the barn

He waited for her.  Already late for their date, he was about to give up when the farmhand said she would be  back from riding and directed him to the barn.  As he walked toward he saw her riding up.. their eyes met, she waved.  As she dismounted he licked his lips as he saw that fine backside in those tight tan riding pants.  Her long sexy hair. Tight , taut body. Oh my.  Naughty thoughts creeping into his head. Making him hard. He walked toward her, she was so very apologetic, she had lost track of time, such a beautiful day and all, she told him she was sorry, and that just let her get things organized and she was all his. Yes, she would be, he thought.

They walked toward the barn together and caught up for a moment. He watched as she tended to her horse. Seeing her move aroused him.  Bending over. that ass looking so good, just begging to be spanked, and she so deserved it. such a tease. All this time.. and now making him wait here.. he moved toward her quietly as she worked. Moved close to her, behind her, wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back, that ass snuggled against him.. kissing her neck. whispering in her ear. “naughty girl, keep teasing me” he nibbles on her neck.. his hands roam her body.. she moans a little .. pushing him away “let me finish.” she says with a sly grin and brush against him. “You are finished” he says as he grabs her wrist.  Firmly pressing to her. Kissing her neck pushing her up against the stall.  His hard cock straining in his jeans.  She struggled, she moaned as he pushed her firm against the stall, holding her tight.  PUlling her head back he kissed her lips. Her hands gripping the stall as his hands roamed her body.  He grabbed the reins hanging and tied her wrists to the stall.  “No , not here” she breathed. “you are mine now” he told her. “Teasing me .. making me want.. making me wait”.

She struggle against the restraint but soon his lips and hands on her body made her melt. Made her need. Made her wet. He ripped open her top his hands caressing her flesh. His lips on her neck. His hands on her breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples. His cock pressed to her ass. His hands roamed down, unbuttoning her pants, “you are a naughty girl” he whispered to her. She moaned “yes, I am”. Moving her ass back against him, teasing him more.  Reaching in and feeling how wet she was.. “such a naughty girl” she gasped, moaned as his fingers rubbed her clit.  “oh god, yes” she whispered. As those lips brushed her neck. She wanted him.  She wanted that hard cock in her. She pressed back against it, wiggpled her ass. She struggled.  He stepped back and  yanked her riding pants down.  Exposed. the cool air hitting her exposed flesh sent a rush through her.  “Naughty girls get punished” he told her. Taking her crop in his hand and running the tip along her exposed backside. “No panties, such a little slut, always need to be in control of the situation don’t you?” he said as he swatted her ass once with the crop, across her right cheek, not too hard, but hard enough.  “Well, not today, remember that spanking I owe you” he told her, “well, my dear, teasing me like you have, and now keeping me waiting today upped the ante”.  He landed the crop on her left cheek, a gasp escaping her lips,  then he ran the tip along her leg, on her inner thigh, making her spread her legs open.  “You will be punished.” He spanked her with that crop. Once, Twice. She moans. Three times, “fuck” she cries out. “Yes, oh god yes”.  Five on her left and five on her right.  He cries louder after each one. Stinging, deliberate, then took his hand and cupped her hot wetness in his hand. “Oh such a naughty slut you are.. so very wet”.  He pulls his cock out, hard and grabs her hips. Slipping into her. Tight, hot, and wet. So damn wet. He began to fuck her. Thrusting in and out of her. “fuck me” he demanded. And she did. Grabbing hold of the fence, pushing back against him, her ass on fire, nipples hard in the cool air, taking that glorious cock. Loving it. “Yes” she moans. As he thrusts harder. “Fuck me hard” she begs as the crop comes down on her thigh. “harder, faster, fuck me” he demands. Striking again on her thigh.  “Aaaaahhh YESSSSSSSS” she moans. The pain ignites her. She thrusts back hard, fucking him, lost in lust,  as he fucks her. Harder and harder. Moaning. Grunting. Slamming back on him. Feeling him swell. Feeling him grab her. Moaning. Panting. Taking that cock so hard, so deep, wanting. His hands pinch her nipples, sending her over the edge, making her clamp his cock in her tight pussy, pulling him deep as she grips the rail, cumming, cumming on his cock, moaning, feeling him thrust so fucking deep. Holding her tight, swelling in her. he explodes, cumming in her. filling her full of his seed as she shakes. Holding her. Untying her hands, collapsing to the ground, his cock still twiching in her, filling her full. laying on top of her. He whispers in her ear.. “missed you”.  they kiss.

~ by darksideofthemind on November 18, 2009.

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