Dinner at her place

They had gone out a few times, first as friends, then on a “first” date, after he took her out the last time she decided to invite him over for dinner as  a thank you.  She definitely hoped it was more than a thank you.  Having been friends first he seemed to be taking the gentlemanly approach but his kisses the last time they went out indicated where this may go. She had wanted him since the first time she met him and that had only grown. Now her need and desire had built to the boil point, she wanted him, but being a “good girl” she didn’t want to show it.  She wanted more. She wanted to feel him so bad. God she wanted to be his bad girl, and more.

After getting the dinner started, she dressed in a casual, but sexy, black dress, low cut a bit, just above the knee, looking very sexy.  she dimmed the lights, opened the wine and put on some music.  Her thoughts wandered a bit and she found her nipples getting hard, her panties getting wet.  The doorbell rang and broke her from her daydream. She looked around, checked herself , and then answered the door. She opened and there he stood. So tall, so very handsome, so damn sexy. She invited him in , once inside, he took her hand in his and bringing it to his lips he kissed it softly.  Then pulling her close he kissed her deep.  Mmm what a nice hello that was she thought. The butterflies in her stomach racing, her nipples throbbing, her panties already soaked.

They sat and talked for a bit. Flirting, having a glass of wine.  The music light in the background, the smell of dinner in the air.  Their hands touched. Holding. Caressing. She loved his hands. Long fingers. Strong. Fingers entwined they kiss firmer, deeper, her body quivering, her heart racing.  As he traced his fingers up her along her arm goosebumps fluttered around her neck.  He broke the kiss and looked in her eyes as she melted. “Ding” .. saved by the timer she thought.. “hold on, have to check on dinner” she said putting her finger tip to his lips, getting up and going to check on diner. His eyes watching her.

Wanting her now, he followed her to the kitchen.  Standing, watching, he asked if he could help.  Moving behind her to see what was cooking.  He brushed up against her. “Mmmmm” she moaned., “hold on..” checking the oven, setting the timer.  Her sweet bottom brushing him as she bends over. He lingered there and she didn’t mind.  She pressed a bit back to him, pulling her up, he snuggled her neck, kissed her. Softly on her neck. His tongue gliding up to her ear. Her head tilted, allowing. His nibbles, up to her earlobe, takes it in his mouth and bites it softly as his arm slides around her waist.  The heat of the kitchen intensifying their feelings.  One arm around her, pulling her back to him, a hand on her hip.  Grabbing. She moans. Her nipples harden. Her panties now soaked.  His hands grabbing her dress, inching it up, his hand moving down, on the back of her thigh, caresses, hiking that dress, his breath, his mouth on her.  His lust overtaking him. her want and need not letting her stop.  She pressing back to him, feeling his hardness against her ass. He grabs her, pushes her against the counter, turning her face and kissing her hard.  His cock hard against her.  Her breath quick and hard. His hands explore her body. Feeling her breasts with one hand, her ass with the other. “I want you” he whispers to her as he reaches between her legs.. Feeling her heat, her wetness. “Oh yes.” he says. His fingers slipping into her panties. Touching her. Kissing her neck.  She gasps as his long fingers explore her wetness. Setting her on fire. Her nipples so hard. Her clit aching. His fingertips finding it. “oh god” she whimpers as his long finger enters her . He bites her softly on the nape of her neck and rubs his finger over her clit. Holding her tight, his fingers working in her, driving her crazy, making her knees weak.  He holds her tight and rubs her clit, “a little of bit of whats to cum” he tells her as he bites her firmer and pushes his fingers deep. Shocking her, sending bolts through her, from her nipples deep in her cunt. Making her shake. Making her moan. “Oh god” she cries out. Clamping his hand in her, feeling that cock against her. She shudders, tightening, shaking, moaning loud , she cums  on his hand as he grips that pussy.  He slips his hand from her, she turns to him, takes it in her hand and brings it to her lips. Tasting her juices on his fingers. His long fingers. Sucking them. Slowly up and down.  Her other hand reaching for his cock.  She looks up at him as she moves down..”a little bit of whats to cum” she tells him.  Undoing his pants, pulling his hardness out. “Mmmmmm” she licks her lips.  Opens that pretty mouth and takes him in.  He moans as she slips that thick cock into her mouth, taking about half of it, then slowly drawing it out.  She sucks the fat head, twirling her tongue around and around.  sucking the precum from the tip, licking those lips, and taking him deeper. Making him moan. He pulls his cock out of her mouth, rubs it across her lips.  “Show me how bad u want it!”  he tells her. She grabs his ass tight as she sucks that cock. Feels him start to fuck her mouth. In and out. Taking more of that long shaft. Taking more of his meat. Sucking him like a hungry slut. His hand in her hair. Taking his cock out, stroking it, pumping it. She stands up and kisses him. turns the near burning dinner off, slips her dress from her shoulders. Leans against the counter, sticks her sexy ass out, and looks back at him.. “Take me! Fuck me! Fuck me so hard” she tells him.  “Oh you naughty girl” he says as hHe grabs her hips. Pressing that hard cock to her.  Teasing her.  “Oh my god yes. making me hard when you talk like that. my naughty girl. yes. want to fill you up. make you take every inch . fuck you good hard hard” he tells her pushing that fat head against her.  “baby its gonna hurt you” he says. ” mmmmmmmmmmmmm… please, oh god, please.  Hurt me! I want that, I want it so bad!” she moans and begs.    “Please! Oh my god, please fuck my pussy” she moans as he rubs that fat head against her lips. ” Grab my shoulders, my hips, somewhere, and shove it in me! Give me that cock” she demands!  Not being able to take it any longer he slaps her ass, grabs her hips ,  “Ooh god take it!” he tells her, pushing in her, making her take it. She moans loud, grabs the counter hard. He moves in and out of her. Fucking her from behind. Taking her. “You like that baby, mmmm damn baby, didn’t know you were such a bad girl. YOu like that big cock in you” he says. Fucking her harder. She whimpers and moans. “yes!, yes!, yes!, fuck me.” Panting. Taking that cock deeper.  Moaning. “Make me cum! Make me yell! More! Oh fuck yes, baby! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yeah! Don’t stop! Fuck me!” she moans.  Grabbing her tight. holding her tight. slamming that cock in her. Fuckinger her harder. Making her take it. Taking that tight pussy. “Mmmm god damn” he moans. “My cock is stretching that pussy open, its so fucking tight”.  “Ooooh god, fuck me, harder” she cries.. “Make me cum, yes, yes, oh god righ tthere, don’t stop, don’t stop, of godddddddddddd, godd, baby, ffffffuukkkkk.. i’m cuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggg! ” Moaning, shaking, he grabs her tits as he sinks deep. Feels her squeeze his cock, feels the cum rise from his balls, exploding, holding her so tight, cumming in her as she milks that cock. Holding her tight. Taking every drop.  Panting together. He slips from her, turns her around and pulls her close, kissing her deep. “Dinner ready?” he says..

~ by darksideofthemind on August 7, 2009.

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  1. That is very fucking hot!!!!

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