She needs Daddy

She needed Daddy. Needed him like no other. To use her. To push her. To take her pussy. Fuck it as long and hard as he desired. She was his. His whore. His dirty slut. She needed him to fuck her. To fill her tight, wet pussy. To take her. Slap her with that cock. Fuck her till she whimpered. She begged for it. Craved it. Like nothing else. Hell, nothing else mattered. Nothing. But to please and obey him.  So wet for him. Needing his hands on her. Grabbing. Making her whimper. Fucking her till she did nothing but beg for more.  His dirty slut. She loved it. Loved when he made her say it. Outloud. Scream it. For all to know. HIS DIRTY SLUT. Needing him to mark her. Grab her ass. her thighs, making her ache. Making her hurt. Knowing who she belonged to. Throwing her down and taking her. Begging Daddy to hurt her. To make her feel like his. needing him like no other. Belonging to HIM. to Daddy. Spreading her legs for him. Wide. Taking his cock. Taking all of him deep in her tight, wet pussy. that huge cock buried in her. filling her. Making her whole. Complete. His. His whore. His slut. Daddy’s dirty girl. She moans for him. Loving it. Needing more. Needing to be fucked harder. Taken further. Daddy’s slut. her pussy so wet. so hot.. begging Daddy to cum for him.  Needing. Pussy on fire. Dripping. Throbbing. Clit swollen and aching. Being fucked by Daddy. that big, fucking delicious cock buried in her. Daddy taking her. Ravaging her body. Pushing so deep in that cunt. Making her scream so loud. Proving to her what a dirty slut she is. For Daddy . All for Daddy. She can’t help it. Cannot control herself. She is Daddy’s slut. She begs Daddy to fuck her harder. to use her. To control her. To take her as he pleases. She needs it. Fuck me Daddy she moans. Fuck me Daddy she begs. Over and over again as she takes that cock till she can’t hold back any longer. yes. yes Yes. yes.. loosing control. cumming all over Daddy’ scock. oh yes. moaning for daddy .. god yes. begging Daddy to fuck her harder. Deeper. Faster. squeezing that big hard cock pounding her tight wet pussy.  Telling Daddy to fuck her. Fuck his bad girl. Fuck her hard. OH yes.. Daddy fuck me she begs.. she moans.  She begs, she moans, as she cums.. moaning on his cock. Oh yes. Daddy. fuck me fuck me.. mm i’m cumming Daddy.. oh god, Daddy. I’m cumming. fuck yes. fuck yes yes yes.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh yesssssssssssssssssss… Dadddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy…..

Panting, moaning, begging, she collapses on the floor. moves to her knees. mmm lookin gat Daddy.. looking and his hard cock.. throbbing.. she tells him.. Now Daddy I will make you feel like you make me feel.. she sucks that cock.. hard and fast.. up and down.. mmmm yes. then.. looking up at Daddy.. she pleads with her eyes.. begs softly.. please Daddy… as she turns, face down.. ass up.. Fuck me daddy.. Take my ass please.. I want you to take me.. I want to show you I belong to you.. Fuck my ass Daddy. Fuck me with all you have.. mmmm as Daddy pushes his fat cock into her ass she moans and begs for more…Taking Daddy’s cock deep in her pussy .. cumming all over his huge dick.. moaning.. begging.. Daddy slaps her ass.. makes her hot..makes her want.. Fuck me Daddy.. Take me Daddy.. fuck my ass Daddy.. make it yours. I need that big dick up my ass Daddy. Fuck your naughty girl. Your dirty slut. Your whore. Your asswhore. Fuck my ass daddy. Oh god.. hold me tight. .don’t let me pull away.. even if I scream.. daddy fuck me.. pleeeeeaaaseeeeee. mmmm daddy spreads her cheeks, pulls from her wet pussy and pushes his fat cock into her tight ass.  His slut moans..oh god Daddy. NO, its too big. fuck. oh god fuck.. yes daddy. oh god.. Daddy. I don’t think I can.. oh shit.. yes.. of fuck . daddy. Daddy.. Fuck.. she moans so goddamn loud. Pushes back to Daddy. yes. yes. yes.. fuck my ass, yes, oh god, yes, take it. Fuck me Daddy she moans.  OH yes.. daddy.. oh Daddy I love it.. fuck my ass daddy. please more.. Fuck my ass. Own it daddy. Take it.. Its yours.  Oh god Daddy , feels so good. so fucking good. you own me.. you own me Daddy .. oh my god so good. I love your cock in me.. my ass.. yes.. fuck my ass.. I am your asswhore Daddy.  DADDY FUCK ME IM SOOO WET DADDY MY TIGHT PUSSY IS DRIPPING WITH HOW BAD I WANT YOU TO FUCK MEEEE MMMM STAND THERE DADDY IM JUST GONNA BACK MY TIGHT VIRGIN ASS ON YOUR BIG  HARD COCK OHHH READY DADDY IF I SCREAM DADDY JUST FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME DONT STOP IT WILL FEEL SO TIGHT ON YOUR HARD COCK LIKE ANOTHER SKIN OK DADDY HOLD STILL IMMM UUHHHH MMM HOLD MY HIPS DADDY MMMM HHHHUHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEE OOOOOHHHH DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYOH OOHHHH GODDDDFUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK OHHH MMMMMMMMM FUCKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEDADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH TOOOO BIGGGGGGGGGGGGG DDDDADDYYYYYYYYYY YESS DADDY YESSSSSSSSSS OOOOOO FUCKKKKK YOURRRRRR SLUTTTTTTTTT MMMPPPPPPPPP OHHHHHHC CCUMMMINGGGGGGGG OHHHH GODDDDDDDD DADDYY CUMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG OHHHH YESSSSF UCKKK MEEEEEOH YES YES YS YES YES      YES OH GOD DDDDDDDYESSSSSSS MMMMMMM THANK YOU DADDY. Thank you daddy. oh my god. Yes. yes. Daddy. oh Daddy. Thank you daddy. thank you daddy. I’m your slut. Yours.. YOUR ASSWHORE.

~ by darksideofthemind on March 21, 2010.

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