Needing her Daddy

She missed him. So damn much. Needed him like no one before. Like nothing before. He invaded her mind, her soul.  Thoughts of him intoxicated her.  God she wanted him so much, wanted him to hold her, kiss her, touch her.  How could it be  they only met recently, but somehow, someway she needing him. More now, and ever growing. Her mind raced. She lay naked for him. sleeping bare, freshly shaved, thinking of this man. The though of his touch, oh god his touch, his voice in her ear, wanting him near, needing to feel him touch her  however he desired. It is what she longed for. To please him. To be his naughty girl. Daddy’s naughty little girl. The thoughts made her wet, made her want, made her need.

She laid in her bed on the hot summer night thinking of him. Of how he made her feel. Her nipples ached from his instructions to pinch them for him, her pussy throbbed and her clit pulsed. She needed to touch herself, need to relieve this ache.  Needed to fuck herself  like never before. She laid there and rocked herself, trying to sleep, knowing she did not have permission to touch, to cum. Knowing Daddy would be disappointed. That he would punish her if she did.

Her hand went to her breasts.. caressing, soothing the ache, soon she was pinching them again, thinking of his hands, his voice. Feeling him pinch and pull them. Stretch them out. Her need growing. She checked her email and voicemail seeing if He had responded. Sent him a quick note through her phone, “Daddy, please allow me to touch, to cum for you, I am aching, Love Your naughty little girl.” She waited, she needed. Tossing and turning. Restless. It wasn’t working. She sat up, flicked on her laptop and proceeded to go to His page. She read some of his stories, some of her favorites and her need grew just making matters worse. The heat and wetness between her legs, that feeling deep inside of her. She kept checking her mail. Wanting. Hoping Daddy was there to tuck her in proper. To give her what she so disparately needed.

After what seems like forever, agitated, she decided she could no longer take it.  Reading his words. Hearing his voice in her head. She needed him to fuck her. To take her. Needed to be in his arms. Make her body his. Needed him to make her feel like only he could. Finally she knew she had to have it, even if it did mean being punished.

She took her toy out, praying he wouldn’t be angry, needing him, but needing the relieve this ache just as much. Aching for him. So hot, head swimming with naughty thoughts.  She tugged and pulled on her nipples, hard, till they were sore and raw.. feeling that ache. Loving it.  She took out her clamps and as she put them on.. she said “this is for you Daddy” and let out a moan as thy bit into her flesh. The pain rocking her. Making her tremble, making her pussy ache and drip.  She rubbed her toy over her clit feeling that incredible sensation, getting her pussy going even more.  Slipping it in and out slowly. FEeling her pussy open up. Thinking of Daddy watching, fucking, taking her.  She rolled over and climbed on that cock taking it deep in her. Fucking it. Hard. Fucking it madly. Fucking her Master. Her Daddy. Imaging him ramming his big cock deep in her.  Grinding deep inside of her. The tickler pulsing on her clit and asshole. Taking that fucking toy so deep. Moaning. Wanting. Fucking. Her pussy leaking she fucked herself. Loosing all control, she fucked herself harder. Within minutes she felt her orgasm build. Unable to control herself. She moaned “oh Daddy I need you” as she rode that cock exploding all over it.. moaning, begging Daddy “I’m sorry Daddy, I’m sorry Daddy” as she gushed all over that toy… “I’m sorry Daddy, I had to, please understand” she moans as her orgasm rocked her. Laying there, her pussy pulsing around that toy, feeling the waves of bliss rush through her, thinking of her Daddy.  That cock buried in her, her pussy twitching. She removed the clips and as the blood rushed to her nipples, she began to moan in pain and pleasure, wail, clasping that cock in her as another wave rocked her. Making her shake and tremble.  cumming again.

When her shaking subsided some and she was able to clear her head just a bit, she grabbed her laptop and emailed Daddy.  Trembling as she typed, she confessed her sin, her disobedience, telling Daddy she was sorry and would accept any punishment.  Then, like a good little girl, she crawled to the floor, got on her knees, “I’m sorry Daddy” she said as she spanked her ass, firm, and hard. The slap echoing in her dark room. Punishing herself for disobeying Daddy, for being such a slut, trying to make it feel like Daddy’s hand. Oh god, his hand she thought of the punishment to come and sting of her hand smacking her ass, making her pussy clamp that toy again. Smacking harder, needing more, she reached for her hairbrush and punished herself for cumming without permission, “for Daddy”, she moaned as she struck. Marking her ass for him. “For Daddy” she moaned over and over, the need, the pain, making her cum again, tears in her eyes, she collapses on the floor, cumming again like the dirty little slut she is, Daddy’s whore, shaking, trembling, needing her Daddy. She drifts, her ass stinging, marked, sobbing in pain and ecstasy, in need,  she passes out on the floor.

~ by darksideofthemind on September 15, 2009.

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  1. I wnt a fuk

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