His slave

As she kneels

Master’s blood rushes

her obedience is his drug, her Need for him fuels his fire

her passion and desire arouse Him

her lust and want please Him

As she confesses her desire, Master smiles

As she tells Him of her need

that smile grows… the feeling increased

Her need for him, to serve

to obey

to please

what He desires. What she wants. To please and obey.

It fills him with pride.. she IS the one.

Surrendering, completely to Him

Master’s heart races

Every moment she shows she is His, every task completed, ever whimper and moan. Every Yes Sir and Thank you Master.

She is His. His slave.

As she lowers her head and presents her bottom

His want and desire grows

As he traces her fingertips along her back, feeling, admiring

hearing her soft sigh, his arousal increases

as he peels  her panties down, exposing her, vulnerable, HIS.

Master’s slave. Master’s slut.

Master’s toy. Master’s pet.

Whatever he desires, she wants, needs…

Whatever he wants, she craves, more…

Whatever for Master.. for she is his slave.

Always, and All Ways. For Master.

She is His.

~ by darksideofthemind on January 30, 2010.

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