One night with Daddy (part II)

Daddy led her from the car into the house.  Her knees weak, her pussy wet and stinging, wanting more. She clung to him her erect nipples against his arm. Once inside Daddy pulled her close to him. Looking in her eyes and kissed her deep. “Such a good girl for Daddy” he told her. His arms around her. Their lips meeti again.  He kisses her passionately.  Holding her close. His mouth upon heres. His hands caress her back, one cups her ass, pulling her closer, the other in her hair. Kissing along her chin, down her neck, her shoulders, his hands grabbing her. His mouth and breath on her. Suddenly Daddy grabs the front of her shirt, ripping it open, hands grab her breasts, pulling them out of her bra, exposing her flesh. His lips attack, one hand on her hip, sucking on her nipples, one and then the other. Sucking and pulling on them. Making them long and hard. Reaching underneath her skirt feeling the soaking wet panel of those panties …touching it lightly at first …Daddy’s other hand reaches to her bra strap …popping it open .. and pulling that bra off and letting it drop to the floor.  Her body arches back. Her pussy dripping, responding to his touch yet again.  Her hands grabbing him, wanting him.  Grabbing at his back. She reaches down to feel him. Her hand brushing over his hardness. She grabs it. Wanting it, lifting one leg as Daddy pushes her up against the wall. His face buried in her breasts. His finger tugging the edge of her panties to the side, exposing her fresh shaved pussy. Babygirl reaches down and grabs Daddy’s hard cock. Guiding it to her. He allows this. Letting her guide him to her. Showing her need. As she releases him and that fat head rubs over her slit, he grabs her hair tight, pulls her head back. Looks in her eyes and pushes that fat cock in her. Making her gasp. “That what you want slut” he says as he thrusts in and out, fucking her up against that wall. Taking her. “Yes, yes, yes.” she moans. Daddy slams his cock in his little slut. Making her moan, but this was just the beginning. He pulls out. Grabs her by the hair and leads her to the couch. He pushes her down on it, spreads her legs wide. Pulls those panties off and buries his face in her. Tasting her sweet juices. Licking her sweet bare pussy. Tongue fucking her. His tongue working expertly over her clit. Jabbing at it, flicking it, sucking on it. His tongue along those sweet lips, on the inner folds, pushing in, working all the way down.. tonguing her ass, making her squirm. Daddy holding her down and doing what he pleases. Sucking on her pussy. Grabbing her flesh. her ass, her thighs. His hands gripping her thighs. Holding them down. Squeezing, then, his mouth off her, he looks up, slaps her thigh, one , then the other, then her pussy, spanking it. “Naughty girl” he tells her. “Such a little slut you are, Daddy’s little slut”.  He spanks her pussy. Over and over. Making her squirm. Making her moan. Making her beg. “oh god Daddy, please” she moans after each slap of his hand on her swollen clit. He leans down and kisses, sucks her clit, then slaps it again, she struggles, helpless. Wanting him to stop. Wanting more. Needing more. God. She begs. needing to cum. Daddy spanks that pussy, those thighs, licks her clit, slips fingers in her.  ‘You will only cum when I say!” he tells her. Making her buck her hips on his hand.  Fucking her.   Daddy sits, grabs his babygirl, and pulls her over his lap. “this is for your own good young lady” he tells her and his hand comes down upon her ass. Striking it hard. Very hard. Making it hurt. Being sure it hurt. Daddy spanks her. Feels her squirm on his hard cock. Strikes that ass with his hand 10 times then pushes her off on her kness, against the couch, stands up and grabs his belt. “Naughty slut neesd to be punished.”  he told her as the belt strikes. “Count them slut!” Daddy ordered! The strike sending a lightning bolt through her. Making her nipples throb, her body shake, then again he struck,  she gasps, a barely audible “two” escapes her lips, whimpers, again, and again she takes it. “three” she whimpers. She Loves it. needs it. “four” as he strikes again. Her clit throbs. Her pussy on fire. He whips her ass with his belt. Marking her. Making it sting. 20 times across her ass as she counts. After the last one she collaspes on the floor, trembling, ass glowling bright… Daddy’s cock throbbing.  He grabs her, pulls her up on all fours.  Positions himself behind her. Grabs her hips and presses his thick cock against her. he enters. Slowly. Pushing Deep. Making her take every inch. Till she is filled with his cock. Daddy’s cock buried in her. She clenches her pussy around him moaning loud. She begs Daddy to fuck her. Fuck her hard, but he just holds her there, his cock pulsing deep in her, caressing her bottom.  “Please fuck me Daddy” she begs.  And Daddy slaps her ass and thrusts deeper than she thought possible.  Feeling herself quiver, so good, nearly cumming, in bliss, floating in a daze of arousal.  Daddy begins to fuck her. Sliding that long thick cock in and out of her. Grabbing her hips. Pulling her hair. Pushing her face down and slamming his cock in her. Makign her moan and wail. So loud. “Daddy , please.. ” she begs.. “Daddy.. Daddy.. I need to cum.. please..” Daddy pounds her harder. Not answering. Grunting and he takes her. His cock in her tight pussy. Pounding. She begins to moan.  No longer able to hold back, know she will be punished , she gushes on his cock. Screaming in orgasm. “Dadddddddyyyyy” she moans. Cries. Whimpers. Gasping and cumming as Daddy keeps fucking her harder. He pulls out, moves to her mouth, his raging hard on throbbing and pulsing before her. He slaps her face with it and shoves his cock in her mouth. He fucks her mouth. Making her taste her own juices. making her take it deep. Holding it deep. Holding it so deep in her. Making her gag. Making her nearly choke on that meat. Pulling out, she gasps, looks up at Daddy, so hungry. He shoves it back down. pushing deep. Making her keep it deep. Pulling that cock out and stroking in front of her. Letting her catch her breath.. Looking down upon her. Daddy grabs her again, pushes her back on the couch. Lifts her legs high in the air,lifting that ass, Daddy’s cock rubbing against her. Pushing those legs back higher, exposing that tight asshole. Daddy’s fat cock heat pushing against it. Pushing in it. She moans. He pushes that fat cock in her, thrusting in and out, popping that head in. Opening her up. Making her whimper and moan. Taking Daddy’s cock. Taking it in her ass. Loving it. She moaned.  “You like that cock in your ass don’t you naughty girl” Daddy ask.. only to be answered my whimpers and moans.  “Tell me,  such a naughty girl.. TEll me”! he commanded.  “Oh yes.. yes..give me that cock, please fuck my ass, god I love that cock in my ass”.. “Oh yes” Master responded. Fucking her ass deeper. Working that cock in.

“You like that don’t you , me fucking your ass babygirl, My cock deep in your tight little ass? ” Master growls.  “Ohhh god, yes.. Give me that fucking cock” She moans. “You like it, you love it don’t you little slut. Such a bad little slut.” Daddy shouts. “I want it deep. Fuck me. Deeper” babygirl moans “You like it baby… Yeah. you like it deep. ”  Daddy fucks. ” Fuck my ass. yeah, fuck my ass, yeah , fuck my ass, fuck , oh god oh oh oh oh oh ” She moans. Taking Daddy’s cock. His assault on her ass. His hands grabbing her.  “fuck me”she moans louder.  “Oh yes, Daddy’ s gonna rip your asshole my little whore”.   “yes, fuck me deeper Oh god right there Daddy. ahhh , ooooh ,  god yesssssssssssssssssss” she screams..

Daddy pulls out leaving her ass gapping , needing, babygirl begs for him as he sits down. His cock throbbing. “Ride me babygirl” he tells her. “Ride me with that ass.”  She mounts him. Lowering her self on that cock. Taking him in again as his hands hold her hips. She fucks him. Rides him. Taking that cock deep in her ass.  mmm riding Daddy’s cock now. Fucking him. Pleasing him.

“you know I love that cock daddy.. oh god its so big. fuck…. of fuck my asssssssss.” she moans.. “oh fuck me.. oh fuck..deeper, oh god that fucking hurts.. oh god, soo fucking good. ” she moans as she rides Daddy’s cock. “Take it deeper baby. Take ALL of Daddy’ s cock. You know you want it.” Riding him, trying to take more, her ass filled, trying to bang against those fat balls, needing that cock deeper. She rides him harder. Faster. Taking that cock in her ass. Loving it.  Her head thrown back. Daddy grabs her hair, pulls her to him and kisses her. Her nails dig into his thighs, he bites her lips, she digs deeper. Riding that fucking cock .  Feeling taht cock expand in her. Filling her up.

Daddy reaches around and rubs her clit as she rides his cock.  Babby girl rides his cock, rubs his balls. Feels his fingers on her clit, in her pussy. Daddy Fingering her pussy, and pinching her clit, making her ride faster, harder, deeper.  “oh right there, yeah, oh yeah. oh fuck right there. oh fuck . fuck Daddy.. just like that.. dont stop dont stop fuck me daddy fuck me daddy fuck me daddy oh god. yes . gonna cum . daddy please. daddy please” she moans, pushing down on him, he grips her tight, so tight, holding her, feeling her ass clench is cock.  and then she  starts  to gush, flooding him. Squirting all over him. Pushing her completely over the edge. the warmth envelopes both.. feeling , pulsing..His cock buried deep in her ass. Her ass releasing and clenching daddy’s cock in her. Over and over as she convulses on him.  cumming on him as Daddy moans.. screams.. a gutteral growl released from deep in him as his cock swelling, so fucking hard, so fucking deep, exploding,  pumping that cum in her, feeling it  rising deep within him, shooting deep in her. Filling her ass with his seed. Cumming in his naughty girls ass. she shakes, trembles, Daddy holds her close, tight, laying back on him, whimpering, tears in her eyes, shaking cumming and cumming, feeling every bit of Daddy’ s cum in her. She lays back shuddering, feeling daddy. loving daddy. needing daddy. He whispers in her ear.. “That’s my girl”.  He holds her. Kisses her neck. Strokes her body… whispers in her ear again.. “Daddy wants more babygirl… “

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  1. im getting horny by reading this article!

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