Training and pushing

She was ordered on her knees on the floor.  Where she belonged.  His strong, deep, stern voice breaking through the air. She is His.  His slave. Wearing just black stockings and high heels she was ordered to kneel for her Master. Face down, ass up. Exposed. She knelt. Master watched. God he loved to look at her. Five minutes passed. His cock beginning to swell watching his slave kneel.  Ten minutes passed.  It aroused him so, her surrender. He loved to watch her. Such a good girl. Kneeling silently.  Obedient. So very precious. Feeling his eyes on her made her want. Kneeling for him made her wet. Master sat and watched, his cock hard now.  “Come here slave” he called to her.  “Crawl to me” he ordered.  She crawled, head lowered, to his feet.  She kissed the tops of his shoes. Knowing what Master wanted, she removed them, his shoes, his socks. She kisses his feet. Softly.  Slowly.  Kissing each one. Kissing each toe. Licking. Taking his big toe in her mouth and sucking. Hearing her Master’s approval. Sucking like she would suck his cock.  Bobbing her head up and down, swirling her tongue around, she sucked.. each toe.. then taking two or three in her mouth.. such a hungry slut.  She hears Master undo his belt and she sucks harder.  Moaning on his toes.  Hearing him pull the belt from his waist. Hearing his breath as he unbuttons and unzips his pants. Hear his moan as he pulls his hardening cock out.

He runs the belt it across her backside. Feeling the leather on her skin. Lightly taping her back and ass with the belt.  He pulls his pants down, telling her to remove them and continue. He lightly caresses her with the strap.  Up and down her back.  Then smacks her ass with it firm.  One cheek, then the other.  Alternating as she kisses his thighs, his balls, licking, pleasing her Master. Feeling the sting. The heat of the leather on her. Loving it. Wanting.  He spanked her ass with the belt ten times on each cheek. marking them a bit, making her bottom sting. Then, Master takes the belt and loops it, he puts it around her neck and tightens. Fastening it tight on her neck.  Holding the end he spreads his legs in invitation.  His hard cock before her.  She kisses his inner thighs, then his balls. Slave kisses her way up his balls and shaft.  Feeling his sexy, firm legs. her hands and fingernails gliding along his flesh.   Her tongue snaking out. Licking, teasing, like Master likes. Her tongue moved along his balls, her hands along his hips.  Grabbing, her tongue gliding up the shaft.  Slowly.  Up and down along his thickness. To to top, around that fat head and back down. Grabbing the base of his cock and tongue is balls more. Making her Master squirm.  she sucked his cock in her mouth like the hungry little whore she was. Up and down. Bobbing her head liek she sucked his toes. Hungry cocksucking slut squeezing the base, making her Master so very hard.  She feels her Master’s hand on her head, in her hair.  Holding at first. Then gripping, guiding, harder, making her suck his cock harder, pulling up, shoving down, making her take more and more. Making her slobbing on Master. Fucking her mouth. Fucking her face. Using her. Looking down upon her and seeing that thick cock stretch her mouth. Seeing her eyes bulge. Making her take more cock than she ever has. Hitting the back of her throat. Masters balls tighten. His cock stiff. Ready to explode down her throat.. he pulls out.. she gasps for breath.. rubbing that sloppy cock over her face.. the naughty bitch drooling, slobbering, looking up, pleading for more. “finger your pussy slave”. He slaps her face with his cock.  Grabs her hair. “Lay on the floor and fuck that pussy for me slut, NOW!”.  she obeyed. She fell on her back, spread her legs and fucked her pussy for him.  Master stood over her.. looking down upon her stroking his cock.  Spreading her legs wider.  She fucked herself good.  Her pussy getting wetter and wetter.  “Taste yourself slave.” Master ordered.  Her fingers slipped from her wet pussy and straight to her mouth. Sucking, tasting them, licking them clean.  “good girl” he told her.  “Now fuck yourself harder.”  And she did. Her moans of pleasure filling the room. Her fingers working her clit and pussy so good. Her eyes on her Master. Looking for his approval. Seeing his pleasure. wanting that cock in her. Obeying. :Pleasing him. Fucking herself so good for him. Wanting to cum. such a naughty slut. her pussy wet, her fingers sloppy, “taste them” he orders.. and she shoves them in her mouth and sucks them like a hungry little whore. “Oh yes, you like that don’t you slut.. you like the taste of that pussy”. She sucks and licks those fingers, dipping them back for more, hungry for that taste, “TELL ME SLUT!” Master commands.  She moans on her fingers, sucking hungrily, “say it slut” he tells her.. “yes, Master, I like to taste my pussy for you”. “Yes, my slut” he tells her. “Taste it for me, you like it.. oh yes.. you like that pussy.. mmmm makes Master hard… yes, I think you need to taste pussy for Master”.  her eyes bulge as she fucks her cunt harder. “Yes, my whore. what Master wants, Master gets.” He grips the belt pulling her back to his cock and shoving it in.  Her fingers still in her pussy.  Master puts her on all fours and fucks his sluts mouth. “Yes. You will taste pussy for Master my whore” he tells her. Master pulls from her mouth and moves behind her. Seeing those fresh marks on her ass. Holding the end of the belt around her neck, tight, like a leash and choke collar.

Master enters her from behind. Pulling a bit on that belt, penetrating her tight, wet pussy. Slave cries out in pleasure as Master begins to fuck her. “Yes, you will taste pussy for Master my little whore”.  He fucks her hard.  His words filling her head. Making images flash before her. Fucking her. Using her cunt for his pleasure. Pounding his cock in her. Fucking her good and hard. His balls slapping against her. Reaching down between her legs, rubbing her clit, pulling his cock out, pushing his fingers in, then shoving his hard dick back in her as he pushes his fingers in her mouth. Making her taste more of her juice.  She licks them clean, then Master grabs her hips and assaults her pussy. “oh yes my naughty slut likes it”.  Making her moan and grunt. Looking down and seeing that cock slide in and out. Seeing that pussy open for Master. He fucked her. Spanked her. Made her moan. “You will please Master” he told her. “You will obey Master” she responded moaning “Yes” his cock driving her wild.  He pulls is wet cock out and moves back to her mouth.  Looking down on her.  He tugs on the leash, his cock right at her lips. Looking in her eyes. “do you want to taste yourself on my cock naughty girl?” She licks her lips, moans, “yes, please”.. “please what slave?, say it!”.  She moans.  “Please Master let me taste my juices on your cock” moaning for him. “Tell me slave!” Master demands.  Gasping, wanting, needing that cock, needing to taste him , taste herself, “Please master, I need to suck that cock, taste my pussy on your cock, please you”. Master shoved his cock into his sluts mouth. In and out. All the while telling her what a good cocksucking slut she was.  “Suck that cock, rub your pussy, taste it on my shaft” Telling her to taste her juices on that cock. Taste that pussy on there.  This made her suck hard and hungry. Wanting it. needing to taste . Wanting to taste him. Master gripped the end of the belt and held tight as she sucked him. As he fucked that pretty mouth. Making her take him deep. Sliding in and out of her mouth.His hungry slut. His hungry whore. She would please him. Obey Master. Wanting to show him how hungry she is.  “Suck that cock my slut. Imagine licking that pussy for Master as he fucks you. As he holds your head between her thighs. Imagine how sweet she tastes, how she moans when YOU lick her. Your tongue in her.” she is moaning on his cock, one hand rubbing her clit the other on Master’s thigh. Bracking her self. As she sucks, as he fucks, as she needs to cum. Master pushes deep.  “Yes, you will please and obey Master! Take it my slut. You will drink all of Master and then you will lick pussy for him!.”  Master let out a loud moan as he gripped that leash and shoved his cock as deep as he could in her mouth. Holding tight, exploding. Filling her mouth with his seed. His balls erupting, pumping stream after stream of hot cum into her throat. Making her gag on his cock. Making her swallow is semen. Looking down on her. His slave. His cock deep, his balls emptying in her mouth.  She moans, she came, she swallowed. Her head swimming, gasping as Master pulls from her mouth, on her knees, head on the floor, feeling used. She hear high heels clicking on the hardwood entryway…looking up slightly to see Master greet the tall, long legged woman. He whispered something to her and then she walked near.

~ by darksideofthemind on March 20, 2010.

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