paddled and plugged

She woke up in need. That dull ache within her. Need for her Master. Need to feel him. The Need to please him. That need that grew day after day. After each exchange, encounter, whatever. She wanted him. Wanted more. Needing to serve him. That need only grew threw the morning. Her crappy morning… running errands, shuttle the kids to and from, all the mundane things, then to tip it off the car goes out. She wants to scream.  She wants him. Needs to escape. Be his.  As soon as she arrives home she sends him quick text.

“I need you Master. Please.  your slave. ”

Master responded “Tell me slave”.

“I need you to use me. My ASS needs you. May I use the paddle for you?”

“I want to hear and see you my slave, see your need, your desire, and if you obey, perhaps you will get what you need slave” Master told her.

Master then instructed her to kneel for him  and remain on her knees. She was to dress as he instructed. To crawl on the floor for him. He told her to go to chat and turn her cam on so he could watch. Told her to dress for him in fishnets, like the naughty slut she was. Instructed her to kneel and wait for him.  Master logged on and opened her cam. Watching her there for him. So very sexy, so obedient. such a good slave. face down and ass up for master. That sexy ass right there for him. Oh yes. Master liked. Master watched her kneeling for him. He rubbed his swelling cock through his pants.  Wanting her. Pulled his cock out and began to stroke. hard in an instant watching his slave.

“grab that ass slave” he ordered. and the naughty slut did. Grabbing her ass.. Squeezing it hard. her french tip nails digging into her flesh through the fishnets. “harder” he instructed. And she grabbed that sexy ass harder.  Beginning to moan and whimper for her Master. Wanting, needing. Her pussy hot and wet. Master’s cock hard and ready. Mmmm Master loved to play with his slave. See her, so sexy, so naughty.

“You are to spank that ass 20 times my slave” came the command. She instantly obeyed, quit grabbing her tight ass, and started to spank.  Ten times on each cheek, she smack her own ass hard. Loving it. Wanting more. Needing more. Loving the sting. Pleasing her Master.

Her phone rings.. she sees the command on the screen “answer”.. obeying she picks up.. hearing her Master’s voice.. “hello my slave.” sending shivers through her.  His voice making her pussy quiver. Strong, deep, so very sexy. It makes her ache.  She moans as he commands “Twenty more my slave” he tells her. Breathing into the phone. hearing his arousal. Now watching, hearing as she smacks that ass. hearing it, seeing it, telling her to do it harder. Each one. making her moan and whimper. Under his control. “Yes, thats it, warm it, get it ready.”  his words intoxicating her. her ass warm now, her pussy dripping. Her breathing quick. “Yes Master” she responds as she continues to spank her ass for him. His voice in her ear.. pushing her.. making her do it harder.. she loves it.. wants more. needs to please him.. it’s all she lives for…her hand tired and sore finally master lets her rest.. but she knows not for long.

He sits and looks at that precious ass.. God, how he wants to take it, rip a hole in those fishnets and fuck her good and hard.  Master stands and pumps his cock.  “Good slave.. now it’s time for you to please Master” he tells her and she knows.  Oh she knows. What they talked about.. what she needed.   She reaches and produces the large padde.  “thank you Master” she responds and kneels placing that paddle across her lucious ass. Showing him. Obeying him. Rubbing it over , up and down, getting a feel waiting for his command. “You will spank that ass firm for me slave.  You will spank it hard for me with that paddle. You will make it  hurt. You will obey. Now, begin, 10 times, firm and hard, like you need, like you want.. obey your Master” he told her.  “Yes Master” she responded positioning herself just right. Just how she had practiced in anticipation so her Master could see her do it , so she could do it well for him. Please him. She breathed deep. Bracing herself. Striking herself with that thick paddle. Once a gag gift, now an implement of her desire, her servatude, again, striking her tiny ass, marking it, she whimpers, counting them for Him. Three and four set her on fire.. her nipples erect and throbbing.. her pussy dripping her ass hurting.. again for her Master.. pleasing him. knowing however hard she did it would not compare to Master so she tries harder. Five. a gutterly growl of pain and pleasure rips through her. Her Master’s voice coaxing her. Guiding her. That paddle making her feel like she needs. Needing to ache for her Master. Please him. do wahtever he wants. Six. “yes thats is my slave” he tells her.. “do it for me. god your ass is so delicious.. want my hands on it. again for me.”  Seven. Wanting more. Eight. needing to cum. Pussy quivers. Body shaking. Master’s voice in her hear. Pleasing and serving him. Nine. she moans loud… TEN. “Such a good slave” he tells her. His words make her ache. her ass on fire. her pussy wet. Needing to touch. To cum for him. Wanting him.. so bad.

“Now kneel before me slave.” master orders as he turns his cam on. “Look at what you do to me slave” he tells her.. inviting her to watch. His cam on his hard cock as she opens it.  A smile comes across her face as she kneels before him.  Looking at him.  “Clamp your nipples and rub your clit for me slave” he orders. “Yes, Master.” she responds. Stroking his hard cock. She takes the clothespins and puts one on each nippple. Wincing, taking the pain, breathing fast and deep… her hand reaching down, feeling her swollen clit. “Such a good little slut you are” he tells her. her ass burning and aching.  She masturbates for him as she watches her Master stroke his cock. Seeing it swell so big and hard. Licking her lips. Rubbing her clit. Hearing his voice tell her what a good slave she is. Making her want. Making herself so fucking wet. Needing. Wanting to cum. So close.  “Now plug your ass slave” he tells her. “plug your ass through those fishnets. rip a damn hole them if you have to but plug your ass for me NOW!” he orders. His voice demanding, strong, ripping into her soul. As he orders her, commands her, she watches that beautiful hand pumping that gorgeous cock. Sliding up and down. Seeing his big balls tight. Ready. Wanting to feel it.. To taste it. To please him. Oh god , to see him shoot that load.  She plugs her ass for him, showing him, then kneeling again, rocking on that plug, rubbing her clit for her Master. Watching him stroke. Aching for him. her ass. her nipples, needing to cum. so bad. needing so bad. Waiting for permission. “Rock on it. Rub that clit my slut. My slave. My naughty girl. Please me” he tells her.  Stroking harder. Seeing her watch. Seeing her need. Hearing her pant and moan. She begins to beg. “Please Master.. Please.. may I cum for you.. Please .. oh god.. “.. she begs.. rubbing herself.. Looking at him. “I want your cock Master” she moans. Rubbing faster. “Please Master.” she begs.  Master pumps. harder. His cock swelling, pulsing, that fat head swollen, read to explode. “Shove your fingers deep slave, fuck yourself for Master, tell him who you are.. who you belong to.. watch me slave.”  Her eyes fixed on him, her moans for him, her fingers plunging in her pussy for him, “I am your slave” she moans. “I am your slave” she moans again.. over and over.. banging her pussy for him. “I am your slave, your whore, your slut, oh Master, please, You are my Master, I am your slave.” she moans…. pleading.. Master strokes harder, pumping that big cock watching her, listening, wanting…”take your clothespins off, rock on that plug and fuck and rub your pussy till you cum for Master my whore” he orders.. “watch me” he tells her.. he pumps that cock as he watches her and listens. Her moans grow.. the blood rushing to her nipples, no longer the bite of the clothespin but stil the ache and more.. her fingers work their magic, findign that spot, her eyes fixed on him, her Master, his cock.  He strokes. “Watch me slave” he tells her..her eyes fixed on him. His cock. Stroking, pumping, faster, harder, his voice in her ear.. “watch me slave” he tells her.. “do you want to cum for your Master?” he asks.. and she moans.. “yessssssss, please Master, may I? please”.  “cum when i tell you slave.. ” he tells her.. “watch me. fuck yourself.. hard.. watch me.. when I tell you to cum.. I will cum.  You cum. I cum. .” he ordered. she obeyed. fucking her pussy, watching him, stroking, pumping that cock, precum glisteninng and lubing. She watches her Master’s pleasure. Waiting for him. Hearing his breath, then… he moans, growls, his cock swelling tight, “oh my fucking god slave!” he moans.. “NOW” he orders her.. “NOW, cum for Master, OBEY ME!”.. and she does.. letting go.. letting looose..”YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” cumming.. releasing .. moaning.”MASTER” bucking. “Oh God! It’s so fucking gooood. Master.. Its so fuckign gooood. Oh God!”  Master watching her. her moans sending Master over the edge.. “watch me” she hears.. her eyes fixed.. hearaing him moan, growl.. “take it slave” he tells her as he cums. explodes, as she watches him, as she cums for him, his cock shooting, twitching, seeing him cum for her. Making her cum again.. making her quiver and shake.. and loose it.. moaning, cumming, for her Master.. lost in the pleasure of pleasing him.. cumming over and over. shakign moaning for Master.. her body trembles.. watching Master play with his cum.. showing her how she pleased him.. bringing his fingers to his mouth to taste it in front of her.. “mmm good slave.. pleasing Master”.. he tells her.. watching him..seeing him taste his cum..  hearing him.. pushes her over the edge one more time.. she can’t help it.. she is his insatiable whore.. his slave.. she cums again for Master. She is his. His slave. “My precious slave” he whispers to her. “i want you more and more”.

“Thank you Master”.


~ by darksideofthemind on December 1, 2009.

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