Master’s slave learns

She arrived at his house, excited,  and a bit nervous. She  knew some of what was to come. More of her training and her punishment for flirtatious chatter with friends without her Master’s permission. She had overstepped her bounds and she knew it. She needed to prove she was worthy on him.  Accept everything. Anything. To please him. The thought made her wet and weak. So wanting to make it up to him. Master had told her tonight he was going to push her. He was going to punish her. Show her more. Just what she needed she thought.

Master took her by the hand and led her to his room.  He ordered her to kneel over the bench and present that ass to him. She was his. His slut. His slave.  He told her. She was His whore and she obeyed. Slipping out of her top, and skirt and kneeling, presenting her ass to him. Sticking it out, and up. Her nipples hard. her pussy wet in anticipation. Needing his training. His guidance. How she longed for it. How she loved being vulnerable to him. In this position. Feeling so right. So very right.

She was such a naughty slut.  His naughty slut. He makes her that way, and she loves it, even  more than she ever thought she could. She needed to be punished. She knew it. She craved it. Subconsciouly it is probably why she flirted , to get caught, to be punished. God, ever since that first time she’s need more and more.  She was so scared, but so turned on, she couldn’t help but orgasms from His spankings. Then, his belt, my god, the burn, the sting, sending her over the edge, making her feel like she never felt before. Like she always wanted.  And now she craved more. So much more.

Master approached and leaned down.  Ran his hand over her fishnet stockings and sweet ass then whispered in her ear,”You are MINE” he told her. “You are my slave, my slut, and tonight, you will be punished because you are a very naughty girl”.  “Aren’t slave?” His voice growing as he spoke. “Yes sir” she replied obediently.  His hands caressing, arousing her, his words intoxicating her.  Telling her that this was for her own good. That she wanted it as much as she needed it, as much as she deserved it.  He gripped her stockings and pulling them down over her ass the cool air feel broken as  the first strike of his large hand on her backside connected making her wince. The sound of the slap echoing in the room.  Her gasp and moan. “Naughty girl” he said as he struck her backside Again and again. She cried out as he slapped that ass.  A good 10 slaps on each cheek. Sending warmth through her. The redness appearing. His voice in her head. “Naughty girls get punished” he told her as he took his belt in his hand.

Master ran the leather down her back and across her ass. Lightly tapping her red butt with the thick leather belt.  “Please Master, I can’t”  she begs. His fingers moving between her legs. Feeling her wetness, bringing it to his lips. “Such a little slut.. so wet from that spanking, well, we shall see how wet this belt makes you”.  “Master please, I can’t take it.” she whimpers. Master whipped her backside with the belt. Each strike landing with a sound crack against her flesh making her cry out in pain and grip the bench.  Again and again.  His voice scolding her.  Guiding her. Pushing her to take more. Five, “You belong to ME!” he tells her, “yes” she moans.. “please” she begs.. then ten, “You will learn to obey, always” his voice commands, tears in her eyes, her cries of pain, her moans of pleasure as her body shook, her clit throbbed, her heart raced, thumping in her chest. She begs for more. Master stops.. runs his hand over her marked ass, then picks up 2 clothespins and clamps each of her hard nipples. The shock and pain shooting to her clit. Then Master whips her. Marking her ass more. the welts from the belt rising making Master harder and harder. The leather heating her ass. Striking her hard, burning. He reaches down and feels her wet cunt. Grabs it.. “This belongs to ME!” he tells her as he shoves his fingers in that tight pussy. She clenches him in her, fucks back, moaning from the pain, from the pleasure, uncontrollable. He slaps that ass with his hand as he finger fucks her deep and hard. Making her moan and fuck his fingers harder adn faster. Loosing it she moans loud..”please Master”… begs.”Pleaaase” . “Tell me slave” Master commands.  She begs master to allo wher to cum. He spanks her ass again and again. “please Master, please Master may I cum. Fuck.. god, oh god, Master, please” she begs.  He shoves his fingers so deep and just whispers to her.. “cum for me slave”… and she releases, moaning, wailing, fucking his fingers, loosing control, grabbing that bench and cumming for Master.  Over and over , Master rubbing her clit, fingers deep in her, making her cum again, she collapses on the floor, shuddering, shaking, whimpering, crying and cumming for Master.  Master slips his fingers from her, removes the clothespins, pushes his fingers in her mouth as she moans from the pain.. the throbbing.. sucking his fingers deep till the ache subsides some.

He moved in front of her sitting on the bench. Her ass red and welted, her pussy wet. He gripped her by the hair. His hand in her hair pulling her up to look at him. He pulled his hard cock out and rubbed it over her face. Teasing her with it. Looking down on her. “you will suck this cock slave, you will show me what a slut you are, but first you must tell me who you belong to, who you are and what you crave.”

She looked up at him aching, hurting, her body marked by her Master. She whimpered and cooed.  “I am your slave” she responded. “Tell me” he demanded. “I am your slave!” she said louder. “I am your whore!” she moaned.  “Tell me!” he commanded. I am your slave!” she said louder. “I am your whore! I am your slut.” He shoved his cock in his slaves mouth and fucked it. Grabbing her hair, fucking his sluts face as she lay on the floor. fucking it good. His cock throbbing in her mouth. Popping it out to slap her face with it then shoving it back in. Master fucked her mouth. Pulling out to let her catch her breath as he stroked in front of her. Looking down upon her.. “Tell me how it felt slave” he told her..

and slave confesses as Master strokes..

Looking up at him.. his cock, hurting, quivering, wanting, “mmmm…………it hurt so fucking good……the way you can make me feel…….”

“I can’t concentrate now, the sting on my bottom, throbbing, burning, but feels so good.. makes me think of you….of how it felt…..That pain, when you are telling me to do it, it’s just so amazing……I hurt, I whimper, I come to tears, cry,  but, it’s for you……and hearing your voice, makes it feel so fucking good…. never knew… I wanted something like this so bad…..Needing you.  love you pulling my hair….Spanking me with the belt, when I tell you I can’t, you say don’t say can’t… you will.. and my body shuders, a sudden rush through me..”

her words pleasing Master, he pumps his cock , looking down upon her, and realeases that load. Cumming on his slave. On her face. Christening her with his seed. Her tongue trying to catch some, licking tasting, Master grabs her head and shoves it on him, making her take the last blast in her mouth, suck him dry, clean him up.  Like a good slave.

~ by darksideofthemind on October 1, 2009.

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