Breaking in a new slave

She arrived on time, not wanting to be late, not wanting to upset her Master. How she had longed for this day. She needed to meet him so bad. That need and want had grown since they first met online. Since she first obeyed him. He intoxicated her. Made her feel like no one ever had. His words, his voice, his power.

She wore her mini skirt, white panties, tank top, no bra, high heels, just as instructed. She wanted to please him. She needed to. It was all she could think about. All she desired.  To be his. To make him feel like no other. To serve and obey him.  She loved it. The things she’d done to please him.  She wanted to be the best he ever had. She was so nervous. Her nipples hard. Her panties wet.

She rang the bell and was greeted shortly by Him. He stood taller than she imagined.  He motioned wordlessly for her to enter . His eyes on her. She tried to look at him but soon found her gaze downward. Shy, nervous, wanting.  He spoke as she walked into the room.  “Stop”. His strong, sexy voice echoed. She immediately stopped in her tracks. Goosebumps ran down her neck. His footsteps behind her. Feeling him close. His breath on her neck. “Welcome my dear” he whispered, sending shivers through her. Her hard nipples aching.  “Time for your inspection” he said as his hand reached down and cupped her ass.  She gasped, shocked a bit. He squeezed. “Mmmmmm, Very nice” he told her.  His hands reached out and grabbed her breasts. Feeling her hard nipples.  “Nice to see them hard in person, hard for me” he told her. Her face red with embarrassment.  Her panties now soaked.  Trembling. “Take your top off now” he ordered.  She shyly removed her top, exposing her breasts to him.  “Touch them for me” he ordered and her hands went to her breasts. Squeezed, ran her hands over her breasts and nipples for him. Like she’d done by herself so many times before on his command, now, with him here, so much more intense. “Pinch your nipples my dear.  Nice and HARD for me. Do as you are TOLD”. he ordered.  She pinched them hard. Tugging on them. Making them stand at attention.  Her body trembled. Waiting , obeying. He watched. Inspected. Lifted her skirt to see her white panties. Pleased. He pulled them down to her ankles. His hands on her body as she worked her nipples. Tugging harder. Pinching harder. Wanting to please.  His finger tips ran across her stomache, down the tops of her thighs, he moved close. “Very nice..” he whispered. his warm breath along her neck.  He leaned closer.  Kissed her neck softly, his lips brushing her ear, taking her earlobe in his mouth and biting.  His hand moves between her thighs.  Opening them a bit. His hand cups her pussy. Holding it. Squeezing it. “this is MINE” he tells her.

Being there with him, naked, vulnerable, her nipples aching as she pinched them hard.  The feel of his large hand covering her pussy and squeezing was too much. She pinched her nipples harder and shudder, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” she mumbled, then whimpered, moaned, and mumbled over and over as she came on his hand. Tears in her eyes, knowing she disappointed him.  His hand never leaving her. Practically holding her up. Just holding. His eyes on her. She knew what was in store next.

He pushed her to her knees. Took his wet fingers and pushed them in her mouth. “You do not cum without permission slave” Making her suck them. Taste her juices. He grabbed by the hair, pulled her head back and yelled “you will not do that again!.” He push her face down, on the floor, ass up. His hand quickly struct. Smacking her ass. “Naughty girl. You should know better”.  Again and again his hand slapped her ass. Firm and hard. She whimpered into he carpet as he continued to punish her. “such a little slut, only here a few minutes and you cum, without permission, without command, and on my hand as well. Shame on you slut.  You will pay.”  He spanked her bottom till it was nice and red. Making her cry out. He grabbed her wrists and broght them behind her and tied them.  He squirted some lube into her ass crack, lubbing it good.  His shoved a finger in, one, then two, fucking her ass. Making her take them. Fucking her good. Making her moan like a little whore. Her head swimming. What had she gotten herself into she thought.  As his finger plunged deeper, lossening her up, she moaned.. the feeling of her hot ass and his fingers deep in her, driving her crazy.   Slipping his fingers from her, he moved and brought out the plug and showed it to her.  Her eyes opened wide.  She begged him not to use it on her. “Please, don’t, it’s too big, oh god”.  He laughed.  “My dear, you are my whore, you know you want it, you know you need it, need to please Master and you will do as I please. You need to learn who you belong to slave.”

She let out a loud moan as he pushed it into her backdoor. Slowly plugging her ass. making her take it inch by inch. Filling and stretching her open.  making her head swim.  Making her squirm. He held her still with one arm as he worked that toy into her ass. Making her body tremble. Wanting to cum. Screaming in pain and pleasure, wanting more, feeling the overwhelming pleasure.  needing to cum. Trying not to. Then it was all the way in. Deep in her ass. Completely filled. His asswhore. Master turned her over and spread her legs, ran his hand over her thighs. Teasing. Looking at her. Her eyes pleading, wanting, spotting the bulge in Master’s pants.  Master grabbed her thighs, squeezing, spreading her legs wider.  then, without warning, he spanked her pussy. Slapped it. Not once, not twice, but over and over. Holding her legs apart. Spanking her cunt. Slapping her inner thighs. Making her moan, groan, squirm on that plug in her ass.  Her flesh on fire. “Such a naughty whore you are” he scolded. Nearly breathless, she moans  “Master please, oh god, please sir” she cried out. “What is it whore?” he responded and spanked that pussy harder. She could only respond with a repeated whimpers and grunts. Needing to cum.  Trying to hold back. Not wanting to dissapoint Master again .He spanked  her swollen clit. Looking in her eyes. Knowing she was on the brink.  “Maybe this will calm you down you naughty slut”. Master stopped.  Grabbed two clothespins and place one on each of her erect nipples.  She greeted  sudden shock and pain with loud moan, then the consistent pressure made her squirm.  Master stood and watched. Pulled his cock out. Hard and ready and stroked. Admiring his whore. Tied, plugged, and clamped. Mmm yes. Red flesh, tears formed in her eyes, clit so fucking swollen.  Master stroked. Her eyes on his big, hard cock. Precum glistening on the tip.

He stroked before her. His cock swelling and glistening with precum. So close to her. She wanted to taste him. To please him. She wanted anything.  She ached. She hurt. She needed to cum, so bad. Took all her will not to let loose. Not to let go. Needing his permission. Suddenly he grabbed her head and pulled her close to him. Without word he shoved his hard cock into her mouth. Fucking it. Fucking it like a pussy. Hand in her hair. Taking her mouth. He slapped her ass. “suck that cock slut” he ordered as he slapped her ass again making her clench the plug, make her shudder.  His cock plowed deep in her throat. Deep in her throat. Fucking. Making her gag a bit. Making er gasp for breath as he pulled out. As he slapped her face with that hard cock. “oh god yes, thats a good girl, suck my  fucking cock you dirty little whore, show me how much you love it.”  And she did. She loved it. Loved his cock. Loved the look of it, the size of it, and now love the taste of it, the feel of it, she needed more. Hungrily sucking that meat. Wanting to make her Master cum.

Master was so ready to explode in her mouth, she sucked cock well, but he was not quite ready to give her that pleasure. He pulled out of her mouth and looked down upon his slave. Oh yes, she was an eager little whore. Mmmm so sweet all tied and plugged. So ready to please him.  Master pulled her up to her knees. Looked in her eyes. He untied her hands then removed his belt and looped it around her neck. As he tightened it he looked in his slave’s eyes. “You are mine” he told her as he tightened it more. “Touch your clit whore” he demanded. “Rub it slave” he bellowed. He stood before her holding the end of the belt around her neck. Looking in her eyes. controlling her. Making her please him how he wanted. His whore. his slut. Obeying him. Rubbing her cunt for him. Faster as he commanded. Fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit, watching him stroke.  “Faster slave” he demanded. “Faster”.  Her fingers working her clit fast, her ass aching, her nipples hurting, Master pumping that beautiful cock.  She wanted it, needed it, needign to cum for him. Oh god she thought, loosing it, her head swimming. His cock so close, so hard, seeing those veins swell, that head so fat and red, ooozing precum.. she rub and rub waiting for permission, tears streaming down her eyes, in pain, in pleasure, needign release.  “Oh fuck, oh god, yes, ” Master cried out, “Yes, of you dirty whore” he pumped harder, “fuck yourself, harder” he commanded, “faster slut” he ordered, “do it, do it fo rme, yes , thats it”.. His cock swelled ,he moaned loud, “take my seed whore and cum for me! shove your fingers deep and cum for me whore!” he pumped and pumped, he jerked, lettign out a loud moan.. “NOW!” HE COMMANDED. “NOW!” he ordered as he let loose, as he shot his load on her. His cum hitting her face. Her mouth opened trying to take some in, she fucked her cunt ,faster,loosing all sense of reality, feelign his warm seed on her, his permission, his command, cumming for him. His slave. His whore, she moaned fucking herself. shahking, shuddering, his slut. he pushes his cock in her mouth and unloads another stream down her throat. Making her taste him, making her drain his balls. As he pulls out, she collapses cumming and shaking… shuddering.. covered in her Master’s seed.  he reaches down and removes the clothespins, the blood rushing to her nipples, making them hurt and throb, sending her to another orgasms as Master admires.. his slut.. his whore..  shaking and trembling at his feet.

~ by darksideofthemind on August 16, 2009.

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