master stands and pumps his cock. Watching his whore. He tells her. “Take that plug out, time for you to feel what it will be like to take all of me in that ass. Take your dildo and fill that ass for me. Fuck it for me slave. Show me who you belong to. Take your ass with that 8″ cock. Take it. Fuck it. Show me who you are. My whore. My asswhore. Show Master. Prove it.” Shaking at his command. trembling, dripping wet, breathless with desire she slips the plug out of her ass and grabs the cock shaped 8″ dildo. The one she bought for when Master wasn’t around.  God she loved his cock and needed it now. She kissed the head of the dildo and took it in her mouth, teasing for the camera, knowing he was watching, listening to him stroke that cock.  She loved to make him hard.. to please him.  She bent over for him and as he told her to take it, she gladly pushed that cock into her ass. “Fuck that ass for me slave” he told her as he watched , as he commanded. “Fuck that ass for me slave” she slide it in and out. fucking herself for him. “Harder slave” and she did. Obeyed him. Fucking her ass and grunting. Moaning. Needing to cum. “Please Master ” she begged.  “Push it deep, fuck it for me” he responded. “Fuck your ass harder, tell me who you are”. “TELL ME!” he commanded. She rammed that dildo in her ass. Moaning, begging, telling him..”I’m your slave, your whore, your slut”. “Tell me” he demanded. “I’m your slave, your whore, your slut, your asswhore, your fucking dirty little asswhore” she moaned.. “please Master, let me touch my clit. let me cum fo ryou. Please.  “Fuck that ass harder” he commanded. He stayed silent as he watched and listened. As he stroked. Wanting to be in that ass. Wanting to fuck his slave bad. Wanting to cum all over her.  He watched and pumped that cock. Grunting, begging, moaning, pushing her.  “Push that cock deep and rub your clit slave, rub it till you cum for me” he whispered. The words alone nearly sent her over the edge, with that cock in her ass she rubbed that clit fast and hard. It didn’t take long before she was near, moaning, howling, “give it to me slave” he commanded. “give it to me! cum for me slave!” he orderd.. gasping , and panting, wailing she cums, shaking, “oooooooooooooh godddddd, ohhhhhh god,, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk…. ”  panting, moaning, she continues to cum, over and over, “oooooooooooooh godddddd, ohhhhhh god,, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk. fuck fuck Master, oh god, Master, again, oh shit, fuck Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssttttteeeeeeeeeeeeer!”  Master watching, listening, commanding. ‘That’s my girl.” he tells her.  “Yes, thats my girl” he tells her as he strokes his cock.  Moaning into the phone, into her ear as he pumps, “thats it baby, take Master’s cum, of Fuck yes, take Master’s load, such a good whore you are”… he cums, pumping that cock, milking it, shooting that cum right there watching her shake.  “thats a good girl for Master. ”  he tells her.  “take your clothespins off now slave. ” She obeys, the blood rushing to them making her wail in pain and pleasure.. rocking her body.  “You may take that dildo out slave. ” “Good girl.” “Now on your knees, where you belong. “

~ by darksideofthemind on July 24, 2009.

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