Master and his slave

Master called and told her to be ready. To unlock the door and be ready for him, waiting. Just the sound of his voice made her wet as it did so many times before. He told her he would be there shortly. The butterflies in her stomach increased, her nipples hardened and brushed across her top.  His voice over the phone instructing her “when I arrive, I want you on your knees in just your panties my dear” he told her.  He paused “Do you understand slave?” he asked.  “Yes, sir” she responded sweetly. “Good girl, I will be there in 30 minutes” he whispered.

She instantly removed her top and bra exposing her breasts and hard nipples to the cool air.  She touched them almost unconsciously, pinching and pulling on them.. feeling the tingle through her.  Her clit throbbed. Her breath quickened, her knees weak in anticipation of her Master’s arrival.  She pinched harder, making them hurt, uncontrollably, not wanting or able to stop. The want and desire.  She hurt herself.. The pain shooting through her, down to her clit, making her near orgasm. God how she loved it.. how He had made her love it, and now she craved it.  Pinching hard.. Aching.. making that clit throb.. so close..  Knowing she could not. She pinched and closed her eyes. Thinking of what was to cum, remembering past times, wanting. needing. Holding back. So close.. she stopped.  Breathed and  unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off. Now, only in her tiny black wet panties, feeling so exposed, she knelt for him and waited.

What was only 15 minutes seemed like an eternity as she knelt and waiting for HIM. As she waited her fingers kept wandering to her nipples. Hard and erect. Pinching, tugging, each time sending shivers through her. Making them stand up.. swell, and ache. Making her want. Wanting her Master. Needing her Master.

He arrived, the sound of the doorknob turning, the opening and closing of the door, his footsteps across the room, each making her heart race quicker. Making her nervous, the anticipation making her even wetter. His voice came from across the room but still gave her goosebumps along her neck. “Good girl..” he said as he saw her kneeling.  Setting  his bag down he walked toward her. Stopping, admiring, seeing her nipples erect, her eyes cast down, her ass barely coverd, her chest rising and falling.  He leaned down as to kiss her and grabbed hold of her nipples, he pinched them, pulled them, looked in her eyes as he did it harder.  “You are MINE” he told her. “You are MINE, completly.”   “Yes sir” she answered. He leaned further down, his lips so close, tugging on her nipples he kissed her lips.  “Master is going to have fun with you tonight my dear” he told her. A sweet smile coming over her face as she sat back on her heels.

Master went to his bag and pulled out a few items, a plug, several clothespins, a silk scarf,  and a belt.  He walked back to her. Placing each item on the table by her so she could see.  Master took the belt out, he looped it and ran the black leather over her flesh. Down her body, along her back, over her bottom, he gave her a light tap on heach cheek, then took the belt and wrapped it around his slave’s neck. Fastened it tight, giving it an extra tug to tighten, to see her eyes as he did.  He  let strap  hang down against her flesh.Master looked and admired. Knowing that he could grasp that belt and pull her, choke her, mmm and so much more.  He looked at her.. Her nipples hard, kneeling for him in just her panties.

Watching her like this aroused Master. He removed his pants and shirt. Standing before her in his shorts, his cock bulging for release. Admiring his slave. Drinking in her beauty. Her surrender.

“Take the end of that belt slave, and slap those hard nipples for me…obey me now,  DO IT! ” he ordered. His command intoxicating her. She obeyed. Grabbing the end and whipping her nipples for him. The sting sending shivers through her. Making her hard nipples even harder.. Swelling them.. the more she whipped, the more she wanted. “Tell me who you are my dear.. tell your Master.. ” he commanded.. looking down on her.. the bulge in his pants making her lick her lips as she whipped her tits for him harder. Hurting. Wanting. needing. Pleasing her Master. “I am your slave” she said as she struck herself.. moaning, “I am your slave” she said again and struck the other nipple, “I AM YOUR SLAVE” she moans loud as she struck her flesh again and again.. “I am your fucking slave..” she marked her body for him.. Master took his cock out.. hard.. stroking, watching, listening to his slave..He moved toward her as she struck herself again. He grabbed the end of the belt and pulled, pulled her to him. To his cock. Master shoved it into her mouth. Between those sweet lips and held the belt tight. Fucking her face. In and out. Using her mouth like a cunt as he gripped the belt and looked down upon her. His slave. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it over her face, stroked it in front of her, got his finger wet with precum and shoved them in her mouth. Making her gasp and gag a bit. Rubbing that big, thick cock over her face, slapping her with it, his grip onthat belt.. he moves behind her.  holding the belt, kneels down and positions behind her. Cups her ass and gives it a good slap.. one cheek , then the other, over and over. “You are my slave.. I will do with you as I please. I will fuck you or not.. I will make you do whatever I want.. Anything I desire..”

Master entered her, pushing her head down, raising her ass, he entered her. Filling her with his 8 inches. Taking her. Stretching her open. Making her gasp and moan. Making her cry out. Grabbing her hips, he fucked her. Hard. Deep. Slapping her ass. Driving that cock in and out of her. Fucking his slave. Taking what he wants. Master drove his cock in and out of her till she moaned.. till she beg him to allow her to cum.. as she beg.. as she neared he pulled out of her.. moved in front of her.. leaving her moaning and whimpering.. needing..

Master stood before her, his hard cock wet with her juices.  Inches from her lips. Stroking it. Looking down on his waton slave.  Her pussy open. her body marked. “Pinch your nipples for me slave” master commanded. “Nice and hard”.  Her hands pinching and pulling her nipples.. Making them ache.. making her clit throb. “Please Master, let me cum, fuck, please” she begged. Master let out a soft laugh, looked down on her ,smiled and then  picked up two clothespins and tossed them to her. “Pick them up slave” he ordered. “You are going to put one on each nipple for me” he said.  She looked up in shock and lust.  Her chest heaving. Master reached down and cupped her chin in his hand.. “You will do it for me slave” he said softly.  “Now rub your clit through those panties for me.  Feel it.  Rub that clothespin over your hard nippple.”  She rubbed the plastic clothespin over her nipple, the sensation making her clit throb.. her hand rubbing making her body tremble.. his words coaxing her, controlling her.. “open it.” he said.. “rub that clit harder, rub that cunt” he ordered.. her mind reeling, her body reacting, “put one on, now” he ordered. The pain. Oh god the shock and pain, biting , shooting through her.  Making her cry out. So loud. Hurting, “oh goddddd, it hurts, ” she cries.  “Breathe” Master’s soothing voice says, over and over “Breathe my slave”.  “Master please” she begs.  “Rub your clit slave” he commands.  “Master, please, ahhhhhhhhh, please, fuck, Master it hurts”  she moans..”Now the other one slave” he orders and he pumps his cock in front of her. “oh god, yes, oh god yes, for you, oh yes. Master. Please. ” she fastens the second on her nipple, now both aching, hurting, sending bolts of electricity straight to her clit.  Her hands go back to rubbing throught the thin cotton of her panties. Faster and faster as she takes the pain.. feeling it rock her.. gettting a bit used to it, liking it, wanting it, her Master’s voice in her ear. Commanding her. Controlling her. Making her do it. Surrendering to his will. The feeling overwhelming. Making her cry, tears streaming from the pleasure, from the pain, from her surrender, rubbing her clit harder, faster. For her Master. Looking up at him, pleading with her eyes, watching him stroke that cock she fucks herself for him. Controlled. Loving it. Wanting to please him. Needing to please him.  Not able to hold back any longer.  She wails, loud, moans.. “Master” , pleads, “pleaaaaaaaaase Master”, begs and cries, he head swimming. He grabs the end of the belt. Gripping it tightin one hand, pumping his cock with the other, the torque choking her a bit, making her gasp, pulling her close to that swollen cock, rubbing her clit. “please” she gasps  “shove your fingers in that cunt slave” he tells her as pushes that cock in her mouth. fucking it. Using it as she fingers her pussy.  Forcing her down on his cock. Making her gag, making her suck him hard. “Suck my cock slave, show me how bad you want it” he ordered. Fucking her mouth like it was her pussy. Hard and fast. Her fingers working, moaning on that dick. Wanting Master’s seed. Sucking harder and faster, Master moans, holds her down on him, so fucking deep in her mouth, “don’t fucking cum till you taste my sperm my slut” he commands, her head floats, her body trembles, her fingers in her, on her clit, shaking , she tries not to cum , moaning on that cock, begging, taking her Master’s cock, his cum as he releases, rising deep, his cock swelling and filling her mouth more, she tastes, oh god, so much, exploding in her mouth  she shakes from orgasm, moaning on that meat, her head spinning, sucking , tasting, aching, trembling and cumming. Oh god The pain, the pleasure, the surrender to her Master. Drinking him, some slipping from her lips, dripping down her chin,  he slips out of her, the last blast landing on her cheek.  Master rubbing his cock over her face. Looking down upon her.  “Mmmm good girl.” he says.  Slapping his cock over her face.  She can barely speak. Her body shaking. Master looks at her “Face down, ass up slave” he orders.  Reaching down, he rips her panties off. Moves to the toys and grabs the plug. Slapping her ass and spreading her cheeks.  He spits into her hole. “You are mine” he says as he pushes that plug in her ass. “Now sit up, kneel back on your heels, feel that plug push deeper in your ass for me.”  As she rises back up, her head swimming, the plug digs deeper, Master reaches for the clothespins and pulls them off.  The release of the pressure a momentary pleasure, as the blood rushes to those hard nips the pain making them ache. Making her rock on that plug. Looking at her Master. The belt tight around her neck. Wanting more. Giving to him. Her total surrender.

~ by darksideofthemind on September 1, 2009.

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