and naughty girl makes 3

Master’s slave needed more. Her hunger opened. Her fantasies unleashed. He had set her ablaze and now that fire was raging. The images in her mind, Master pushing her, making her reveal her inner needs.  Master’s assignments to watch porn, harder and harder, intoxicated her. Made her want things she never imagined. More than she ever did. And she was going to do them. To please her Master. To satisfy her hunger. Whatever Master wants, slave will give, will do, for she wants, no, needs it just as much.

Slave wanted to please her Master. Wanted to be naughty. Very naughty. Put on a show for him. But this time, she would not be alone. Slave had met a very naughty, submissive, girl and she was going to play with her for her Master. Play.. yes.. play, use.. do what she wanted to the little slut. She needed to fulfill her desires of using a naughty slut, to show Master her need and lust, to show him what he has done to her.

She sat Master down and served him a drink. She told him to please allow her to please him. To show him what a good and naughty whore she was. Fulfilling, not  only her desire, but her Master’s as well.  She was dress in just her panties, thigh high stockings, and high heels.  Her nipples were at attention.  She knelt before him. Between his legs and soon his cock was in her mouth. She sucked lie a good little slut. Making her Master hard. She looked up at him.. “with Master’s permission, I would like to show you something” she asked.

Master’s slave rose. “I wish to please you in every way Master, I want to show you ” she said.  Then, she clapped her hands and in walked a sexy little tart.  Blonde hair, sweet and innocent looking, perky breasts, and sweet ass. The young lady entered and knelt beside slave. “this is our pet” master’s slave said.  “I will use her for you master, prepare her for you.”  With that Master’s slave put a leash on her and pushed her on all fours.  Slave produced a gag and proceeded to gag their pet.  Then, she blindfolded her.  Gagged. Blindfolded. Slave made the pet crawl. Slapping her ass. Telling her she belong to her and her Master. That she was nothing. That she was here to please them both.  A slut. A whore.  Making her crawl. Spanking her ass, making her pussy wet. Slave made her stop in front of Master. Face down, ass up.  Slave took her dildo and pressed it to pets wet pussy making her squirm. “I am going to fill your cunt with this toy, Master’s watching. His cock getting hard for you slut. You should be honored.” pet mummble thru the gag.

Master’s slave begin fucking her tight wet hole with a dildo. Using it.  The more she slid that toy in and out of her wet pussy the more pet fucked her back. Getting behind her, pressing her body to their pet, her nipples against her back, pulling her hair, her head back, exposing her beautiful neck, and kissing her.  Master watching in awe.. his cock throbbing.  Stroking it. Seeing his slave use this naughty slut. She begins to suck and bite her flesh.  Sucking, biting. Slave  wraps her arms around her, touching her breasts.  Her fingers touching just the tip of her nipples. She moans. One hand slides down to feel her. How wet she is getting. Slave plays and touches  her clit a bit roughly making her squirm in her arms.  Pet moans . Slave holds her close and tight. Making her spread her lips so she can feel her clit.  She slaps it a few times, then rubs and pulls on her clit.  She slide her other hand down her backside caressing her ass,  sliding a finger in her hole. In and out rubbing that clit, take off her gag and kiss her deep, so deep, tongues touching hungrily.  fucking her pussy with 3 fingers. Making this little slut moan loud. Making he rpussy drip for Master. Master watching, hard and ready. Slave stops, gets up. Gets in front of her spread herself wide and tells her to taste that pussy. Makes her taste it.  Grabbing her head and shoving it between her legs. Making her lick that wet pussy like the hungry slut she is. Showing Master this little slut will do whatever she is told. Slave reaches and grabs hold of Master’s cock and begins to stroke it as she is being licked. She pumps her Master and feels the sluts tongue work her clit. Grinding on her mouth. “that’s it you little bitch, suck that pussy”.  “I want my Master to taste my pussy on your face slut. Suck it good.” she moans and grinds her face on her little sluts face. Gripping her Master’s cock hard. She presses on pets face. The little sluts tongue working slave’s clit.  She grinds on her mouth.  Master sitting back and enjoying.. His cock rcok hard and leaking precum.. His slave seeing this, licking her lips, the hungry slut couldn’t take it any longer.  She lowers her mouth to Master. Kiss that fat head. Sucking that fat cock in her sweet, sexy mouth. Straddling the sluts mouth and sucking her Master’s cock put her in heaven.  Master grabbed the back of her head and forced his big cock deep in her mouth. His hips thrusting in and out. Fucking her mouth as their naughty pet licked and sucked on slave’s clit. Slave sucked Master’s cock, and clasped her thighs around their naughty girls face. She shook, and moaned. Pulling on that cock, she gasped and moaned louder. “Oh god yes, suck MY pussy slut” she shouted, grinding, fucking the little tarts mouth. “oh fuck, Master, she is going to make me cum!”  She clamped her thighs around her head, gripped her Master’s thighs, threw her head back and quivered. She came moaning.  Her pussy leaking, so fucking much, flooding that sluts mouth and face, grabbing Master’s thighs, shaking, cumming, more and more.

Master’s cock hard and throbbing, he was definitely in need and his slave knew it by the look in his eye.  She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom with their naughty pet following.  Slave laid him down on the bed and ordered the little bitch to suck Master’s cock.  the little whore hungrily swallowed his shaft. Sucking Master good. Up and down. Slurping on it.  Master’s slave shoved her fingers in the sluts pussy and finger fucked her as she sucked Master.  Slave slipped her fingers out and fed them to Master. Mmmm meeting Master’s approval. Slave ordered the little whore to straddle Master’s face facing front. She lowered her legs around Master’s face and Master hungrily sucked on her pussy. the little slut moaned and ground on Master’s face. Slave then straddled Master’s hard cock. Rubbing that fat head against her pussy. then, guiding it in. Taking that big cock in her tight pussy. Moaning. Making moan on that sluts pussy.  Slave and pet facing each other. They touch. Playing with each others breasts and nipples. Lean in and kiss. Their lips together as one pussy rides Master’s mouh and the other his cock.  Pet grinds in need on Masters mouth and slave begins to fuck that cock good.  Fast, hard, deep. Reaching down to feel the sluts wet pussy on Master’s mouth.  Slave rubs her clit as she grinds on Master’s mouth. Making her moan. Master’s tongue and slaves fingers making pet loose it. Making her cum on Master’s hungry mouth.  Feeling her pet pinch her nipples and rub her clit as she rides Master. Making slave cum all over that cock.  Slave gets her fingers wet and brings them to her mouth. Mmmm moaning at the taste of that pussy and the feel of that cock in her.  Wanting more slave slips off Master’s cock “get off him btich” she orders, and grabs the naughty pet by the hair. Pulls her off her Master’s mouth and orders her to lay back on the bed.  Slave ties her with her head hanging over the edge.  Master positions himself to fuck the little whores mouth. Feed her that cock and make her clean all of slaves juices off it. As Master teases the little slut with his cock, popping that fat head in and out, slave begins to toy with her body again. Fingering her pussy and playing with her clit.  Kissing her thighs and wet lips.  Master fucks the sluts mouth, making her gasp and moan. She is squirming. Master holds that cock deep in her throat as slave fingers her pussy. “this pussy is fucking wet” slave tells Master. “Then taste it again my slave” Master tells her as he pushes her head down between their pets legs. Making her taste it again.  Master pulls his cock out of the sluts mouth and moves behind his slave. Grabs her hips and slaps her ass. Pushing her face down in that pussy. Making her eat it. He pushes his cock in her. Slapping her ass again and pushing deeper. He fucks that tight pussy as his slave licks their pets wetness.  Master fucks her harder. Slamming into her. Holding her head down between those thighs. Pet moaning, begging to be used. Master’s slave lifts her head for a moment “fuck me Master, fuck me while i suck this wet pussy for you., fuck me HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAARrrrrrD! ” she moans.. Mater slams that cock in and out of her. Slaps that ass. fucks that pussy hard. Making her moan. Moan on that sluts pussy. Making their slut buck and grind on slave’s mouth. Making her cum on slave’s mouth. Master’s hand in slave’s hair. Forcing her down between those thighs. Making her lick more, taste more, lick more pussy. Pet moans more. shaking. “Fuuuuuuuuck” she screams as she cums again on slave’s mouth. The hungry bitch lapping up that pussy juice as Master slams her. Master pulls her up.. “You like that don’t you slave.” he says. “mmm oh yes, Master, yes”  she moans.  Master fucking her harder. “You are my whore.. My slut. mmmm such a  good whore..” He grabs her hips and slams deep.  “MY  naughty bitch!” he moans as he explodes. emptying his balls in his slave… ” fuck yes..!” Master says.  filling that pussy with his seed till every drop is in her.  He pulls out and slave moves up to their pets mouth and feeds her. Making her suck Master’s cream from that pussy. Making her taste all their juices.  then slave kisses pet. Licking her face, unties her and crawls up in bed with Master. they all lay together, touching, giggling, caressing. mmmmm yes.

~ by darksideofthemind on April 29, 2010.

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  1. Climaxed

  2. OMFG. That was so fuckin HOT. My hands never stopped touching me.

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