Master wants more

Master wanted more. His naughty girl pleased him well and make him full of lust and desire. Master reaches between his girls thighs.. feeling her moistness.. touching her.. kissing her.. rubbing her. His slave whimpering as she squirms on his hand, moaning against his lips as Master kisses her. So very aroused, so wet, enthralled at making her Master happy. His slave, so hot, so wet, Master’s long finger touching her moist lips, opening her, tracing along the edges, along the inner folds, touching that throbbing clit.  Slave gasps, arching her back a little, panting hard, her body flushing as she squimrs more and more on Master’s hand. His mouth on her. Kissing her deep. Kissing her neck. Master’s passion. His fingers expertly working her clit. Making her push her pussy against his hand. Master slips one long finger into his little slave.. pushing it deep. slipping it out.In and out. in and out. One, then two.. finger fucking his slave. Finger fucking her as he kisses his sweet girl. As he nibbles on her neck. Two fingers fucking her hot, wet pussy. Making his naughty girl moan and gasp. His lips grazing her flesh, his tongue tasting, his teeth sinking into her as his fingers work their magic. Sending her into ecstacy. Slave moans as she clings to him, whimpers as Master bites her, squirms and bucks her hips against his hand and fingers.  Master finger fucking her. Harder, faster, slipping a third finger in. Opening her up. His fingers stretching her cunt. She squirms helpless on his lap. Holding her to him, his cock beginning to swell again. His fingers working her tight hole.  Master pushes the fourth finger in her. Making her take it. Making her moan and gasp. making her whimper. “Please Master” she begs. His fingers deeper in her. Filling her. Making her moan. Making her shudder, making her shake. His thumb finding her clit as those four finger push and open her.  His slave gasps and arches, panting, shuddering against him. She closes her eyes feeling the pressure building.  Master whispers in her ear “it’s ok my slave, you may” then Master wraps an arm around his slave. Holding he close. Holding her tight. His fingers working faster and firmer. Pushing her over the edge. Feeling her shaking against him. Feeling her pussy tighten on his fingers, she cries out, shaking, feeling her gush, she cums on Master’s hand.
He draws his hand out, sopping wet, brings it to his lips and taste, then pushes two wet fingers in his slaves mouth so she can taste her own sweet juices. Master positions her on top of him, straddling him. His hard cock between her legs. He grabs her his, grabs her ass and impales her on his cock. She moans, wails, and sinks deep on him. Her pussy squeezing, clamping his cock in her. She knows what to do, gyrating, grinding, moving up and down, she fucks her Master. Pleasing him. Ridign that cock like a good whore. Giving Master pleasure. making him moan. Making him grab her ass hard and spank it more. Slapping her ass as he fucks her, as she fucks him. Riding that cock. Loving it. Trying to fuck him harder , better, please him like no other, be the best slave she can. Fucking her Master. Wanting his seed in her pussy. Wanting it everywhere. All the time. Loving his cock in her. She fucks, so hot, so wet. Master grabging her and slamming into her. She leans forward and moves those hips so good.. so fast. fucking that cock. Master grabs her tight. Pulls her close. Kisses her lips. Pushes his tongue in and explodes deep up in her pussy. Emptying his balls in her. His cum filling her up, warming her, sending her over the edge once again. She moans loud, “yes, yes, yes Master, god yes, cum in me, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” she floods his lap. Cumming like never before. Milking that cock for every drop of his seed. Wanting it in her. Fuck yes. Master’s cum in her. Her mouth, her pussy, she loved it everwhere.

~ by darksideofthemind on September 16, 2009.

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