Training her (part II)

He tugged the leash, leading her to the bedroom.  She crawled beside up. Looking up, seeing that hard cock , needing more. He stopped in front of the full length mirror and ordered “Face down and that ass in the air slave” . “Look at yourself. You will watch as I use you slave”.  Holding the leash in one hand, tugging on it slightly, he spanked her with his bare hand.  Stinging her ass again. Tightening his grip. Spanking his slut harder.  Checking the plug, making sure it was secure. Slipping is fingers along her wet lips. Dipping on in.  He starts to finger fuck his little whore. Small moans start to escape her mouth. Moving her hips, Master drops the leash and spanks that ass with his other hand. Using her pussy , spanking her ass. suddenly he stops. making her gasp. Her breathing heavy. He takes his belt and runs it over her ass. Up and down. Teasing her.  You are going to take this belt my dear. such a naughty whore you are.  Tell me. Drunk from the pain and pleasure, breathing heavy.. “YES” she breaths. ” I’ll take it” she whispers “till  it hurts for you Master”. “I need it” she begs.. Then she feels the strike of the leather.  He spanks her ass with the belt. Firm. His voice in her ear. Scolding her. Punishing her. Training her. Marking her. Hard. Making her whimper and moan. Making his whore take it. Making her tell him who she is.. who she belongs to.. his whore.. his slut… his slave..  she moans, whimpers, nearly sobbing, he stops.. Looking down upon her.. admiring her ass. The marks rising.  He leans down next to her. Grabs her ass. Spread her cheeks and begins to fuck her with the plug, in and out, working it deep, pulling nearly out, and back in, making her grunt. Then it is out. That empty feeling giving her a rush. He spreads those cheeks wide and tongues that ass.  Driving his tongue in his whore.   ongue fucking her tight hole.  She moans, and he bites her ass, sinking his teeth in her flesh.  He pinches her clit firm as she cries out. Shoving two fingers in her pussy, pulling them out. He grabs her hips and cheeks and spreads her ass open.  His cock trhobbing at her backdoor.  He pushes the fat head against her.  Holds her tight, and pushes in, taking her, she moans, loud, that pain, the penetration. Taking her Master’s cock in her ass. Oh yes she thinks. She moans. “Take it my whore” he tells her. Fucking her ass good. Grabbing the leash and using her.  fucking her ass hard. Making her pussy throb. “You are MY whore.” he tells her.  “you like that don’t you slut.” “such a dirty whore you are”.  Pulling her legs out from under her, he slams on top of her. Her ass so damn tight around his cock. Spreading her legs wide. Feeling that ass clamp on his cock. Master thrusts down and into her. Fucking her on the floor. Making her grunt. His full weight pressing down into her. taking her ass. Taking her further. She moans.. begs.. “oh god”.. “yes.” “more”.  “What’s that my slut.. say it.. louder” he orders. “Please Master, fuck me, I’m your slut, your slave, your asswhore!” Hearing her moans.. feeling her tighten that ass around his cock, pulling him deeper, he moans loud. Grabs her tight, and explodes into her ass. Sending her over the edge. Making her moan and cum uncontrollably, shaking milking her Master’s cock. Tears forming in her eyes as she cums for him. Surrenders to him. His slave. Whimpering and moaning and sobbing and cumming. shaking. Feeling him on top of her. His lips on her neck, his warm breath, his voice in her ear. “You are mine.”

~ by darksideofthemind on January 24, 2010.

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