Serving Her

The time had come. He was so very nervous. Nervous yet so very aroused.  Finally she had agreed to meet him. After all this time. How he longed for it. How he desired her so. Like no other. She made him feel like he needed.  She knew how to push his buttons, make him weak, make him want, she teased him so. So very much. She teased, taunted, tormented him.  Entering his head. Making him break. Making him surrender to her, do things for her, please her  before she agreed to meet. then, making him wait, making him beg. Making him completely hers. Her toy. her pet. He wanted it.  She was stunning. Sexy, exotic,  incredible legs and ass,  and so very erotic. Her sexy dark hair flowed down her back. Her eyes intoxicating. her body exquisite. Her words aroused him so, her voice make him tremble in ecstasy, a simple voice mail from her had him standing at attention. Her commands were his desire.

He rang the bell and heard her voice call out to come in.  “Enter” she ordered. He opened the door and stepped inside. “Come here boy” he heard her say, not yet seeing her. He entered the living room and there she was. His Goddess. She was sitting on the couch, dressed in black bra, thigh high stockings, black panties, high heels, her nails long and painted red.  “Wow.” escaped his breath. “What was that?” she inquired.  Neervously, sheepishly, he muttered “nothing”.  The sight of her made him lose his breath, make his heart race, being here, with her, nearly overwhelming. He breathes, eyes cast down.  “Stop right there” her sexy voice tells him. His cock already hard, straining through his jeans. “Remove your clothes and get on your knees my pet. Present yourself to me. I want to see you in all your glory”.. she said with a sly, evil laugh.  Slightly embarrassed, “yes Maam” he responded.  And  removed his shirt, his nipples hard in the cool air, his nearly hairless chest, firm, taught, his hands went down to his jeans and unbuttoned, unzipped, and let them fall.  “Everything slave” she demanded. He pulled his boxer briefs down and out sprung his cock. Hard, at attention for her.  He tried to hide it.  “Move your hands away slut” she demanded. “I want to see all of you.””Come closer boy” she ordered. “Crawl over here like a good boy.” He dropped to all fours and crawled to his Master. She extended one leg, her heel in his face, he kissed it. Looked up at her for approval, as she nodded he licked to the heel. Sucking it in his mouth, running his tongue along it up and down. Up her shoe, along the edge, licking her toes threw them.  she uses his face to remove it and shoves her pantyhosed clad foot in his face. He kisses and and sucks. Her toes, one by one, then fitting more in his mouth, worshiping her foot. “such a good boy, didn’t know you were such a foot slut” she moans as she shoves her foot in his mouth. “My little bitch”.  Making him take more. Making him take it all in his mouth, “such it bitch” she demands. And he obliges. Naked on the floor sucking her foot as she desires. She pulls her foot out and wraps both of them around his neck.  She pulls him closer to her. As he nears she grabs his hair, pulls him harder, into her crotch. Then pulls his face up, slaps it, “such a good little whore you are”… She pushes him back and laughs.. “Now, stroke your cock for me” she demanded reaching over to grab a crop.  “Now” she orders as she whips the crop against his thigh.

He sat there on his knees pumping his cock, stroking for her as she walked around him. Looking down upon him.  Taking the crop and running it across his body. She sits in front of him and spreads her thighs.  Rubbing up and down.  Striking him across his thighs. Taking the blows against his thighs, marking his flesh, surrendering to her will.  Loving every moment. Wanting more. He stroked.  His cock leaking precum. Lubing his hand to pump. Hard. His cock swelling, His balls aching. Wanting to release but knowing he could only with her permission. Suddenly, he feels her bare feet around his cock. The painted toes clasping. His goddesses soles stroking him. He takes her precious feet in his hands and fucks them. His cock harder than its ever been. Just as he is about to explode on her feet she pulls away and whips his cock with the crop.  Lets out such a sexy, evil laugh, seeing him struggle, knowing he is not to cum without permission.  She runs the crop tip over his hardness, up and down. Teasing.

“Now boy, lets see what that tongue can do”. “Cum here” she ordered. And he crawled to her. She spread her thighs wide. “Start at my toes my little slut” she demanded. And he did. Kissing each toe. slowly. Softly. Kissing and sucking, one by one, swirling that tongue around them.. sucking each toe like a good boy. Kissing her feet. Running his tongue along them.  Pleasing her. To her ankles. Up her calves. His tongue lightly brushing. His lips kissing here and there.  Lifting her leg and kissing the back of her knee. His tongue darting out. Lingering.  he spreads her legs open. Parting those sweet thighs.  Looking up at her. He kisses her inner thigh.. one then the other moving his way up her legs to his sweet reward.  His hands touch her. he positions himself to begin his work. His mouth close now. so very close. her moans and whimpers, the feel of the crop oh his backside as his tongue worked closer and closer. She grabs his head and pushes it to her wetness.  She grinds her pussy on his mouth. Strikes his ass hard. Once, Twice, Three times. Moaning. “That’s a good boy” she moans.  Yanking on his hair. making him taste that sweet juice. “Good little pussy licker slut” she tells him. She grinds on him and moans. Flooding his face with her juices and climbs off her gasping slut. His cock throbbing and standing at attention.

She walks behind him, pushes him to the couch on his knees, grabs his wrists and ties them behind his back with rope.  Pulling very tight. She pushes his head down and puts her knee into his back, using her force to tie that rope good and tight. “Such a naughty boy you are” she tells him as she slaps his ass with her hand. “Yes Maam” he answers. “Say it” she orders as she slaps that ass again. making him tell her what a naughty boy he is.  “I’m a naughty boy” he confesses.  “Louder bitch” she demands. And he moans. Aches. “I’m a NAUGHTY BOY!” he screams in pain and pleasure. She moves and grabs the dildo and begins to strap it on. She moves into his line of site so he knows what is to come.  She brushes up against him. Her hands on him. Rubbing, exploring. Touching his chest. Pinching his nipples. She grabs his head and forces him down on that fake cock.  Fucking his mouth. Pulling out and laughing at him.  Rubbing that cock over his face. She moves behind him. Slaps his ass with her hand. grabs it. Pushes a finger into his tight hole making him moan.  “You like that don’t you bitch” she tells him. “Well, there is much more to cum my whore” she cackles.  grabbing his tight ass. Spreading those cheeks, she presses that cock to him, he flinches a bit, she grabs his hips and holds him. “Hold still, you know you want it” she moans. With that, she grabs him tight, and plunges in. He wails, moans, shudders, and she fucks. Fucks his ass. Good and hard.

His moans fill the air. His cock twitches. His balls so very tight, trying to hold back, is ass opening up for her. Overwhelmed in pleasure. Surrendering to her as she takes his ass. Takes him. Fucking. Making him moan and grunt. Reaching around and grabbing his balls, tugging on them as she fucks his ass. Owning him. Grabbing the base of his cock as she pushes deep. Holding him tight. Holding back his orgasm as she fills that tight ass. As she makes him wail.  making him beg. “You like that don’t you bitch” she asks.  Slapping his ass, fucking it hard, “you like that don’t you my whore. ” she pounds him.  “do you want to cum my toy?” she sinisterly asks.  a single “please” was all he could mutter.  She thrust deeper. As far as she could get that cock in his ass, and released her grip on the base of his big cock.  His balls twitches. His body convulsed, he moaned, wailed, and released.. a stream of hot cum pumped out of his cock, his balls throbbing, contracting and exploding , again and again as he feels his Mistresses hands on his ass, her nails digging into his flesh, that cock buried in him, cumming, more and more, emptying his balls, moaning, quivering, shaking, fucked.  her fuck toy.

~ by darksideofthemind on May 13, 2010.

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