sneaky suck

He loved to look at her. The way she moved, her sexy body, her hot legs, that cute ass, her pretty face, and those sweet, sexy lips. Her lips always did it.  Today they were painted so fucking red. Driving him wild.  It never failed to arouse him.  Watching her walk, move, knowing she was his. Strolling through the mall with her his eyes on her body, knowing she didn’t have panties on under that short skirt, knowing  her nipples ached from the clamps last night. Her nips clearly visible, hard, pressed to her tight top. Eyes of men and women on her.  It turned her on. Doing it for him. Feeling sexy. Teasing all them.  Made her wet. Made her want, more.

It made him hard watching her.. simple as that. her ass moving, those sexy legs, drove him wild. Made him need those sweet lips on his hard shaft. Teasing that fat mushroomed head. He wanted it. And he wanted it now.  He brushed up against her, his hand touching her ass lightly, teasingly.  She laughed and blushed a bit.  Then she felt his hard cock press to her ass as he leaned into her. “I want you” he whispers, his words and voice making her pussy drip.  She pushed back against him and let out a soft moan. “I want you to suck this fucking cock” he told her.  She was so hungry for it. His hand caressed her thigh, moving up, between her legs, feeling her heat, slight moan espcapes her mouth. Her nipples ripping through her top. Her face flushed. That hard cock pressed to her. “I said, I want you to suck my fucking cock slut” he commanded.  “Here?” she said nervously.  “Here and now” he told her. “Oh god yes” she answered.  Leading him to a more secluded spot the naughty slut squated  down,  knees spread, and pulled  that hard cock out.  “Love this fucking cock” she told him. She wrapped her hand around it and started to stroke and feeling it swell, so hard in her hand.  That head so fat. Licking her lips,  opening wide, taking the head in her mouth as his hand gripped her hair. Sucking on it. Popping it in and out of her mouth. He leaned back and enjoyed his naughty slut pleasing him. Letting her suck that cock. Looking down and seeing it go in and out. He takes his phone and takes a pic of her sucking him, capturing the moment, the little whore just smiles and sucks harder. Putting his phone back he grabs her head, tells her to rub that pussy as he fucks her mouth. She sucks harder, fingering her cunt, feeling him fuck her mouth. Hearing a few other shoppers not too far.  “That’s it my slut” he tells her. Holding her tight, making her take it all. She pushes two fingers in and rubs her clit moaning on his cock.  Feling it throb in her mouth. Knowing he is so close. her fingers work her clit, making her feel so fucking good, making her obliviious to anything but that big cock in her mouth. sucking, pleasing, his cocksucking slut.  She moans, swallowing his cock, she cums as she feels his cock stiffing and explode, as she tastes him, his thick , warm cum, his hand on her head tighter, holding her on him, making her take it, making her swallow his load. His low, gruntal moan, his balls twitching, filling her hungry mouth, warming her belly. His cocksucking slut. Pleasing him. When and where he needs. She swallows and licks. Making sure not to waste a drop. Such a good slut.He pops out of her mouth, slips his cock back in his jeans, zips up, and pulls her up to him.  “Now that’s a good slut” he tells her.

~ by darksideofthemind on February 9, 2010.

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  1. oh yes i would have a cum

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