She had been excited all morning. first thing she read her assignment she knew it was going to be an intersting day. It made her wet and hot. She needed to please him. To obey him. Prove she was HIS. Now, she stood naked in front of the mirror. Pinching her nipples. Thinking about Daddy. Wanting to please him. Needing to please him. Obey him. To do as he had assigned. She felt she had no choice. The overwhelming desire to please him.  She pulled on her nips, tugging, twisting them. Making them hard. Making them hurt. His pussy getting so very wet. That clit beginning to throb. Pulling and stretching her nipples. She obeyed. Beginning her assignment.

She stopped, nipples nice and hard, standing at attention. She put on her blue t shirt and looked in the mirror, fixed her hair, and smiled as she noticed her hard nipples so clearly visible. Her pussy wet. She put on her white panties as instructed and pulled her skirt up and put on her heels.

Leaving her house the cool air made her nipples even harder. She walked to the store just around the corner. The air conditioned store make her nipples throb and protrude.  She felt so conspicuous. There was no hiding them. Creating a deep sexual tension in her. Her nipples standing at attention.  Grabbed the shopping cart and proceeded to look around. As she passed other shoppers she felt their eyes on her chest. Some of the men glancing up to her and then back down. This excited her, made her pussy tingle. Knowing she was doing it all for Daddy.  She found herself in the vegetable aisle fondling the cucumbers, trying to pick just the right size. A big grin on her face. such a naughty girl.  Eyes of the clerk working nearby glued to her nipples.  She settled on two nice thick and longs ones and put them in her cart. She went to the back of the store and parked her cart and headed to the restroom.

She closed the door behind her in the small bathroom.  She quickly looked in the mirror and removed her top. Grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples, she took a pic for Daddy. God how she loved doing that. Mmmm pleasing him. Showing him. She hiked her skirt and pulled her panties down around her ankles and sat down taking another pic. Obeying Him.   Just then someone tried the door. She knew someone was waiting. This certainly intensified things. Quickly her  foot up on the toilet. Skirt around her waist.  She takes her toy out and pushes the it deep. “God yes!” she moans. as she slides that toy in and out. Long and slow. So deep. “Oh fuck yes Daddy!” she says.  Biting her lip and moaning. Harder. Faster. Feeling her orgasm rise. Fucking herself hard. Loosing control. She fucked herself in that tiny store bathroom, moaning, whimpering, trying to be as quiet as she could,  cumming for Him. Obeying. Pleasing. Fuck it made her need so much more.  Trying to compose herself, she cleans up and exits the restroom.  wondering if she was heard. Her pussy dripping, nipples still hard and throbbing. she pusshes her cart to the checker and buys her two cucumbers, trembling, barely able to speak. Getting strange looks from the clerk. The woman seemingly knowing what she was up to. She quickly pays needing to get home to continue her assignment. It’s all she cared about.

Every step she took made her tremble. She felt her juices trickling down her bare thighs. Her clit quivering. Her heart racing. What she had just done. How hot it made her. how much she wanting Him.  As soon as she entered and closed the door behind her she was naked and  on her knees. She crawled for him. Just how he had instructed, assigned. Crawling for him. doing more than was expected. needing to. She crawled to her room and gathered her toys. She Kneeled. Spread her legs. Put her clamps on her nipples, one by one, whincing, aching and then pushed her toy deep in her wet pussy. Squeezing it. Wanting to cum instantly but holding back.  So hard not to cum. She knelt like that. Knees hurting, nipples screaming. Hurting so damn bad. for 15 minutes she kneelt. For Him. Then she crawled. Back and forth. Sticking that as up, squeezing her legs together, crawling for Him. Like he was watching her. Imaging that. Making her so damn wet. Aching for her Daddy. His slut. His whore. His pet. Feeling that toy move in her, driving her wild with need and lust.  Relieve when her time was up, back up on her knees, sitting back on her heels, legs spread, working that toy in Daddy’s sweet cunt. Fucking herself hard.  The whole time saying please daddy. Fucking it fast and deep. Moaning, bucking, that pussy, HIS pussy, so sloppy.  The clothespins biting hard into her sore nips, feeling the hot pain. Moaning, fucking, shaking, god yes, cumming, gushing, oh fuck yes, she loves being Daddy’ s little whore. Fuck. Cumming so damn hard. shaking. Falling over and fucking her cunt more and more. For daddy.  Taking the clothespins off and moaning loud. “Oh please daddy, Oh Daddy” over and over. The pain, the pleasure, making her float. Making her fuck herself harder. harder for him. cumming more. again and again. Telling herself she is Daddy’ s slut, Daddy’s whore. cumming for him. obeying. Pleasing. needing to please Daddy. Oh god yes Daddy. Yes.  shaking , twithcing, cumming. She manages to get up on all fours. Now she must punish herself for Daddy. For being such a naughty little slut. She must obey. Please him. Prove she is worthy. She smacks her ass for Daddy. Five then ten times. making that ass sting. Making it burn. She doesn’t stop. Needing more. 10 more from her hand and then she grabs her belt. Needing more. Needing to feel. Needing to hurt. For Him. To hurt for Daddy. Yes. SHe whips that ass hard for Him. Over and over. Marking it. Loving it. The sting, the pain, making her quiver.

Knowing the clamps were going to really hurt coming off … she had the toy ready … released the right one … barely breathed and released the left. Hurting. Throbbing. She shoves that toy in and out of her. The throbbing pain making her fuck herself harder. Moaning. Bucking and sobbing. Feeling the pleasure and pain run through her. Telling herself  she is Daddys whore. Then the tears came. Her nipples raw and aching.  Her ass stinging and marked. She turned the toy on and pushed it deep and came. Moaning loud. Letting it out. Shaking, quivering, aching, cumming for Daddy. She needed more. She took the belt in her hand again and knew she needed to hurt for Daddy. She spanked her ass wailing as hard as she could. To mark her ass for Daddy. To feel that pain she deserved and wanted. She whipped it hard. Giving Daddy her best. Such a good slut. A good whore. For Daddy. She reached down to touch her pussy, feeling it soaking wet. She rubbed her clit hard and it wasn’t soon before she flooded herself. That pussy gushing. cumming again like the dirty little whore she is. all for him. She loves it. Needs it. To please him. Can never disappoint him. Must obey, she laid down whimpering, tears streaming from her eyes, her whole body aching for Him. She laid there with her toy buried in her, just like Daddy said with that cock in HIS pussy. She is Daddy’s slut, Daddy’ s whore. Daddy’s naughty little girl.

She craves more. More assignments. More of Daddy.

~ by darksideofthemind on October 6, 2009.

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