She needs training

“Sir?” the soft, nervous voice on the other end of the said.  “Daddy, its me” she said. “Yes my dear” He answered. ” I miss you.” she whispered. ” I need you, can I come over, please, please sir?. I’ll do whatever you want Sir, please, I just need you so bad.”

He waited for her arrival. Knowing she was bad. Knowing she needed to confess. She had neglected Daddy for a week and now was scared. Knowing she would be punished. Needing Daddy to take care of her. Make her feel like she needed. Like only he could. She craved it. So bad.

She arrived wearing a tank-top shirt, her hard nipples poking through, a short skirt, and, as he would find out later, white silk panties.  She gave him a big hug and kiss. Telling him how much she missed him. Rubbing up against him. Daddy led her to the couch. He sat down and told her to sit next to him and tell him what was wrong.

“Now babygirl, tell Daddy what’s going on.”  he asked.  He took her wrist in his hand firmly. Looking into her eyes with his fierce eyes. “Tell Daddy.”  “Yes, Sir,  Daddy, I touched myself. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. I was thinking of you. Needing you. Wanting to feel , but it’s not the same, I’m sorry sir. ” she confessed. “Please don’t be mad. I did it because of you. I rubbed my clit, fingered my pussy…and.. well, Sir, I fucked my ass with my fingers too Sir. I can’t help it.. you make me want it so bad. Make me need it. Please don’t be mad Daddy.”

“I see” he said sternly. “You know you were not allowed to touch yourself without permission my dear.” Her eyes downcast, he chin down, “yes sir.” she mumbled. “Naughty girl, you need to learn!” he scolded. “Such a little slut, can’t leave you alone for a moment, can I.’ He pulls her over his lap. Hikes her skirt. Yanks those white panties up into the crack of her ass and pussy. Exposing her flesh. “Such a bad bad girl” he tells her. “You will learn. Oh ye, you will learn my dear.” He spanks her. Scolding her. Telling her what a naughty girl she is. How she needs to learn discipline. How she needs to obey if she wants Daddy. She is Daddy’s slut. Daddy’s whore. Daddy’s naughty girl. Her body his. Her pussy his. Not to touch. Not to cum. Unless permitted. He spanks her hard. Just like she needed. Just like she wanted. His hands on her. Its what she craved. The sting, the heat, how his stern voice intoxicated her. Daddy spanked her hard. Making tears come to her eyes. Making her body react. Hot, shaking, Nipples hard, pussy wet. He spanked harder. Scolding her. “Naughty girls get spanked. You will learn to obey me slave.” She whimpered. Moaned. Wanted so much more. “Yes, sir, please, I am yours.”

His hands slipped between her legs. Feeling her heat. Feeling her wetness. “Such a little slut you are” he tells her. Rubbing her clit. Making her squirm on his lap. Making her feel how hard he was.  His finger slips into her pussy. “Naughty girl, so fucking wet, only sluts get wet from a spanking”.  she whimpers, moans, “yes Daddy”.  His fingers plunge in deep. Two first. Then three. Finger fucking her hard. Making her whimper and moan on his lap. “Naughty slut” he scolds. “yes Daddy” she responds. “it hurts Daddy” she moans. “yes , I know, and you like it don’t you slut” he tells her. “Yes, more, please” she moans. He pulls his fingers out and smacks her ass. Alternating cheeks. Spanking her hard again. “Naughty whore.” Smacking her ass. “Daddy’s slut, missed her Daddy, needed her Daddy. Didn’t you whore!” harder he spanks. “Yes!” she cries out. “YES!” “Yes!”.  He slaps that ass, the sound loud echoing in the room. He reaches under her and pinches her nipples one then the other. “AAAAAAAAhhhhhh…fuck” she moans. Pinches them HARD. So hard, the pain rocking her. Sending lightning bolts through her to her clit. Making it throb. Her pussy feeling so empty now. Needing more. “Please Sir” she moans. “Please… please… ” breathing heaavy.. “please..”  “Please what slave?” he asks forcefuly.  “More Sir. Please more, fill me.. fuck me.. hurt me..  oh god, please, make me cum.. oh god, please Sir.”

Whimpering, tears in her eyes, panting, hot and wet, in such dire need. To please him. To obey him. Yes. She needed it. Her body on fire. He shoved his fingers back in her. Opening her cunt. Fucking it. One finger probes her asshole. Slipping in gently. At first. Moving in and out. Fucking in unison with the 3 in her cunt. Taking her holes. Making her whimper and grunt softly. Slipping one from her pussy and pushing it into that tight little ass. Two fingers in each. he fucks those holes. using them. hard. Deep. In and out. Making her shudder. Making her shake. Fucking both her holes. His cock so hard against her. The naughty slut taking it. Grunting, moaning, needing to cum.  He positions her so he can fuck those holes as he pulls his cock out and guides it to her mouth. fingering her holes and making her suck his cock. LIke the good whore she is. Daddy’s whore. Daddy’s slut. Sucking him. Pleasing him. All of what she desires. Needing daddy to allow her to cum for him. to release. To make him proud.

Sucking on his hard cock, making it so wet as he fucks her holes. Her juices flowing all over. Lubbing that tight ass. mmmm Daddy needing more. he raises up, pushes her off him, stands up and grabs her hips, digs his fingers into her red ass and spreads those cheeks. Sees that tight little hole.. spreads it open with his fingers..spits it her asshole to lube it, positions his cock against her. That fat head looking too big for that tiny hole. He grabs those hips and shoves his cock into her ass. Taking her. She wails. Loud. He pushes deeper. Making his slut take it all. His big cock in her tight hold. Like she needs. He takes her. Takes her ass. Fucks it hard. In and out. Making her grunt and groan. Making gasp and pant. Gripping her ass and pounding her tight backdoor. Spankign her ass , using it for his pleasure. Making her remember who she belonged to, whose slut she was, who owned her cunt and ass. Daddy took his slut. Hard. Making her pay for touchng his pussy without permission. “You will learn my dear.” he told her as he drove that cock in and out of her tight ass. The friction and tightness overwhelming him.  He shoved deep, grips her hair, and screams at her.. “You are MINE!, say it, tell me.”  Gripping tighter, pounding that ass. “Tell me” he demands.  “Yes, yes, I am yours, your whore, your slut, your asswhore. please Daddy, fuck me.. use me.. fuck.. please let me cum.” He reaches around her and rubs her clit as he moves in her ass. Making her squeeze him tight. “Thats it baby.. thats it” he tells her. “Do it babygirl… cum for Daddy… let it out.. give it to me.” he demands. His cock, his fingers, his words, sending her over the edge.. she wails.. screams.. cumms like she never has.. shaking, shuddering, grpping that cock in her ass.. he holds her tight and explodes in her. Emptying his balls in her ass. The pressure and hot sperm sending her to another orgasms. Making her float. Loosing where or who she is.. jus tknowing she is His. His whore. His slut. Daddy’s girl. yes. yes. She cums. Floating.. Feeling.. His whore. His slut. Daddy’s girl.  yes. Nothing else matters.

~ by darksideofthemind on August 8, 2009.

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