One Night with Daddy (part 1)

She loved to please him, be sexy for him, being naughty for him. It made her feel so special. So right. As much as she loved pleasing him, the pleasure he gave her was like no other. God how he made her feel. Weak to his touch, his voice, his eyes upon her. Made her melt, made her wet. Made her need. Gave her what she alwasy wanted but only now discovered.  The simple site of an email from him brought her nipples to attention and send a shiver down her pulsating in her groin. Reading his words hypnotized her.

She prepared for their evening together. Showering , shaving everywhere, making sure she was completely bare for Daddy.  Touching herself in the shower. Washing and fingering, making herself hot and wet. Cleaning herself for him. Shaved bare just how he liked. She needed his approval. Needed to please him so.  She stepped from the shower and looked in the mirror as se dried herself.  Touching her breasts. Pinching her nipples, making them har. She put on her red silk panties and matching bra. She quickly grabbed her phone and took a picture for him and sent it off. Just as he instructed. This made her wet and she reached in and felt her swollen clit for a moment. Drifting into thoughts that were to cum. Bracing herself against the counter as she stared blankly into the mirror, rubbing, faster and faster, wanting to cum.  She loved touching herslef, thinking of Daddy. But she knew she could only cum with his permission.  Knowing she could not. So close, aching.  She stops. Does not want to disobey Daddy. She went back to getting ready for him. Putting on her red lipstick. Making sure she looks perfect for Daddy.

She strapped on her 4 inch stellettos and slipped her mini skirt and top on, making sure to show that bra and cleavage, checking herself in the mirror. Her sexy legs, her ass barely covered, showing a bit too much. Wanting to be just right for Daddy.

She left to meet him as instructed. She arrived at the ice cream parlor, crowded on this hot evening,  and found a seat, waiting for Daddy. Her skirt showing off her legs, her nipples hard, eyes staring at her as she waited.  Trying not to make eye contact with tose staring at her. Waiting for Daddy .  Then, her phone rang, it was him. His voice in her ear. All those people around. Her nipples hardened, her breath quicked, her face flushed. “you are to go to the restroom and touch yourself for daddy. he instructed. “Yes Daddy” she answered as he  hung up.  Sending a shiver through her as she noticed someone over hear her words. She got up, walked to the restroom. Many eyes on her, god if they knew what she was about to do.  She waited for the ladies room to empty , nervous, hot, already so wet.  She settled in. She hiked her skirt a bit, and reaches in those panties. Rubbing herself for him. Faster and harder. Pinching her nipples, pushing a finger in herself, trying to be quiet, the room smealling of her sex, she fucks her pussy faster, harder, wanting to cum, needing to cum, oh god, not knowing if she had permission, oh god, she didn’t she thought, fuck, fuck, fuck, pinching her clit, trying to concentrate, oh god, breathing, trying to compose herself.  She stops. Nipples so hard, face flushed, smelling of sex, she washes her hands nad exits the restroom. Back into the crowd of the ice cream parlor, in a fog, daze, she walks back to her seat, eyes cast down, embarrassed, hot, horny,  sits down. and then, he was there. Holding a ice cream cone, his sweet voice , his beautiful eyes on her, “here you are babygirl” he said as he handed her the ice cream cone and sat down across from her.  The site of him, hearing his voice, nearly send her over the edge.  “Thank you Daddy” she said gazing up at him.  Daddy’s eyes on her, she took the cone and brought it to her red lips. She licked it. slowly. Looking at Daddy. Swirly her tongue around the tip. Slowly around and around. Licking some cream off. she looked at him and took it in her mouth, sucking on it, then drawing it out slowly. Daddy watched. His eyes never wandering. Watching his babygirl eat her ice cream.  She worked that cone in her mouth slowly, her tongue snaking out, here and there, seeing Daddty adjust his seating. teasing daddy. Wanting to please him. mmm Making Daddy hard as he sat there watching.  Wanting that cone to be Daddy’s cock. So hungry for it. She slurps, sucks, and licks that cone like a hungry slut. Slowly at first, then more rapid. Hungrily she devours that cone.  Sucking the near finished cone in and out of her mouth, teasing Daddy. Feeling a rush over her. Knowing she made Daddy Hard.

Daddy’s hardness was confirmed as soon as he stood up. There was NO question about that. That beautiful cock strained against his pants, babygirl licked her licks as she took Daddy’s hand and walked out.  “Daddy wants you little slut”  he told her, gripping her hand and brushing it over that bulge as the walked to his car. He opened her door and pushed her to the seat. Pulled his cock out and grabbed her head. Pushed her down on it and fucked her mouth in the parking lot. Making her take it deep. Pumping till he noticed someone coming and quickly covered up. Daddy got in the driver seat and pulled that dick out again and his little slut knew just what to do.  She instinctly went to it taking it in her mouth. working it good for Daddy , sucking him. Feeling Daddy’s hands on her back. Slide down to her ass. Lift her skirt and yank her panties up in her, exposing her ass. He grabs it with one hand, the other on her head guiding her up and down on his shaft. Fucking her mouth. Making her so wet. Daddy’s spanks that ass. Once, twice, three times as he forces her down on his cock. Holding here there, his hand on her head, on on her ass.  mmmm pulling her off, lookin gin her eyes. Kissing her.  “good girl” he said as he started the car, “buckle up babygirl”.. they drove off… to where she was not sure.

He reached over and placed a hand on her thigh as he drove. Feeling her bare flesh. He spoke.. “show me .. lift that skirt and spread those thighs..that’s a good girl.” Licking his lips, one eye on the road, the other on her pussy. “Touch it for me slut” he told her. her fingers slip into her panties, feeling the grip of his hand on her thigh, then off her as he turned, only to grip her tighter.  He drove, she played. “Fuck those fingers for Daddy” he told her.  Getting so wet. His hand caressing her thigh, how she wanted those fingers in her as her pushed in.  She fucked  herself. “Pull those panties to the side my dear, show Daddy”.. she exposed her bare wet pussy to him. Her fingers spreading her lips.. His hand inched closer. She fucked herself. The car smelling of sex. the slopping sound of her cunt and fingers working, she begged him, begged Daddy to allow her to cum. “Please Daddy” she moaned, his hand gripped that thigh tight, “please DAddy”  she begged, he pulled her legs further apart. “spank that cunt slut” he ordered and her hands slapped it without hesitation. Obeying, needing, slapping, faster and harder, pleasing her Daddy. Moaning, whimpering,  begging Daddy. “oh god.. ” she moans.. slapping faster. “cum for Daddy” he orders. she slaps, fucks, moans, shoves her fingers deep and cums , squriming in her seat, moaning, shaking, gasping for breath she cums. Shaking hard. Throwing her head down. Bucking in her seat. Grabbing onto Daddy’s arm. She drifted. Lost in her orgasm, trembling, holding Daddy’s arm.

The car stopped, Daddy’s hand touched her cheek. Caressed her. he got out and around the car, opened her door, and took her hand. Unsteady she stood, leaning into him. He kissed her.  “We’re home babygirl” he told her.  And lead her into the house.

~ by darksideofthemind on September 19, 2009.

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