Come here sweetie. I miss you.  Miss you so very much. Miss looking at you. Holding you. Touching you. Come here baby. That’s my girl. So beautiful.  Love to just look at you. Come here, sit on my lap. Curl up with me. Feel me hold you. That’s it baby. My arms around you. Lay your head on my chest. Feel my hands begin to touch.. to caress you.  My warm breath on your neck sending chills down your back.  Feel me sweetie.  Feel my hand caress your leg. Up and down. Feel my lips so close to you. One hand on your thigh squeezing. Pressing into your flesh. “touch me, I love your hands on me.”Feel my lips brush your neck. Softly.  Lightly. Once.  Feel my hand brush your breasts. Your nipple hard.  your breath quickens.  Feel my lips meet your shoulder. A soft moan escapes your mouth. Softly. Once. Twice. Feel me kiss you softly. Slowly. along your neck. Up to your ear. Taking your earlobe in my mouth. My fingers circle your nipple. My hand caresses your thigh. Feel me. Kiss you. Softly. Slowly. Feel my mouth on your earlobe… nibbling as I pinch that nipple slightly. Feel you squirm on me. Feel me. My hands caresses your inner thigh. Lips upon your ear, lightly. My tongue glides along the edge. Feel you move. A  hand opens your thighs. Moving higher. So soft and smooth. Lips upon your neck. Kissing. Feel the tongue slide upon you. Turning your face to him. Looking in each others eyes. Lips touch. Tongues meet. Dance. Hands grab, his, hers, mouths pressed together. Deep. Sweet. Moist. A break to catch a breath.  Lust in the eyes. Passion. In Need. Kissing again.

~ by darksideofthemind on May 21, 2010.

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  1. Beautiful.

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