Your Assignment: In the dark

You are to read and memorize the following instructions. You are to follow precisely. Have your toys ready my dear, on your bed. Your vibe,  a blindfold, a gag, your dildo, your clamps, your switch.
Strip naked.
Turn the lights out.
Blindfold your eyes.
Lay down on top of your bed on your back for me.
Spread your legs open.
Feel me watch you. Feel my eyes on your body.
Feel my stare make your nipples hard.
Feel them rise.
Breathe. Deeply. Slowly. Up and down.
Breathe. Drift in the darkness. Feel me guide you.
You are mine. You will obey.
Lay there for me, vulnerable.
Your nipples erect.

Lay there for 5 minutes.

Now my dear, touch them. Touch your breasts and nipples for me. Touch them. Lightly. Softly. Circle them with your fingertips.
Pinch them lightly. Tugging on them. Making the stand up.
Making you warm. Run your fingertips along your body.
Up and down. Slowly.
Hear your breath quicken.
Brush over your nipples again.  Lightly. Feel how hard they are.
Pull and tug on them. Stretch them out. Pinch them harder.
Make them ready for the clamps.
That’s it. That’s a good girl.

Now, clamp your nipples. Both of them. Feel your body rock. Feel the pressure.  Feel the pain. Feel it make you tremble. Feel it make your clit throb. Float in the darkness.
Run your fingertips up and down your body. Your nails along your flesh bringing goosebumps.
Concentrate on that pulsing clit as you caress your body.
As the clamps dig into your nipples. Making you need to touch.
Getting hot, getting wet, needing more….

Run your fingertips up and down. Feel those clamps bite.

Lay there for 5 minutes.

Now, spread your legs wider.

Touch yourself. Touch that clit. Circle it. slowly. Feel it swell. Feel the heat and wetness build. Float in the darkness. Bring yourself close.

Before you cum… Clamp your clit.


Lay there for 5 minutes.

Take hold of the switch. Get on all fours.

Strike your ass 10 times on each cheek. Marking. Firm. Hard. Make it hurt. Make it sting. Make it make you whimper.

Curl up. Feel that sting. The bite of the clamps.

vibe your clit

Plug your ass.

Vibe that clit more. Bring yourself close. Take the clamp off and cum.



Fill your wet pussy. Deep. Stuff that toy inside.

Fuck your ass with that plug. Fuck it till you cum.

Push it deep.

Vibe your clit and cum again.

Take the clamps off your nipples

Lay there for 10 mintues, filled and aching.

Take the toy out of your pussy and push it in your mouth. Taste your juices and vibe that clit again till you cum. Moaning on that toy in your mouth.

Lay there for 15 minutes.

Stay plugged for me.

Good girl.

~ by darksideofthemind on February 21, 2010.

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