Over Daddy’s lap

She was such a naughty girl and needed to be taught a lesson. She needed to be put in her place. Reminded who she was.  Her behavior was unacceptable. Daddy was not pleased. She knew this, and she knew what was to come. She would be punished. Yes, Daddy told her he was going to spank her for being bad. She was to report to his den as soon as she got home.

She came home on wearing a tank top, showing off her hard nipples,  and tight black leggings.  Showing off that tight ass. She went straight into the den. Nervous. Excited. She missed her Daddy. She walked in and saw him sitting on the couch. Waiting. “Hello my dear” he said.  “Come here” he said in his strong, deep, sexy voice.  His voice always made her wet.  She walked over to Daddy. Her eyes cast down.  “Look at me my dear” he said.  She gazed up.  “You know Daddy must punish you” he said.. “yes Daddy” she mumble. He took her hand and pulled her over his lap.  Holding her down. He began to scold her. Lecture her as his large hand grabbed at her ass. Squeezing it.  Then spanking it. One cheek, then the other, over those thin leggings.  Making her cry out. “Such a naughty girl, you need to learn to behave. You live under Daddy’s roof, you abide my Daddy’s rules, do you understand young lady!” His hand coming down on her bottom harder. Slapping firm. He grabbed the waistband of her leggings and yanks them down exposing her bottom.  His hand now coming down on her already reddening flesh. “aaaahhh oh my god” she cries. His voice sending shivers through her. His hand stinging her ass. Making her wet. making her squirm on Daddy’ s cock. Feeling how hard he was just made her moan louder and get wetter.  “You like that don’t you naughty girl. ” daddy said.  “yes I do Daddy” she whimpered. “Yes Sir” she moaned. He slapped that ass harder and harder. Faster and faster. Marking her flesh. Making it red hot. Slapping that flesh. One cheek then the other. harder than she expected. Making her cry out. Squirm. Daddy then reached between her legs and and felt how wet she was. She moaned. Whimpered as his fingers probed her tight little pussy.  One, two fingers, three fingers probing. Daddy’s hand pulls her top up, exposing her tits, pinches her nipples as he finger fucks her. Pinching her nipples harder, finger fucking her.  Taking his fingers out and pushing them in her mouth. “Taste that slut.” Making her suck his fingers. Making her taste herself.  “such a naughty little slut. so wet for Daddy.” He spanks her again and again. Gripping her hair. Spanking her harder. “Now little bitch, tell Daddy who you are.” “TELL HIM!”. he commanded. She whimpers, cries, moans… unable to speak. he spanks her more. firm. “Oh god! Oh god! yes, yes, I”m a dirty little slut”.  “I’m Daddy’s dirty little slut”. She begs him to stop. “pleaaase please Stop it..please” she moans. Tears form in her eyes. her ass on fire. Her pussy throbbing. “It hurts” she moans. ” It hurrrttss” she cries. “will you be a good girl” Daddy asks.. “yes.oh god, yes Daddy.. please.. oh daddy I’ll be a good girl.. I promise… I’ll be a good girl.. I’m sorry. ” Daddy pushed two fingers in her wet pussy. In and out. Then a third. She moans and cries as Daddy opens her pussy.  He works the fourth finger in and rubs her clit with his thumb. Pressign. Pushing. Hollding her against him. Listening to her moans. So wet. He pushing that thumb in her. Filling that tight pussy. Fisting his naughty slut. “Daddy” she moans. “oh god Daddy.” she cries out. Holding her. His fist in her. “Daddy..ii i  I I have … to…  uh uh… oh daddy.. oh god.. Daddy.. I have to cum.. please .. oh god Daddy.. ” she wails. she screams, cumming, moaning,  she floods Daddy’s lap with juices. Shaking. Whimpering. Crying. His naughty slut. Unable to speak. Just panting and whimpering on Daddy’s lap.  “Yes. You ARE Daddy’s naughty slut” daddy tells her.  “I hope you learned your lesson”.

~ by darksideofthemind on April 5, 2010.

One Response to “Over Daddy’s lap”

  1. yes he gave a good lesson

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