Obedient slave pleases and proves

You will obey. You will show your Master.. You will please him like no other. It is your destiny. It is what YOU desire. What YOU need. You feel it. You know it. It aches inside… Now.. obey slave.  On your knees for Master. You will stay on your knees all night for Master. You will obey these instructions.  You are to crawl and get your toys, your collar, a belt, hairbrush, lube, and all those clothespins.

You are to crawl to your mirror and kneel before it.  Clamp your nipples.  Look into your eyes. Feel the pain bite you. Feel it make you breathe.  Feel it make that clit throb.That pussy wet, for Master. Good girl. See that you are owned slave. See the desire in you, the need.  You are to spank your ass 20 times with your hand. Warm it. Make it sting.  See it begin to turn red. Then fuck yourself for me.  Like you need Master to fuck you. My naughty girl. My slut. Do as you are told and tell your Master.

Master’s slave responds: “Oh my god yes! on my knees on the bathroom floor. pounding my pussy hard for You. needing your cock in me. the pain in my nipples making my clit throb, making Master’s cunt throb. fucking myself harder and harder. squeezing and grinding down on that toy. moaning. whimpering. biting a towel to keep from screaming. bucking and jerking. ohhhh god yes! cumming Master! cumming so good and hard for You Master! yesssssss. shaking and sobbing. yes Master oh my god yes. mmmm   want to lick my juices from Your beautiful cock. need to make You feel so good like You do for me. god You are so wonderful Master!”

Good girl slave. Just as Master wants. Insatiable little slut for master. MMm Making him crave more.. making him push you. His whore. his cunt. his slut to use as he desires. mmmm yes.. now my pet.. now you will do more.. Master sent his slave a text message.. “plug in, spread, fuck that cunt slave”.  Simple and too the point.. she knew what to do.. and she loved it.. needed it.. his slave. His whore. His slave.

She did as she was told. obeying Master. Her moans.. her cries of pain and pleasure for him.  she recorded it for him.. to please him.

“Oh god. ohhh my fucking god. layinl in my bed naked for you Master.  My legs are spread wide, pulled back, completely open and vulnerable for You. needing You here. Fuck I need you Master.  Clamping now.. Oh god.. fuckkkkkkk.. Master!  the clamps digging into my nipples. aching and throbbing.  mmm ok Master, plugging now. of fuck.. Plugging my ass for you Master. slowly working the plug in and out of my tight ass. Plugging and fucking my ass for you Master. mmmm pulling it almost all the way out. sliding it deep. over and over as i rub my swollen clit. moving my hips. eyes closed. moaning. wanting you to hear me. mmm yessss. so good Sir.  Fucking my ass more for you.  oooooooooohh goddddddddd god god.. fuck.. Master. mmmmmmmpppp  moving the plug faster. Ahhh fuck.. yes,  slapping my clit. not too too hard. fast. the way you tell me. grunting and gasping for air. feeling the orgasm building, ready to crash over me. i take off the clothspins. Moaning. Fuck. Screaming. Letting it out. feeling the blood rush to my nipples. making them stand up hard. making them throb and pulse. slapping my clit harder before i shove my fingers deep. fucking myself.  for you. deeeeep, oh fuckign god Master. rubbing my g-spot. taking the plug deep. rocking on it. yes yes yesssss!! oh master.  tears in my eyes. sobbing and jerking and twitching. riding wave after wave of pain and pleasure. losing all sense of reality. oh god..Master.. Master.. Master.. fuck fuck fuck fuck. oh my god.. Master.. oh god.. shit.. shit.. shit.. fuck

losing control. losing myself to You. Oh my fucking god YES!

~ by darksideofthemind on December 17, 2009.

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