wanton girl

She was determined.  She wanted. She needed. Tonight she was going to get what she wanted. She slipped her fishnet stockings on and admired herself in the mirror. Knowing how much he loved them, it  turned her on as she ran her hand over her ass.  She put on that short black backless dress, spaghetti straps on her smooth shoulders, showing off those sexy legs in fishnets. Her high black heels, red lipstick, no bra, her nipples erect with desire. Yes, she was determined. She was also very horny and she wanted to fuck him, tonight. She needed to. She wanted to just take him. Show him how much she wanted.

She dimmed the lights, put on some soft music, and lit the candles. She moved to the music. Dancing always arousing her more. She sprayed  her perfume around the room, catching herself in the mirror, stopping , looking, running her hand under that dress, feeling her her heat and wetness. yes. She was ready. Ready for him.

The sound of the door opening made her nipples stand at attention. Seeing him enter made her drip. She met him at the door just as he closed it. Embracing him. “Hi baby” she says in a sexy whisper.  The smell of her perfume arousing him.  Before he can say a word she kisses  him. Pressing to him. Her hands touching, her body moving on him.  Her mouth on his. Her tongue teasingly in his mouth, dancing with his tongue. She removed his coat and pulled his shirt from his waist and slipped her hands under. Feeling his flesh. Reaching up and pinching his nipples as she leaned in and kissed him, hot, wet, and deep. Her hands moved down his body, down to the bulge forming. She cupped it in her hand and felt him swell more, kissing his lips, his chin, feeling  his hands on her. they moved in unison to the couch, she falling on top of him. Straddling him. Teasing him.  Her hands running up and down his body, brushing over the increasingly bigger bulge in his pants.  Unzipping, slipping her hand in.. feeling.. “oooh what do we have here” she purrs with a naughty laugh.  Undoing his belt. Pulling off his skirt, kissing his chest. Mmmm flicking his hard nipple with her tongue, biting it firm, hearing him moan and feeling him press to her.  His hands on her hips gripping tight then hiking that dress up. Feeling her legs, her ass, feel her move on him. Tease him. Making him so very hard.

She reaches and pulls his pants off him, yanking his pants and underwear down to his ankles, his hard cock spring forth.  A smile on her face, she slips her dress over her head. her hard nipples standing at attention, aching for his mouth. She reaches down and takes that hard cock  in her hand and squeezes making precum ooze from the tip.  Her fingers glide over the fat head, and lube him with it as she begins to stroke.  Up and down. Looking at him with lust in her eyes. Rubbing that fat head, strokign that cock, making him so very hard. Making her want and very wet. She leans close and whispers.. “I fucking want you” she tells him as she rubs his cock against her wet pussy. His mouth goes to her hard nipples sucking, nibbling, she squeeze his cock hard at the base and teases his head with her wet pussy. Feeling his hands roamning, pulling at her fishnets, stretching and ripping them open at the crothch. She pushes down on him, taking that head in. Once in, she moans and grabs his head and hair. Feeling him suck her nipple harder, holding onto him, she sinks down, taking it all in her. And beings to fuck him. Ride him. Up and down. Long and deep. Holding him against her chest, fucking him harder. Her hips pumping up and down on his cock. Taking nice long strokes. Enjoying that feeling of his big cock filling her deep. Her pussy so damn wet and hot. Her grip on his hair tight. Squeezing her puss around his beautiful cock. Pulling his head back. Looking in his eyes. She fucks him faster. ” oh yes baby, fuck me. he pleads. Harder. Slamming herself up and down on his lap. Taking that cock so damn deep. sitting back on it, grinding on him, “oh fuck yes” she moans, his hands on her hips she starts to rub her clit and move on him. “Look at that swollen clit” she tells him rubbing it as she moves on that cock in her. Her chest pounding, her breathing quick. He watches as she uses his cock for her pleasure. Trying to hold back from exploding in her, his cock so hard, watching her, her moans filling the roam. her rubbing increases, her moans, louder, she thrusts up and down on him, “oh god” hard, and moans , “it feels so fucking good” she screams.,  her pussy tightens,  her fingers workign fast, she thrust up and down on him. hard, cumming, gushing, flooding his lap with her juice, boucning on him. Cumming. Fucking. cumming and fucking and moaning. She pulls off him and moves between his legs taking that cock in her mouth. Tasting her juices. She sucks him hungrily. Playing with his balls. Tugging them, sucking that cock in and out, pumping it, looking up at him. her eyes begging for it. For him to cum in her mouth.  She sucks, feels him moving his hips , fucking her mouth, playign iwth his balls, sucking harder. making him moan. making him stiffing, making him release and give it to her. He explodes in her mouth, she sucks , hungry, swallowing, sucking, swallowing, taking him. pulling his cock out, and pumping, milking it for every drop, watching that last few squirt from the tip. Her tongue quickly licking it up. Kissing his cock. Sucking him dry. Laying her head in his lap.  Content. For now.

~ by darksideofthemind on February 20, 2010.

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