Over my lap and on your knees

Hello my dear. My slave. You are MINE. My slave.  Do you understand? You will show me. You will prove yourself to me. You will obey. Now, strip to your panties. Do as you are told. Come here slave. It’s time. Time for your punishment. You know you need it. You know you want it. Oh how you want it. Such a naughty slut. Always thinking of Master and what he will do to you next. What he has in store for you. His slave. His whore. His slut. Yes. Come here. Drop. To your knees. NOW! On all fours. Crawl to me. Show me you know how to obey like a good whore. That’s it. Look up at me, crawl, come here naughty girl. You are going to be punished. Stop. Look what Master has for you. See how hard you make me whore. Such a dirty girl. Over my lap now. Master is going to punish you. Spank your cute little ass. Turn it red. Make it hot. Make it fucking sting. Make you cry out and wail.  Break you. Make you beg Master to stop, then beg for more. Mmmm oh you dirty little slut. Already wet for Master. My god, such  dirty girl. Feel my hand strike you. Naughty slut. Feel my voice scold you. Feel my hand slap that ass. Firma and hard. You belong to me. Always. Forever.  Do you understand slave?  You are MY whore. My slut. You will obey. Feel the strike of my hand again. Once. Twice. Ten times. Hard and firm. Making you ache. I pull you  up to me, lay you over my lap so I can spank you good. Feel my cock against you. There is no other place you care to be but here. Pleasing me. Taking your punishment. Knowing where you belong. My slave. Say it. Say it as you are punished. Spanked. Panties around your ankes. Pussy wet. Feeling my cock twitch against your belly. Dirty whore. Take your punishement. Take it from Master. Feel me own you. control you. Give you what you need, what you always desired, only for Master. Over my lap, on your knees. Begging, taking, serving, obeying.  My slave. My precious slave. My naughty slut. My whore. My slut. My toy. Spanking you hard. making you ache. Making you wet. Making you cry out. Mmmm how I love to hear you cry out and wail.. moan for Master. mmmm yes.   When your ass is nice and red, nice and sore, I will push you to your knees and slap your face with my hard cock.  Back and forht across your cheeks. Over your lips. lay it on you. My cock whore. Then I will  shove it down your pretty little mouth and fuck your face like its a pussy. You will take it all. You will gag. you will love it. My cock whore. My cocksucking slut. Take allof Master. Slobber on that cock. Show me your hunger. Your need to please. To please ME YOUR MASTER. My slave. To suck me. To taste my flesh. My cock. My seed if I allow. doing your best to please me. Your Master. Sucking that cock Taking it as I fuck your mouth Hand in your hair. fucking your face, using you as my toy. Suck me good, feel me fuck that mouth. Make me need your pussy. Suck me. Look up at me. Take my cock out , stroke it and beg me to fuck you. From behind. On all fours. Like the dirty little whore you are. My slut. My slave. Beg your master. Yes. Beg Master. My slut. mmm shake that ass. Show me. My dirty little girl. Smack it. Grab those hips. Tease you. Rub that fat head over your opening. So wet, lips so swollen. mmmm yes.. smack that ass. mmm yes.. grab it. spread it open. tease your pussy , my pussy, with this fucking hard cock. My whore. pushing it in. in and out. popping that fat head in your cunt, in and out. Smacking your ass. Taking your pussy. My pussy. Making you open up. Spreading your ass cheeks. Exposing that backdoor. Rubbing it. Teasing it. Naughty girl. Wants it. Don’t you. Want that big cock in your ass. Want to pleaese Master. Say it. Tell me. Tell me you want my cock in your ass. Beg Master. Oh yes. That’s it. That’s a good whore. My whore. Pulling my wet cock from your cunt. Holding your hips. Pushing against your tight little hole. So small next to that fat head. Mmmm yes. Teasing you. Rubbing your clit. Making you moan. I push the head in. Pop it in. Then push deeper. You wail. Cry out. Shake as I start to fuck that ass. MY ass. You are my whore. My slut. My slave. I will take you how and when and where I like. You will please me slave. Taking your ass. My dirty slut. Taking you. Like you need. Like you desire. fucking your ass and rubbing your clit. Pushing you. Making you take me deep. Hurting. Aching. Making your body tremble. Making you float. Making need to cum. For Master. Making you wish for more. Need it. Over Master’s lap.On your knees. Taking his cock, serving HIM, pleasing HIM. FEel me pound that ass. Driving this hard cock deep. Taking what I want. My asswhore. Yes. Going to pump this load in that tight ass. Make you feel me explode in you. That hot cum gushing in your tight hole, filling you, spilling out. Making you cum over and over. My slave.

You are MINE.

~ by darksideofthemind on September 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Over my lap and on your knees”

  1. My favorite blog post of the week just may be my favorite post, ever.

  2. Suck a mouthfull,I love to have punishment by your hard cock,crawl,obey,swallow your seed,This story got me so excited I had to releive my wet pussy with fingers,reading this just wondering how wet she got,,,,,,MMMMMM Love my whole to be fill now

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