strange meeting

It was funny that they even met, she was not really his type, not submissive, but then that seemed to make her even more interesting. Why did she accept the add? He didn’t see to be her type either, but there was something between them. They seemed to need each other. Meeting online can be weird, but something clicked with them. She was beautiful. Long hair, sweet smile, incredible body, intelligent and saw something in him that others didn’t. He wasn’t bad either, tall, cute, good looking, she knew he was smart, sexy, just a bit kinky for her she thought, but was he really THAT kinky. She had read his blogs, and while they aroused her, it was not her cup of tea, or was it, somehow? She was intrigued by his intelligence, his power, his passion, his writings, but she would submit to no one. She told him so. This aroused him. She even hinted, playfully, that she would be in charge and make him obey. That made him smile, among other things.

The next week or so they began chatting online, mainly about writing, inspiration and life. They were becoming friends, and there was also a distinct connection between them. Their talks beginning to get more flirty, she teased him, he teased back. Soon he was looking forward to their talks more and more, checking if she was on, waiting, hoping. What was it about her. She emailed, her words affected him, aroused him, intrigued him. She was strong, in control, he had to meet her.

He lay in bed thinking of her, unable to sleep. Logging on to see if she was around. Could not get her out of his head. Thinking of meeting her aroused him. Made him think of possibilities.   Made him want her. Made him touch himself.

He was thrilled when she agreed to meet him.  She told him to meet her at her work at 8pm. She would be closing up and then they could head to dinner. He arrived a few minutes early on purpose. Wanting to watch her for a few as she worked. Watch her move. She was dressed in a black mini, showing off those sexy legs, walking back and forth, getting ready to close. Watching her aroused him. The way she moved. Sexy, confident.

He walked in, caught her eyes and she walked right over to him. Said hello, and kissed him. She locked the door and said she just had a few more things to take care of walking by him, brushing slightly up against him. She walked away, and then turned and said “come here”.. he followed. Watching her walk, those legs so sexy, those hips moving just right. He followed her to the back of the store, suddenly she turned, looked in his eyes, and leans up and kisses him deep. Pressing her mouth to him, putting an arm around him, she moves closer to him. She breaks the kiss, whispers to him “there’s more if you’re a good boy, I’ll be right back.”

She returned, and they left for dinner. They dined and through dinner their conversation flowed. They talked about many things, politics, movies, music. During dinner her she slipped off her high heel and her bare foot began to run along his along. Teasing him. He smiled, feeling his cock harden as they finished their meal. After diner they headed for the small bar where a house band was playing. She took his hand and lead him to the dance floor. Moving around him, shaking her hips, her body teasing. He watched, danced with her, smelling her perfume as she moved close, feeling her energy, wanting more.

She turned her back to him, moved her hips, danced close, shook that sexy ass in front of him. his cock hard, he held her hips and she pressed back. Right there. moving against him, back into him, teasingly, then away. Turning, taking his hand, and leading him off the dance floor. They gathered their things and headed to the car.

He drove them to her house, sneaking glances at her lucious legs as she sat in the seat next to him. Their conversation flowing. Her teasinginly resting her hand on his thigh as she laughed.  They arrived at her place, he quickly got out to open her door. Taking her by the hand, being quite the gentlemen.  That walked to her door, and she asked if he would like to come in for a moment.  As they entered it was like she had him in a spell, he stood there dazed, aroused, wanting nothing more than to kiss her again. Licking his lips, his mind still on that kiss, he suddenly felt her behind him. She grabs his hips, pushes him against the wall, her mouth on his neck, her tongue, her hands grab hold of him. Taken aback by her strength. Turning him to her.  He lowers his mouth to hers, kissing her, taking her kiss, feeling her press to him. Her hand on his chest, rubbing, unbuttoning his shirt, pinching his nipple as she kisses deeper. Pressing to him. Breaking the kiss, taking his hand, leading him to the couch.  She sits down, her skirt hiking up exposing those sexy thighs, her legs spreading, show him more. She looks at him witha sly smile and he knows what she desires. She spread her legs wider, running her hands along her thighs,  revealing her red panties. His eyes transfixed upon her. Instictively licking his lips. Her fingers trail her inner thighs, inviting, teasing, she looks up at him and coyly says “Want a taste” as she slips her finger in the waistband of her panties.  Drawing it out, and offering it to him. He falls to his knees between her legs and takes her finger in his mouth. Suckig on it, his tonuge swirling around it, trying to taste every essence of her. She toys with him, moving her finger in his mouth. Pushing two in, then three, pulling them out and running her hand over her face.  Looking in his eyes. Her knees holding him between her legs.   “I knew from the first time we talked you would please me” she told him.  She guided his head down. Down to her. To taste her. To please her. His mouthon her thihgs. His tongue and lips kissing, licking there way close. She moans, moves her hips, his mouth along the edge of those silk panties.  His tongue slipping under, he moves them aside to reveal her beautiful lips. Bare. He licks her, her hand in his hair, her hips moving to his mouth. He tastes her, her juices intoxicating him, pushing his tongue in her, his hands under her, holding her, giving her pleasure, for her. He pleases. His mouth devouring her. The more he tastes the more he desires. Uncontrollable. Driving his tongue in her, swirling his tongue around her clit, taking it between his lips, sucking on her, licking her, pleasing her. Making her push his head harder into her as she grinds her hips harder against his mouth Making him eat her the way she wants. “that’s it baby.. right there, oooohh yes.. right there baby”.  Making her feel the way she wants.  “Lick that pussy, show me how bad you want it”.  “Oh yes.” “Faster” “oh right there, don’t stop.”  SHe clamps her thighs around his head and shudders, shaking, she moans “ohhh yessssssssssss, that’s a good boy, oh yess, such a good boy” as her pussy floods his mouth, gushing, locked between her thighs he tastes, drinks, sucks as much as he can.  He lay there between her legs as she floats, holding his head in her thighs, he craved more. And so did she.. pulling him up to her. kissing him. Tasting her juices on his lips, on his face, kissing him firm. Her arms around him, grabbing his ass, squeezing it, slapping it, biting his lip. She looks in his eyes as she feels his hard cock pressed to her. She reaches down..”mmmm what do we have here..” she purrs.. Squeezing his hardness thru his pants, firm, harder, making him moan, making his cock ache. Needing to be released. She turns him over and grabs his pants and yanks them down, sees that cock straining against his briefs.  Her mouth goes to it.  Running her tongue over him through his briefs.  Making his cock strain harder. Licking at the wet spot of precum as the tip. Pulling his cock out. Seeing it spring to attention for her. She takes it in her hand, strokes it up and down slowly, playing with it, teasing him.  She  takes the head in her mouth. Mmmmm swirling her tongue around that fat head, then taking him deeper.. making him squirm.  her hands all ove rhim.  cupping his balls, squeezing them as she sucks him, up and down that long shaft. Loving his beautiful cock. Running her nails along his body as she sucks. Slowly, teasing him, taking him from her mouth, slowly stroking, and squeezing. She moves up, kissing his stomach, his chest, taking a nipple in her mouth and niibling on it, biting it as she moves against his body and cock.  He can feel her wetness against him. Kissing his neck, running her tongue along it. Nibbing. Feeling his arms around her, moving his hips, wanting more, so much more. She whispers in his ear, so sexy, sedcutive, bites his earlobe and breathe’s “I want you”.  “I need you inside of me” she whispers.  Taking his cock and guiding in her. She moans as he enters her. slowly taking a bit more of him. She sinks down on that cock. Her pussy  squeezing him. She looks down on him and begins to move those hips. Slowly gyrating , then moving up and down. Her hands on his chest, on his shoulders. she begins to fuck him. Harder. Faster. Digging her nails into him. Making him moan. “Oh god yes, yes, fuck me. ahhhh , damn” feeling her dig those nails deeper.  She thrust her hips up and down. Fucking him. How she wants. Holding him down. Riding that cock. She leans down and kisses him. His lips, his neck, holding that cock in her.  She bites him and lets our a deep moan as she sinks her teeth in his flesh, making him cry out, making him thrust in her.. yes.. thats it.. she bites his shoulder and fucks him harder, like an animal in heat. Raising and lowering her hips on him. Fucking him. Taking him. Using him for her pleasure. Using that cock. Fucking it harder. Moaning on his cock. Ready to explode on him. Making him moan. She slams down on his cock and squeezes. Clamping him in her. Biting him, pulling on his nipples She looks in his eyes  “You like that don’t you, my tight pussy squeezing that cock”.. “fucking you, you love it don’t you.”  “Oh yes” he moans. “fuck yes. Need to cum”  he moans, thrusting his hips,   “mmmmmm yes, thats my boy.. ” she says as she clamps that cock in her tigher.   “Oh yes, I want you to cum in me” she tells him, “but only when I say so”  she tells him, squeezing his cock.  Clamping it, making him moan more “oh god , so fucking tight, yes, of fuck yes “.  Holding him there for a moment, she braces herself, then she moves up and down again, gyrating, fucking him, faster, harder, throwing her head back…fucking him harder, moaning, loud, digging her fingers in his thighs, she moans and screams “fucking cum in me.!. “Give it to me, NOW!” she demands. And he does. Moaning , telling her how good it feels. Telling how much he loves that tight pussy rocking him. He explodes, in her. Filling her. She sinks down as he does. Squeezing his cock, milking it, “all of it”.. she commands.  She milks that cock with her tight pussy. Pulling every drop of cum from those balls. Making her feel like he never felt before. Making him cum harder and longer than ever. Taking all his seed. Drawing it in her. All of it. Hers.  Till he is limp. His cock twitching in her. Sweat on his brow, eyes glazed, in total ecstacy.  Holding his cock in her. Making sure she gets every drop.  She lays on top of him. Kisses him and whispers.. “get a little rest baby, I’m gonna need more in a bit.”

~ by darksideofthemind on July 30, 2009.

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