man wants woman

His desire had grown. He wanted her, the woman. He always had but now he needed. Oh did he need. Thinking of her aroused him so. He wanted to hold her, touch her, kiss her so deep. Wanted to make love to her, not fuck her, not dominate her, make love to her. Make her feel like never before. Kiss every inch of her sexy body. Touch her. Make her feel. Taste her. God yes. He wanted that.

They met for a drink and she arrived looking stunning. Sexy black high heels, black stockings, sexy spaghetti strapped dress showing off her sexy shoulders and body.  He looked at her as she walked to him.  Licking his lips. Feeling himself become aroused at the sight of her.  Her walk. The eyes of all the men upon her.  “Hello beautiful” he said as she arrived. She smiled, loving hearing that, he took his arm around her waist and kissed her softly upon her lips.  Breaking the kiss he whispers “you look so delicious this evening.”  She felt goosebumps along her arms and a tingle between her legs. She knew tonight was going to be special.  The sat at the bar and enjoyed each others company. Knees brushing upon one another. Hands touching, holding, fingers caressing. Looking in her beautiful eyes. Telling her how beautiful she is. She feels her body begin to tingle. Loving his words. Feeling something more.

They walked arm and arm our of the bar with eyes of jealousy and envy on them.  The walked to his car, stopped and kissed again in the cool air.  Their lips touching, softly, their tongues dancing, together, exploring. Arms around one another. Hearts racing. Breathing quickens.He wanted her. Right there. Right now.  She wanted him. Whenever, wherever. He breaks the deep kiss.. “let’s go somewhere a bit more private.”

The drive to his house, his hand on her thigh, caressing. Her eyes on the bulge in his pants. She spreads her legs a little as he rubs lightly.  A soft moan escapes her lips. His hand gripping her thigh.. teasing.. touching.. making him want so bad.

They entered his house, closed the door behind them, and embraced.  Mouth to mouth, body to body, feeling touching, kising, tasting each other. His hands roamed her body. cupping her ass, lifing her skirt, feeling her panties, grabbing kissing her so deep and hard. Pushing her up against the wall. Kissing her hard. His lust and desire overtaking him. He slip her panties down and falls to his knees. He must have her now. Must taste her. Her skirt hiked, her panties around her ankles, his mouth and breath upon her. His tongue slipping out.. touching, tasting.. spreading those lips. Parting her his his moves his mouth on her. Grabbing her ass and tonguing her as she moans and grinds on him leaning against the wall for balance. He won’t stop. Won;’t stop till he gets what he wants. Her first orgasm. On his mouth. He licks her clit, jabbing at it, teasing it, licking the inner folds of those sweet lips. Pushing his tongue deep, in and out, then back to jabbing her clit. Making her squirm. Holding her down, sucking on her pussy, sucking her clit in his mouth, his tongue darting over it .. over and over.. bringing her close.. he slips a finger in deep , touching her inner walls, driving her crazy, over the edge, she moans loud, bucks her hips against his mouth and finger, squirming, cumming, clamping her thighs around his head.

He lay between her thighs, as she slowly opened them, pulling him up to her, “come here baby” she moaned, grabbing him, pulling him to her, kissing him, tasting herself on his mouth, their tongues entwine, their bodies together. She reaches for his cock. Taking his hardness in her hand, kissing him, pushing him back, pumping his shaft, looking at him with lust.  “I want this cock in me” she demands.  “I want it so bad”  as she grabs teh base and lowers her mouth to it. Taking him in. “MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm” she moans, sucking him deep. Making him moan and lean back, showing him what a naughty girl she is.  Sucking that cock, loving the the taste, pumping it, looking at it, mmmmm looking at him.  She climbs on top and guides him into her, slowly at first, moving her hips, looking down on him.  She smiles. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before” she tells him. And she begins to move those hips, grinding on him, squeezing him in her. She moves up and down. Riding his cock. Taking it deep and slowly drawing it out. Fucking him. Riding him. Taking that big cock deep. “Come on baby” she gasps. “Oh yes” he moans..  She reaches out and pinches his nipples , hard, pulling and twisting them as she grinds hard on his cock. “Oh god” is all he can manage. His head swimming. His cock harder than ever, wanting more.  Squeezing him in her, pulsing him, then slamming up and down on him.  She cums on his cock. Fucking him.  Cumming and squeezing his dick in her. She rode him hard. Grabbing at him.  See sunk deep and nuzzled his neck. Kissed him. “Fuck me” she whispered. His arms around her, his cock buried, he lifted her, flipped her over and raised those sexy legs in the air and slammed hard and deep in her. Taking control. Fucking her hard. Legs high and spread, his hands on her hips, fucking her pussy good. Watching his cock go in and out. he worked that pussy good. fucking her like she neeeded and wanted.  Pounding her. Making her grunt.  Fucking her harder. Making her moan so damn loud.  Making her loose it. Bucking and gasping. cumming and cumming, moaning. begging for more. such a naughty girl.  He grags her flipping her over, her ass up, he slaps it once, then twice, seeing her ass turn red instantly, grabbing it, spreading her legs a bit, taking her from behind. Slapping that ass more. Spanking her. Each slap intoxicating her. Making her moan louder. Fucking her doggy style. Fucking her hard. grabbing those hips. spaking her ass. he takes her.Hard and fast. Deep. She fucks him back. Taking all he has. Grunting. Moaning. “MORE” she screams. “Give me fuckign more!” she moans and she grips the couch and takes his pounding. That cock slamming into her. harder and faster. A never ender assault on her pussy. Driving her wild. Her moans fill the room.  The smell of her wet pussy fills the room.  Her need fills the room. He pounds. He takes. That cock in her, floating in a state of euphoria, he takes her. That big cock stretching her open. Filling her up like no other. Like never before. His hand grabs her hair, “oh yesssss” she moans, he pulls, grips, and fucks her hard. That cock rapidly plunging in and out of her pussy. Her juices flowing. her head dizzy… floating.. wanting.. cumming.. she moans.. letting it out.. uncontrollable.. cumming with his cock in her, he grips her hair, pulls her head back. slaps her ass and slams his cock in her. His cock swells, contracts, his balls empty in her. Cumming. Exploding, filling her with his hot cream. Moaning. “take it all” he tells her. :”Take it, oh my fucking god, yessssssssss , take it” as he pumps inside of her. deep in her. twitching, shaking, collapsing on her. holding her tight. realsing her hair form his grip. kissing her. kissing her neck. her back.  caresses her breasts.  holds her. whispers in her ear “mmmm that was beautiful”  he pussy twitches, grips him and makes him pump another stream into her.. draining him… turns her face to him.. they kiss.  deep.. soft… mmmmm


~ by darksideofthemind on November 19, 2009.

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