Training her (part 1)

She doubted herself. This  made her feel insecure, and Master would not have it, did not want that. He could feel her need. It had grown so much, her desire to please, to serve, to obey him.  She continued to push herself and just wanted more. Their time apart made her ache with want. he consumed her thoughts and desires. She was owned and knew it and wanted more! Being apart brought these thoughts and Master was going to put those thoughts out of her pretty head.

He instructed her to put her collar and leash on and be ready for Him. She was to wear her black bra, fishnet stockings, black panties and heels.  Once dressed she was to send a pic to him to inform him she was ready.  She was then to prepare her toys and get her clamps out. Once this was done she was to kneel for him.  Wait for him.

His instructions aroused her. She dressed for Him.  Making sure she looked just right. Put her collar and clamped the leash to it. Looking in the mirror. She pinched her nipples, sighing, moaning, harder and harder, making them stand up for him.. Making her pussy wet.. making her want more.  She got her clamps and looking deep into her own eyes, telling herself who she is, his slave.. his whore.. his slut.. she winced and moaned as she put them on.. on on each nipple. Sending shockwaves to her clit.. her pussy. making her need more. Making sure they were sore.. she slipped them off with a gasp and put her black bra on.  she snapped the picture then got on her knees.. sending to him.. then crawling to the bedroom , gathering her toys.. preparing.

Ready, she crawled to her living room and  kneeled for him. Waiting. Master received the picture and was pleased she was ready so soon.  His cock swelled in his black jeans as he looked and replied “Good girl, now plug your ass and put your panties around your ankles, want you face down ass up , waiting.”

She obeyed.. She loved to be plugged for him.  She crawled back to the bedroom and grabbed her plug, crawled back to the living room then she pulled her panties down and worked the plug into her ass.  Loving that feeling. for him.  She knelt face down and ass up.  Exposed and plugged for her Master.  Feeling filled. Making her pussy drip and nipples hard.  She was his.

She knelt, each minute her want and need growing. Her desire to please him.. this feeling deep inside, so right, she loved her Master.  Soon she heard the door open and then She heard his footsteps moving toward her.. Her breath quickened.. her pussy tingled.. then his voice broke the silence, that voice, sending shivers through her, making her head spin.. “hello slave” he said as he walked closer.. knowing not to look up till she had permission, she waited.  Felt him near, so close, his eyes burning into her flesh. Then, his hand, gentle on her raised bottom, his fingertips gliding over her smoothe skin.  He pushes the plug a bit deeper.. Making sure it is snug.  Slips his fingers over her exposed pussy brings them to his lips and licks.. then, his hand comes down upon her bottom.. Once, twice, stinging her. Making her yelp.  Grabs her bottom then rubs his hand up her backside, alonger her back, he took the leash in his hand and yanked it once.  She rose to all fours, and crawled next to him. He sat, she knelt, he looked at her and nodded. She knew what to do. Removing his shoes and socks she caressed his feet. Massaged them, leaned down and kissed them. Kissed each toe. One by one. Taking them in her mouth, sucking each like a little cock.. wanting to pleaese him so. Loving it. Opening wide and sucking deeper.. taking two, then three in her mouth, sucking them deep, showing her master her desire.  The hungry slut lapped at his feet.  Waiting for more.  Master spread his legs, grabbed her hair and pulled her up to his crotch.  He pulled his hard cock out and forced her mouth down on him.  Taking her mouth. Fucking it. Grabbing that thick hair and fucking his slaves slutty mouth. She sucked and gasped and moaned on that cock.  He grabbed the leash and tugged on it as she worked on his cock.  Telling her what a good slut she was. What a good cocksucking slut she was for him. His words, his voice, making her shiver and shake, making her need to please him more, suck him deeper, lick his balls.. whatever he wanted.  Master spread his legs and shoved her face down into his crotch. Ordering her to lick and suck his balls, to lick his ass, to show what a dirty little whore she was. And she obliged. Hungrily, willingly, licking and sucking and pleasing him.  Whatever he desired. Feeling and tasting him. Feeling his hands on her made her tremble and ache. Needing his cock in her. Wanting him so bad. Doing anything for him. He pushed her back.  Looked in her eyes and told her to touch herself for him. He took his cock in his hand and stroked as he ordered her. commanded her to play. To show him.  And she did. Grabbing her breast, pinching her nipples, running her hand down her body. Moving her hips, trying to be as sexy and naughty and slutty as she could for him. Watching him stroke that beautiful cock. Licking her lips. Wanting it in her mouth again.. Needing it inside of her.. in her pussy, oh god, in her ass. She plunged her fingers into her cunt. Fucking herself, running her clit, fucking her pussy faster, pushing those fingers deep.  “Fuck yourself slave” he commanded, his hand gliding up and down that shaft. “Look at me as you do it” her eyes fixed on him, her fingers working their magic.  She moans, telling her Master how good it feels. How much she loves it. How bad she wants to cum for him. “You do not cum without permission slave” he told her.. “Now fuck that cunt harder my slut!”.  Her moans turn to whimpers, trying to hold back, pleading, her eyes swelling, tears forming, needing to cum, begging her Master. “Masterrrrrrrrrrrr pllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeassssssseeeeeeee” she moans.. cries.. begs.. “I , I , I , can’t , I need to cum, Master, please, please, oh god, Master.. aahhhhhhhhh… ohhhh god.. it feels so fuckign good.. Master, please, oh god, can’t stop, cant feels so fucking good, please.. fuck, Master, Master, oh god.. fuck , Master, I can’t help it.. i’m sorry.. oh god.. Master,  I’m cumming, oh fuck, Masterrrrrrrrrrrr, I’m cumming…..” fucking her pussy, rubbing her clit, shaking, shuddering, cumming all over herself, her pussy flowing like a faucet. she collaspes on the floor.  catching her breath. Looking up at Master. Knowing what is in store. She crawls to him. “I’m sorry master, I coldn’t help it, you make me feel so good.” she crawls to him.  Into his lap, lays across, feeling his  hard cock pressed to her, ready for her punishement. Knowing she deserves it. Feeling his hand  strike her ass.. she counts, 1, again, 2, again, again, he spanks her ass raw, 5, 6 she mutters. Scolding her for cumming without permission, 7, 8, 9, pressing her to his hardness. 10… 15.. Spankinger her ass, 20, hard and firm, her yelps turn to whimpers, tears forming in her eyes. Her pussy aching for that hard cock. Hear heart pounding in her chest, she moans. Grinds into her Master, taking her punishment, then, his fingers, his long, sexy fingers exploring her, spreading her, plunging into her, she bucks, moans again as he fucks her pussy with those long fingers. Deeper, in and out. Making her whimper.  “you are such a naughty girl” he tells her as he pushes his thumb into her tight little ass. Making her gasp. Sending her over the edge again. She floods his lap. Such a slutty little whore. cumming all over her Master. Unctrollable. Master laughs a little.. pleased.. knowing he will punish her again for cumming without puermission.. but loving the control.. fingers in her..cock against her.

Suddenly Master pushes her to the floor, tugs on the leash, pulling her head back, grips her hair, pulls her to him, kisses her lips, bites her lip, grabs her hip, presses to her, his hard cock there, ready to take her. he pushes her face down, ass in the air, slaps it once again, twice, grabs her hips and plunges into her. into her wet pussy, fucking her with abandon, hard and fast, thrusting in and out. Pounding his slut. Fucking his whore. Taking his slave. Gripping her flesh, digging into her. Tightening his grip on the leash, fucking his slave. Looking down at his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Hearing her gasp and moan. Taking what he wants, what is his. Fucking her. Mmmm yes, fucking his slut.. mmmm his cock glistening with her juices.. her moans and whmpers filling the room.  looking down on her, marked for him, his slave. Fucking her. Taking her. Training her.  He pulls out. She gasps.  Moans.. begs like a good whore.. “oooooooohhhhhhh nooooooooo.. pplllleeeeeease .. oh god, please.. ”  he moves to her front, leash in hand and shoves his cock into her mouth. Making her taste him. Making her taste herself.

Pulling out of her mouth he tugs on the leash “come” he says and walks her to the bedroom.  Her exposed, red ass shaking, that plug working her ass, obeying and following her Master.

~ by darksideofthemind on January 2, 2010.

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  1. your story make me ,,, somebody

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