Please and obey your Master

Kneel for my my dear

Down on your knees

Look up at me with those soft eyes

That look of need and want

of desire and lust

of obedience

Ready to please

to serve

to obey

your panties moisten

your  nipples ache

you wait for instruction



to obey

to serve

you must

you need

to please

for you are

His slave.

Bow your head

present that ass

that’s a good girl

a good slave


for Master



To please

and serve


You need it. Like nothing else. Want it. More than anything.

for you are His slave.

Spread those legs. Wide. That’s it. Now my dear. Spank that pussy. MY pussy.

Do it.

Ten times. More. Twenty. Make it sting. You belong to ME. DO you understand.

Harder. Spank it.More. Your bare cunt. So wet. Sloppy.

Fill it. NOW. All the way. Shove that toy deep. That’s it. Obey.

Hold it there. Pinch your nipples. Hard for me.

Good slave. make them hurt. Make them ache

Squeeze that toy in you.

obey Your Master.

Master wants.

~ by darksideofthemind on October 11, 2009.

One Response to “Please and obey your Master”

  1. I love your blogs. It inspires me to be a good slave. I want my master to enjoy another women. Not total intercouse, but 2 womem playing and oral iyt he wants. I get really jelous sometimes, but i am very turned on by the idea.

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