Please me and obey.. an assignment

Today my dear, as you read this, you are to do as you are told. As you are instructed. As I desire.

First, take your bra off, you are to leave it off for the rest of the day.  You will obey. Now,  touch your breasts for me. Make your nipples hard. Make them stand up.  Pinch them and pull on them.  Make yourself wet. Make them ache for me. Make them begin to get a bit sore.  Pinch them harder. Mmm yes. Make them stand up for me. I want you in a tshirt, or similar, with your nipples poking out. I want a picture of it today.

Next, put on a skirt, white panties and put a toy in your bag.  You are to go to the store or the mall.  Once at the store you are to walk around with those hard nipples. Walk around feel those eyes on you. Feel it make you wetter for me. Now, go to the restroom, take a pic of yourself for me, your white panties around your ankles,  your toy in hand.  Then you are to fuck yourself and cum for me. Right there. Mmmm yes. Right there in the bathroom of the store. Such a naughty girl. Now be a good slut and do it. That’s a Good girl.

After you cum you are to buy something naughty to please me depending on where you are.  Some new panties? A cucumber? Clothespins? hmmm.. something.. for me.. for us to play with. Surprise me. Please me.

when you return home you are to strip naked and fill your pussy and clamp your nipples  for me. Then you are to  kneel for me for 15 minutes and then you are to spend the next 15 minutes crawling back and forth for me. On your hands and knees. After the 30 minutes is up, you are to fuck yourself till you cum for me.  You may then remove the clamps/clothepins and fuck your cunt again till you cum.

Now my dear, you are to spank that ass for me. My naughty slut. Spank it good and hard. Use your hand first. Ten times. Then your belt. Another ten times. Then rub that clit and cum like the naughty slut you are.

When this is complete you are to email me and tell me how you feel. Tell me if you succeed in pleasing me. In obeying me. In doing as you were told. Do you understand? I will be waiting.

~ by darksideofthemind on October 4, 2009.

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