Come here my slave

Come here slave.

Kneel for me.

Next to me.

Where you belong.

Yes. Where you belong. Your destiny.

That’s My girl

Feel my hand in your hair, caressing.

Feel me with you, always.

Feel my eyes upon your body, watching.

Feel me drink in your beauty, making me thirsty.

See my approval, my arousal, my lust and desire.

Look at me slave. Look at your Master

Tell me who you are,Who you belong to, Say it, Outloud. NOW.

Strip for me, completely

Naked for me.  For Master. Now my sweet. NOW!

Touch yourself.  As I watch.Please me,Arrouse me.Tease me

Make me want.You. Make me want YOU. NOW. Fuck yourself slave.

Fuck your wet pussy for me. Fingers deep, moaning, panting, needing.

Do as you are told. Obey. Obey your Master. NOW.

Finger that pussy. Bring yourself close. For me.

Stop. Look at me.

See what you do to me. See how hard you make me.

See what you make me do




So Hard for you

my slave

See what you do

Make Master desire

So Obedient

So Precious

Such a good girl


Mmmmmm Touch that swollen clit for me. Touch yourself

As I touch

As I watch you

Do it for me

For your Master


Feel my eyes on you

Feel me

Look at me. Look at ME.

See me. Hard for you.





Come here

my slave

Come to Master

Crawl. Beg. Please.

Show me you want me.

Present that ass to me.

Spread it.

Fill it


Fuck your ass slave.

Do as you are told

Show me. Prove it. Obey me.

Make me want. Show me your need. Your Desire. Your obedience.

My whore. My slut. My slave.

Fuck your ASS for me.




Do it. You want it. YOu know it. Don’t deny it. Do it for me. Your Master

Show me. Prove it

You are.


My whore

My slut


Say it.

Say it.

And Cum

Cum for Master

My slave




Cum to Master

Cum for Master

My slave

My whore

Master’s slut. Tell me. Show me.

You are MINE. Say it. Love it. Know it. Live it.

~ by darksideofthemind on August 24, 2009.

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