Please Your Master

His slave quietly slips in, slowly kneeling down upon the cool floor, bowing low, her hair flowing over her shoulders as she spoke gently “your slave is here Master, slave  greets Master and prays that he is well this day, slave begs to please you, to serve you, to obey your desire. It is who I am. Yours. Please.”

Master speaks “hello my dear.” She smiles softly as she sits back upon her heels. “Such a good girl” Master says as he is looking down upon her.  Master reachesg down and caress her beautiful hair. Such a good girl.  slave blushes lightly under his praise she lowers her eyes.  Her nipples erect, her pussy already wet.  Master looks down upon her, lifts her chin, looks  into her eyes.. “so very nice to be with you today” he tells her tracing herr face along her  jaw with his fingertip. She gazes up at him, shivers a little feeling the light touch.  “No need to be nervous my dear.” Master tells her.”Have you been a good girl for Master? he asks.

“Yes Master. I have been trying my best.” she responded . “very good.. you must always try your best my slave” Master replied. “of course Master, unless girl will be punished” his good slave answered.
“Yes, yes indeed my slave” Master said.  She smiles softly
such a sweet slave.. obedient.. knows her place.. Master is pleased

“Ccome closer slave” he commanded. Slowly and gently she crawls to him, inching closer. Obeying. Crawling for him until she is next to him. At his feet.

Master reaches down and touches her face, her hair. “Mmmmm very nice..Like to feel you against my legs. know you are close.” He reaches down and pets her.  A soft sigh moan escapes her lips, her face blushes lightly, she relaxes against him.

“Good girl” Master tells her. “Caress Master’s legs, feel them,  run your fingertips along them, massage them, massage Master’s feet.”

Leaning against his leg she rests her head upon his lap as she trails her fingers lightly along his leg, feeling every muscle. Smiling  softly, as she continues to caress his leg with one hand, while the other rubs his feet, gently caresses with small circles. Pleasing her Master. obeying. Serving him like she needs.  Both hands work his feet.. One then the other. She looks up at Master, her soft eyes seeking approval. She leans down and kisses each toe, hears her Master moan a bit, parts her lips and sucks on them. Licking, pleasing, sucking each one as Master looks down upon her and spreads his legs open. Master pushes his foot into his slaves mouth,  deeper

making her take 2 or 3 toes in, sucking them deep in her  mouth
slave whimpers softly as she suckles upon his foot, her hands caressing his legs. Deeper Master commands and slave takes as much in as she can. Obeying.  “Suck it like you mean it slave” Master commands. “Show me you know what you are doing slave! Make Master want!?
Panting, she licks and suckles more upon his toes, giving each with care, sucking deep, taking 2 or 3 in, showing Master her need and desire.  Getting his approval, its all she craves, she sucks, hearing him moan “mmmm thats better” She focuses on his big toe and shows  him how she  would please him him if allowed. Sucking on that toe like she wants to suck his bulging cock.
Slave kisses Master’s feet.  Master’s ankles. Her tongue working up along his calf.  She gently kisses his thigh as she massages and caresses his feet and legs, her lips work down his leg down to his feet, licking the top part of his foot lightly, then kisses his toes again, her small form bent down, bowing before him. Making her Master pleased. “mmmmmm yes, pleases Master” she runs her fingers and nails along his skin.
“Show me slave.” Master commands. “Prove to me you are worthy of more
show me how hungry you are for Master”.
She moans. Wants nothing more than to prove who she is. His slave. She licks  across his toes to his big toe, she took extra care in licking upon it, then suckles upon it deeply as she tightens her lips. Master’s hand on his crotch, squeezing his bulging cock, loving how his slave obeys him. He pulls it out and strokes it in front of her.  Catching a glimpse she whimpers softly. “Look up at me as you suck that toe slave. See what you do to me. See how hard you make me you naughty slut”. She sucked, Master stroked. Getting harder and harder, she sucked that toe like it was his cock. Showing him how good she is. What a good little cocksucker.  “mmmmm oh god yes.. mmmmm love to watch you doi it. looking down upon you.. making me want more,making this cock so fucking hard.”
She moans softly as she suckles upon his toe more, moving her head gently up and down. showing Master how much she loves it. To suck him however he wants. To obey him. To pleaes him. Whimpering she bobs her head up and down, suckling and licking more, blushing deeply she gazes up at him
Master’s hand lays upon his hard cock,  squeezing, feeling his hardness.. looking down upon slave.. feeling her wonderful mouth on him.. wanting more, wanting that mouth on his dick. His slave whimpering and moaning on him as she strives to please him. Trembling.
“That’s it my hungry girl”
“yes Master”…she whispers as she suckles deeply, bobbing more, faster, up and down, like she was trying to make that toe cum.  her eyes on that fat cock head. Wanting it in her fucking mouth so bad. So goddamn bad. She sucked. Obeyed and whimpered. Her tongue licking his toe as her lips tightens more.
“I love to hear you whimper” her tells her.  Reaching down and taking her hair in his hands. “come here sweetie.. see what Master has for you” he pulls her up. She  runs herr tongue up his leg..  it up his thigh.. along those bulging balls.  Panting she kisses them. Pressing her body against him. Feeling him. Needing.  Her body flushing.
“mmmmm good girl  Master likes” his  hand in her  hair. Caressing her as she licks and kisses his balls.  His slave whimpers and moans. She can smell his need as she continues to lick and kisses him, his hand gripping tighting in her hair, she kisses up his shaft, feeling him thickening under her lips, making her blush more, up to that swollen, mushroom head.  Running her tongue along it, wet, leaking with precum, she tastes, kisses, takes that head in her mouth, swirls her tongue around and feels him push her deeper.
“Take  it” he commands hand in her  hair. gripping a bit tight.. holding his slave there.. pushing her down on that cock .  feel it pulse..he pulls her off, looks at her then Master’s hand glides down your back.. cups your sweet bottom.. squeezes.. slave whimpers feeling his grip, trembling and panting,  she takes his fulllength into her mouth, mamking it wet,  leaning close she lightly licks upon the full length of him, going from tip to base then back to tip.Master’s hand grabbing her ass firm. a soft moan escapes Master’s lips, his legs open a bit, “please your Master”
She kneels between his legs, she suckles the tip, her lips tightens about him as she took him deeply into her mouth, moaning as Master grabs her ass hard and his slave takes him deeper.  Master’s hand reaches between her legs to feel her heat and wetness.  Slave whimpers, squirming as she feels his touch, trembling she suckles, licks and kisses him, taking him deeply as she bobs her head up and down slowly first then she picks the speed up. Sucking his magnificent cock. Master moans as his slave takes him deeper.. he reaches down and spanks her ass as he thusts in her mouth. Making her suck him harder. Spanking her as she sucks him. Master slips one finger into her as she pleases him with that sweet mouth.  Her ass stinging, his fingers working, lost on his cock, sucking , wanting, needing to please him. she works his cock like never before. Feeling him tighten. Hearing his approval, feeling his fingers shove deep in her cunt as he pushes her down on him. She whimpers as she sucking more, as he cums, as he orders her to take him,  as she drinks from him, tasting the bittersweet milk, her body trembling, her pussy tightnes on his fingers, she shudders and swallows, cumming as that warm cream fill sher mouth and down her throat. Into her belly. Master’s precious seed. She milks him. Not wasting a drop. Whimpering as she licks upon him, cleaning him. Loving him.
“thats a good girl, clean me” Master tells her.
“crawl up in my lap, curl up with your Master:
Panting she finishes licking him clean, slowly she crawls into his lap, her rear sore from the spankings, she cuddles against him. Master holds her.. caresses her sort bottom.. kisses her softly..slave whimpers against his lips
Master kissing her softly, caressing his slave, telling her how she pleases him.
“You please me well my dear Makes Master want more.”

~ by darksideofthemind on September 16, 2009.

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